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Looney Tunes Cartoons (Warner Bros. Animation, 2019)

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Tomorrow is worldwide premiere of new Looney Tunes Cartoons shorts at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival on June 10, 2019.


Here's info from the wiki:

On June 11, 2018, Warner Bros. Animation announced that a new series, which will "consist of 1,000 minutes spread across 1-6 minute shorts", would be released in 2019 and that it will feature "the brand's marquee characters voiced by their current voice actors in simple gag-driven and visually vibrant stories". The style of the series will be reminiscent to those of Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Robert McKimson, Bob Clampett and among others. President of Warner Bros. Animation, Sam Register, along with Peter Browngardt (the creator of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and Uncle Grandpa), will serve as executive producers for the series.[3][4]

Many Looney Tunes characters are predicted to appear in the series, as well as more obscure characters, such as Hubie and Bertie, Cecil Turtle, the gremlin from Falling Hare, Beaky Buzzard and Gossamer.

Voice cast[edit]

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6 hours ago, E-122-Psi said:

Is this a real preview? If so this could be a legit revival of retro Looney Tunes:


Yeah, that one's real. Originally showed up in a trailer for the Annency Festival.

On that note--one thing about this new project cannot be stated enough is that so far, there's a really cool retraux art direction going on. There's a very clear channeling of the 1940s/1950s era of shorts going on--the character designs (such as Bugs having yellow gloves in the shown poster, as well as the text font) and backgrounds (bright but muted color palette, more traditional shading). You can even see it in the animation--check out the smears with the dynamite being passed around and its explosion with the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd clip, even that is emulating how the animations smears looked during that time, with how they look like crayon-scribbled blurs!

Besides the well-done visual throwback looks, I'm also really hopeful for this one due to the emphasis on the shorts being more creator-driven this time around. There have been panels by the writers and voice actors talking about the direction they've been planning for the characters and its really promising. Daffy has been said to be "completely nuts" in these shorts, much like the Daffy shorts directed by Bob Clampett shorts (as opposed more recent interpretations following more from Chuck Jones' interpretation). That clip SonicXtremeMania posted definitely feels like that type of Daffy to a T.

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21 hours ago, SonicXtremeMania said:


My gosh, does that look great! The original Looney Tunes shorts are my favorite cartoons of all time and to see this kind of style come back makes me happy!

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On 6/10/2019 at 9:42 PM, SonicXtremeMania said:



I hadn't even HEARD about this until I saw this thread, but I'm pretty psyched!


I mean, we've all lived through several Looney Toons "revivals" now, and I'm glad that they're finally going back to the classic formula. I know it has its fans, but I never really liked the humor in "The Looney Toons Show," and it was missing the background music and the folk/broadway songs, which I think is really key to the feel of Looney Toons. This one already made me laugh, though.... just gotta get used to these voices.


REALLY looking forward to new Daffy Duck :)

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