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Microsoft @ E3 2019: June 9th "PLAY. OUR. GAMES."

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Another year, another gaming holiday that some refer to as E3. I felt that we might as well have a topic for Microsoft as we're currently down to two of the big three that are doing anything this year. It's no secret that a majority of this site's mindset is dead set on Sony and Nintendo but with Microsoft's recent moves in both seemingly leaving the tired, old, restrictive, console exclusivity behind and their push for more first party titles, I do feel like this conference will be worth the watch. If signs are to be believe, we should be getting quite a few games that everyone should have an easy time accessing.

Time: Sunday, June 9th| 1:00pm PDT, 4:00pm ET, 9PM BST

Site: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/e3


What to Expect: The currently known big ones are Halo Infinite, Gear of War 5, Cuphead DLC, Ori and the Will of the Wisp, and Battletoads. Honestly, that in itself is probably my favorite lineup out of the big three going into the year. Add in that we can probably expect a new Forza Motorsport and they already seem to be covering a lot of bases.

Though, Microsoft has made it very public that they want more first party titles and have seemingly gone on a shopping spree of studios over the last few years just to accomplish that. I'd imagine that we're going to start to see the fruits of that move this year with a number of announced titles.

It should also be mentioned that we're likely to see some news on the next generations too. Both Microsoft and Sony haven't been shy in saying that they're coming but all signs point to Microsoft pulling back the curtain quite a bit more during this press conference. It makes sense seeing as the supposed release of it all is due at the end of 2020 and that all of the big three seem to have this "year and a half next-gen hype cycle" down at this point.

Personally, laying my cards out on the table here, I really do think Microsoft has the absolute most to gain from this year's event as they've been consistently making moves that seem to only benefit gamers. From cooperating with Nintendo to bring their games to the Switch, offering the Xbox Game Pass which is simply a great value, to basically taking in the PC as a second home to all their games (because they seemed to have finally realized that they own Windows too), it's been a relatively good year for them. They seem very driven to offering up their games to anyone that has even the slightest passing interest in them; without the need of an actual Xbox console in most cases. It's a move I personally champion and one that I pray continues; eventually making its way to the other two.

Also, a demo for the PC port of Halo Reach on the Master Chief Collection will be on the show floor so unless nintendo can come to their senses and do something with kid icarus it's already over. microsoft has won this year simply on that.


Oh yeah, and it's been heavily rumored that we'll be seeing a new Banjo-Kazooie too. Though what am I saying, it's not like anyone here cares about that :v F's out in the chat on this one

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Overall I think it was ok. Not bad, but also kinda weak.

The highlights for me were Lego Horizons, hearing "120 FPS" and "console" together, PSO2 (though it's not coming to Europe apparently cuz fuck you too, SEGA), fucking Keanu Reeves on stage and being in Cyberpunk 2077 like holy shit.

But there also wasn't that much of actual gameplay stuff shown for important projects? Like, the same Cyberpunk 2077, Gears 5, Halo Infinite, that game with R.R.Martin's involvement - all CG stuff or pre-rendered stuff. xCloud also wasn't properly described, like the pricing, the requirements, the supported games, etc. It just felt a bit heavy on pre-rendered stuff and kinda light on gameplay.

But overall it wasn't bad. Just kinda weak.

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