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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (Win, PS4, Switch, XONE) (2020)

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As people seems to be excited to create topic about E3 games, I'm missing my favorite one at all. Not sure if it goes as part of any other topic already existent.

The main idea is to update the "The Complete Saga" idea with the new sequel trilogy. It's not much sure how the game will be presented to play, but most theories points to a total remake of the classic PS2 ones as well creating the sequels. It's unsure how LEGO TFA will be represented here. Nothing regarding the Anthologies were told (Rogue One, Solo) aside it will be completely ignored, theories says they won't receive complete chapters but at least some bonus missions or DLCs.

Another strong point is that the game won't receive obligatory voice actors. According to Wikipedia (Who based on IGN), the game will be fully voiced but voice can be disabled. Much likely too, LEGO Star Wars III story will be ignored in this game.

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Here's some coverage on an early demo people got to try out behind closed doors.





So with this being a milestone for LEGO Star Wars and LEGO licensed games in general, Traveler's Tales plans on making this game the start of a bold, brand new generation for LEGO games. 


Every episode, including 7, have all been created from the ground up to best fit with the new gameplay changes. You are now allowed to start on any episode you want, so whether you want to go chronological or release date order, it's all up to you. 

Skywalker Saga appears to be far more of an open world experience, where you can launch straight into space and travel to around 20 different planets in the galaxy, and bump into the frequent space battle along the way. The camera is now given full 360 movement at all times, bringing greater depth to the various locations you visit. I might not be seeing a huge jump in the graphics from TFA, but they did say many of the ships would modeled brick-by-brick from real life models made from LEGO. The combat has also received a major overhaul to make it more complex and exciting. The enemies are now given a full blown heath meter over their heads, and will take different amounts of damage depending on how or where you hit them in. Shooting weapons is now done in an over-the-shoulder view that lets you take better aim at the opponents. And Jedi now have a more dynamic way on how they can swing their sabers and use the Force on various objects.


The demo shown took place at the beginning of Return of the Jedi. The Falcon is approaching Tatooine when it is suddenly ambushed by a (Super) Star Destroyer. After narrowly escaping and landing on the sand planet, the map as is appeared to be vast and filled with several points of interest, from Jabba's Palace and Luke's old moisture farm. As with previous titles, asides from the main missions, the are several characters roaming around that provide sidequests. 

So this sounds really impressive, especially since they been developing at least long enough to put some of into a playable closed demo.

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To put it shortly then, this is going to be an utter boss of a game.  I mean, the hub alone makes it sound like a must have.  From what's being described it feels like TT Games have finally decided to stop playing safe and properly upgrade these games.  Besides, chances are a lot of people buying this game are going to be adults too.  

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