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Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox One, PC)

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Looks like Microsoft will go back its roots for new Flight Simulator game to released in next year.

Could this means the game will release for Nintendo Switch next year or near in the future too since Nintendo and Microsoft are friends now?

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Oh, so someone created a topic, huh?

Definitely something I wasn't expecting to be announced, possibly the most exciting reveal for me along the LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga. But yeah, it seems there's some serious improvement since FSX. I think I've been a fan of the series since 2010 or so, no new games were released since then as I lost the interest shortly, playing later most for nostalgia.

I don't think the game comes for Switch, specially because it was said it was Xbox exclusive (And including PCs with this) and I can't imagine someone playing Flight Simulator without one of theses:


But well, there's nothing much more to say. Excited, of course but there's still lots of things to happen. Plus, I would like to share this. Found this among some CD junkies of my dad, it one of the first FS ever, still on MS-DOS (I think is classified as FS 5.0 on internet, but there's nothing mentioning it on the jewel case).




Also, friendly reminder:

I know I may look like that annoying aunt, but if you don't want to have this topic locked by one of the mods, I recommend you to put some solid content in the topic. Like a link for news with reliable sources, or simply the game trailer. To help you, here's one for you:

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I love playing FSX, as well as my grandfather. There were fun missions to do, as well as free roaming across the Earth, maybe in a little biplane (my favourite type). But this announcement, I never saw it coming! And it looks absolutely amazing! I definitely can't wait to play this, and I'll have my joystick ready to go (maybe with an upgrade to my computer to make it look the best possible). I wonder how my hometown will look this time? FSX just layers city textures over it, so you don't actually see it, but that could change for this new game.

Hm, maybe this is a good time to finally get a Steam copy of FSX too... The menu music is already playing in my head, ingrained.

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