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Solister Review – Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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Spoiler Warning: Before you go, keep in mind this is a review topic so likely there will be spoilers floating everywhere. I'm someone who watched all the main Star Wars theatrical releases and is re-watching them for review purpose. Also, it's not because you're reading Episode I review that Episodes II and III won't be spoiled. With all respect, I'll do my best for avoiding anything spoiler-related with Episode IX. (And I ask the same for you to me).

For Mods: There's a minor chance some of you want to merge this with the Star Wars topic. I'm trying to do this separately as it's my own opinion as I would follow a standard which may not get well on the main topic. Furthermore, not sure if Showcase is the right place for this.

Solister Review – Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga


A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away....”

*Star Wars Music Start Playing*

Alright so, this is going to be a very ambitious project. It's been a while it's on my mind and now I decided to put on practice. I think since my 7 years old Star Wars has been into my life, via LEGO video games on PS2, seeing series, but mainly watching the movies whenever I could. However, with limitations and not in order releases, I catch-up the franchise in a totally random order. I always liked the concept of the series, the jedi, the force, and everything put on the movies. Even reading tons of articles, not watching every movie in order makes me fell I'm missing some details which I may have forgot from a movie to another. Seeing this condition, I think on re-watch every of them, as also do a minor review of them. Don't expect this as something full of details or formal opinion, it's just something I'm doing to record my re-watches as well most a post-fun thing.

Star Wars – Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)
Added on June 30th, 2019



The Phantom Menace certainly deserves a special place in my list of watched movies. This one was the first Star Wars movie I watched on theaters (Back on its 3D re-release in 2012, I think) as well was my first subtitled movie.

Back in 1999, it was 16 years since Return of the Jedi was released. According to George Lucas, the reason Star Wars wasn't released in the original order is because the movie technology wasn't so developed for his ideas back in the 80's. Near to the Early 00's he thought that he could back to work on his Star Wars idea.

So, if we saw that Anakin was Luke's father and Anakin is Darth Vader. Why he moved to the Dark Side? Well, that was the base for the next Star Wars trilogy, often called as “the prequels”.

A bit after the movie start we find a not so cool thing. And it has a name: Jar Jar Binks. Any defense to not accuse him the worst character ever? Think of an annoying, not funny jokes guy who gives more problems than solve? That's him. I believe that any other character could have been more well-developed: A human, a droid or even a better alien, but that? Really?

Well, if Jar Jar Binks is annoying, let's try to defocus him and look at the background, and there's where I believe the strong point of the movie comes. Just a give a look at the Naboo scenarios or the big city of Coruscant, that's beautifully impressive!

Talking about scenarios as well the 3D techniques used to make them, let's talk about this “new” technology called computer graphics. So, not much time before, in 1996, we had Toy Story which became the first movie ever to be full in CGI. With the time, it got being upgraded and soon strongly joined the live action movies. Unlike the Original Trilogy, here they used all the best for computerized special effects: from a simple thing like the Light Sabers to complex scenarios and digital characters. I just felt a little that the technology still wasn't that advanced (Needing just a little short of time) for the movie requirements, but for the time, I believe it was very impressing. Likely it didn't aged that well.

Plus, I also clearly see how the movie (And other things around) seemed to influence it selves. From Sci-Fi first persons shooters from that time (Like the Unreal series and many others), as well to lots of content produced between the originals and the prequels seems to have influenced this new era.

This movie also comes with some frenetic light saber battles. I think it pretty much reached my expectation, but not much more, neither much less.

When I started this review, one of the first point I touched was Jar Jar Binks. Letting him behind, let's take a look on how is the personality of the other characters.

So we first came up with a dynamic duo, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan was a long time friends of the original trilogy, but who's the new guy? Qui-Gon Jinn was the Master of Obi-Wan. He does the main role in the movie letting things happens in his ways. As this is the first establishment in the saga, we may “blame” him for everything which happened.

I believe Obi-Wan had a pretty weak secondary character role. It's Obi-Wan, everyone knows him, but here it seems like he's just an assistant, he would work lot better if his and Qui-Gon activities were equally balanced.

Near to the middle of the movie we met Anakin, a little boy who “just” made this whole saga happen. Qui Gon “adopted' him and then Anakin did all the damage. Even being contradicted by the Jedi council, here he looks only a lonely/innocent boy.

Padmé, despite being the queen and representation of Naboo in the senate, clearly shows some interest on Anakin, which is quite strange, looking she's just a mid-teenager and Anakin even passed his 10 years old. I don't think they shouldn't show some love, but maybe like some best-friend thing or why not made their age difference not that huge. This is something which afraid me because I know Episode II is mainly a love narrative between them two. By the way, I don't know how exactly that kind of age relationships works on a galaxy far far away.

Other characters to mention are Palpatine and Darth Maul. I don't think I've anything to add about Palpatine but I have a few notes for Maul. Alright, he's a very badass guy and I think he does this very well. I just believe he could worked better (And if the story was chronologically better organized) if he was a mainstream villain and he didn't died in the end of Episode I. It would be nice if he killed Qui-Gon but escaped (and let alive) Obi-Wan and then later went back as a massive villain for the Prequels and if really well organized, a new menace for the saga without needing so much villains. In fact, it's not clear if he died (It was what we though on Episode I), but in Solo it seems he still alive for no explicit reason.

And a final note about characters, I also feel some major names inside the saga makes an appearance which are too weak for their importance. I'm mainly referring to Yoda and Mace Windu who here just appears as Jedi Council members.

Despite everything already mentioned here, I also believe the movie is a little boring in overall. It's hard to watch it in full without being prepared. Likely, and how the main ads for the movie focused on, the Pod-Racing is the movie highlight. Something which also made me and I think many of you too wondering, is why the Prequels, which comes before the Original Trilogy, had an overall better technology than the original trilogy by itself. Using droids than humans to battle isn't more logical, cheaper and don't kill soldiers for the empire? Plus, how Coruscant can be that developed and none of the planets for the Original Trilogy has that amount of technology? That's a huge point which makes me wonder what was passing on Lucas' head at the time.

Later on, when the movie ends and Qui Gon Jinn is dead, we start wondering if he isn't the true villain of all this, after all he believed on such a poor boy who became a killer machine and was even doubted by the Jedi Council.

A final note to mention, I feel that a few scenes were missing from the movie. We can understand that thing by context but it's not shown in “video”.

Episode I in a Nutshell:

Certainly a good take of a movie. It has the quality we expect from a Star Wars movie but also counts with some real failures like Jar Jar Binks, that weird implicit Anakin-Padmé love and some scenes seems missing. It quite gets balanced for the quality used in the scenarios and the technology in general.

Final Grade: 6,5: A good movie with some real defects.

Star Wars – Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)
Added on July 14th, 2019



Passed all the hype from Episode I release, it was time now to the story continuation. For me, it have the “curious” fact for being the last one I watched before the Sequels and Spin-Offs were announced, then being the one which closed up the 6 movie saga for me.

In Episode I we saw how Anakin went from a slave child to a Jedi Padawan as well the main drama to bring peace to the galaxy. Now with Queen Amidala's ideas, she start being pursuit by an unknown source. The plot then divides into two stories. Obi-Wan trying to find who are those stalkers and Anakin trying to protect Padmé.

Last time I talked about Obi-Wan Kenobi I've said he had such a weak role in Episode I for such an important character, well no more in Episode II, in fact, pretty much the oppose. Here he takes almost the main, or at least the most interesting part of the movie. Even passed 10 years and almost not showing Anakin's training here, Obi-Wan is set in an attempt of the republic to solve and find more information about the separatists as well know where those menace were coming. I think this goes as the strongest point of the movie: the Obi-Wan story.

On the other side, Anakin barely exit his training and now is put up on his first mission adventure: protect the Naboo Queen, Padmé Amidala. As said, Anakin is aligned to protect Padmé after some menace and even attacks on her. That wouldn't be the main problem if it was simply this, but it's just this. I mean, there's nothing wrong on Anakin helping Padmé, but as I mentioned on Episode I review, their love wasn't meant to happen in this way. It's not about age difference anymore, but how the movie strictly focus here as well all those romantic scenes and Anakin revolted with life. It may be because love is not what most Star Wars fans wants, but definitely it's not the main thing to see on a sci-fi movie. Really, I believe those boring scenes takes over half of the movie.

So yeah, set the story of Obi-Wan's works and Anakin and Padmé's love, that's the backstory we had to Episode II. As part of the Obi-Wan's plot, the movie also counts with some interesting and important things along the saga such as how the Clones were made (And who were their basis), how the Battle Droids were built and the initial idea of Death Star being shown. The movie still counts with that same doubt of the incredible technology used by the normal citizens of the galaxy where the Obi-Wan and Anakin vs. Zam Wesell chase says by itself.

Update: As I just re-watched Episode V, I've noticed that some Obi-Wan scenes really remarks the one the Han Solo and his crew passed on Episode V. So this quite makes this movie even more uninspired. However though, I'm not discounting grades for this.

Talking about Technology, but now going into the real life thing, that's also was a point I mentioned on Episode I which I believe marks its place here. I may be wrong but I really fell I saw an improvement on the techniques and graphics here than on Episode I, despite I still feel some weird animations which clearly seem aged poorly. Once again, if the movie were made with nowadays technology it could look imperceptible but for the time, I believe it was very impressive.

And before we dive back to the movie plot by itself, something I forgot to say on Episode I review is the actor/actress choice. I mean, Star Wars never had the fame for choose the top movie-stars from Hollywood, in fact, the very oppose: choose beginners in the area, but here there a few names that many of you certainly knows from other stories, Natalie Portman (Padmé Amidala) and Samuel Jackson (Mace Windu), even though here they still not take the main role in the movie. makes an appearance as well Lian Neeson (Qui Gon Jinn) made on Episode I.

Back to the movie by itself, as I mentioned how useless the Anakin-Padmé love was, for me it was strong notorious that the movie is very bad balanced on its time. Nearly all of it's actions happens in the lasts 30 to 45 minutes of the movie, including the start/middle/end thing, the rest is mainly the dating. However though, there's two things which I think really caught my attention which may not catch the others.

The first one is that we have a better look on Shimi Skywalker family. I mean, sorta. As she was sold and married by her buyer, they had kids and I must say I kind got interested on the counterpart of Beru and Owen Lars (Actually the step-parents of Luke Skywalker). However though, possibly there's lots of Legends and non-cannon media about them somewhere else.

Lastly, you guys certainly remember I almost wanted to kill and burn Jar Jar on Episode I, right? Well he's back, but now for good. I don't know exactly how was the reaction for him back in time but it's impressive clear on how he went from a Secondary character to a almost non-background character, but for good! Now he's not annoying anymore as well substitutes Padmé in the Senate while she ran from menaces. I'm not saying I'm completely ignoring what he was on Episode I as well he could be a way better character, but with his personality (And other bad major points in the movie), I think I can forgive him in Episode II.

Episode II in a Nutshell:

Hard to take a former opinion on what is considered by many the worst movie in the saga, and it's not for less. As I said, it seems most of the problems of Episode I were fixed here, Obi-Wan's role, the technology advance and even Jar Jar Binks, but a few ones were taken to it worst side possible, here mainly the Anakin-Padmé relation and the bad organization of the movie.

Final Grade: 4,5: Not a movie you really want to re-watch. Some rare moments makes it interesting.

Star Wars – Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith (2005)
Added on July 21st, 2019



With Episode I and II release, it was time now put an end to the Prequels as well close up and connect the saga. We saw Episode I was very ok and Episode II was terrible, so how finish a trilogy like that?

Taking up some circumstances, we need to know how Anakin finally turned to Darth Vader, after all in both Episode I and II and even a good amount of Episode III he seems someone very nice and determined to help the Republic. Later on, we knew that Yoda and Kenobi would survive for the Original Trilogy and later that Mace Windu and Padmé would need to face their deaths.

Like all the movies I've reviewing here, this also have a curious fact: This is the very first Star Wars movie I saw and likely I also end up forgetting lots of details from time.

The movie in a very overview is very good. Likely most problems from both Episode I and II got fixed here: Jar Jar, the balance of each character importance, Anakin's and Padmé's love without boring scenes and a very cool movie fluid from the start until the end which you don't want (And likely can't too) lose a single second of it.

The strongest point of the movie is the story which is very well developed, well fluid and have lots of unexpected plot twists. For being the last one of the trilogy, I can clearly see all problems of the other movies were fixed letting this one almost without problems, almost wanting us a new episode from this team. Other points to mention is that this movie have lots (and epics) Light Saber battles, so if this is what you are looking for, then this likely will be the best movie for you.

Sadly the movie also carries in its back the problems of Episode II, mainly for not telling much story, making Episode III very overload, but despite this huge problem, they lead with this very well in a way you wouldn't even doubt it if you knew the stories of Episode I and II without knowing the fail of Episode II. In the other hand, it seems a few scenes like the attack into Jedi Temple and the Battle of Kashyyyk are very superficial.

Other notorious point we can mention in this Episode (And the Prequels in general) is that there's a huge gap between the three movies. Once again, it also reveals some cool things about the saga, mainly how the force works but this also led to lots of expanded universe things. Almost a single mentioned planet they wrote a full story which gives almost another movie.

In the very beginning, I mentioned that a few important characters died in this movie but didn't went in deep. Some dead names which echoes in the saga (Aside Mace Windu and Padmé already mentioned), we can say Count Dooku, General Griveous and all the murdered on Order 66. Not a death but important to mention, the face deformation Palpatine suffered.

However, one of the main doubts still weren't answered, where all the tech from Coruscant went in the Original Trilogy? I know a bit of this were fixed in the re-edition of the Original Trilogy after the Prequels, but I don't believe it answer in a long term thing.

Then, in the very end of the movie we see the born of the twins, Luke and Leia and Anakin turn into the lord Sith, Dath Vader.

Episode III in a Nutshell:

Easily the best from the prequels and much likely will stay high in the overall ranking. Episode II problems certainly hit it hard on Episode III development which somewhat affects it. The story is amazing and in a long overall have almost no problems.

Final Grade: 8,5: The best of the Prequels, short problems from the earlier movies which this one must had solve.

Solo – A Star Wars Story (2018)
Added on September 1st, 2019



For this review series, I've said I was going to re-watch every single Star Wars movie but in the Sequels in general, I didn't notice much opinion difference from the ones I remember seeing on the theaters. Solo then, which was the newest of all, I decided to write just based on memories from the first time I watched on theaters which was a bit more than 1 year ago, reprising just a few scenes to make sure I didn't forgot anything.

As Rogue One did, this was meant to fill a few gaps unexplored in the Star Wars universe, but meanwhile Rogue One was specifically based on the steal of the Death Star plans, this one was based on Solo's life in a whole.

Take on an imprecisely time, but believed to be between Episodes III and Rogue One, we find the adventures of Han Solo and Qi'ra, his girlfriend, as well we find how Solo met Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian, two key people for Han Solo as how he get the Millenium Falcon.

Must remember that until a few time ago, it was planned what likely would be “Obi-Wan – A Star Wars Story” which as the name suggest, would focus on the legendary Clone Wars fighter, Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi. Solo then, sadly became the worst selling Star Wars movie which canceled any another anthology attempt. By now, Obi-Wan Kenobi fans mustn't be sad as Disney just revealed a new series for Disney+ based on the character which will be portrait by Ewan McGregor itself. (The same from the prequels)

The movie start with something not completely explored in the Star Wars saga which can be the genre for a few people: the Cyberpunk society. We've seen a few scenes like that on Episodes I and VI as well even on Rogue One but here we give a closer look on that idea. It's also makes the screen debut of one of the most word-spread planets in the galaxy, Corellia.

Like any other Sequel/Anthology movie, this one also have some pretty good presentation and image quality. The story plot is quite ok, unlike most Star Wars movie, focusing more on drama than properly action. It clearly seems it was just wrote to link important facts already mentioned before: Han meeting Chewie and Lando, getting Millenium Falcon as well some adventures with the new character, Qi'ra.

It's also important to note that, many facts of the movie could be guessed by the other movies talks such as how Han got the Millenium Falcon and an idea of Lando's friendship. Some cool moments were the street racing of Han and Qi'ra but also some unnecessary scenes were them two dating, which add nothing for the plot.

Unlike Rogue One, the new introduced characters don't have such personalities, despite Qi'ra who could be used on a book about her or another story, others have so low charismatics which I personally didn't even remembered they were in the movie.

Writing some worrying scenes about the characters wasn't an easy work for this movie as well it might didn't got achieved their expectation. Like Episode III which we knew some important characters must survive for the Original Trilogy, most important characters on Solo mustn't die for the Original Trilogy such as Han, Chewie and Lando. This quite took out or expectation of worry as deep inside we knew: Nah... they will be fine, otherwise the Original Trilogy wouldn't happen.

Talking about characters, let's give a deeper look on the main character addition for the movie as well one of it's strongest points: Qi'ra. Portrait by Emilia Clarke and one of the very few exceptions of famous characters on the Star Wars franchise, she really looks like the kind of anti-heroine a cliche movie have, however it distort a little that impression and she's a cool sidekick for Han before Chewie. But as much as cool she look like, we can't deny she just became what Leia would be for Han on the Original Trilogy.

Still talking of Qi'ra, she led into a controversy in the original trilogy. Unlike Rogue One which all their 4 main characters are faced to death, Qi'ra just seems to get out to nowhere as she never existed. This sounds pretty weird as, since the movie beginning, I expected she to die aside let another empty in the story.

Lastly about Qi'ra, her end let me, and I think lots of people too, with a question mark in their head. As we seen in Episode I, Darth Maul killed Qui-Gon Jinn, and then Obi-Wan cut Darth Maul in half in what many people thought he was dead. But then, we see Qi'ra talking with Darth Maul in cybernetic legs who she start to working close with. Of course this very look a script hole for many people but there's an explanation behind this. The simplest answer is Darth Maul's story after Episode I was told on Clone Wars TV show. Weird isn't?

Not going to say I liked this choice but must say that is better an old face than properly create another villain and write loads and loads of story behind him. I just think it's a bit “wrong” that this is one of the very few references you need from another media which isn't told in the movies to understand. This thing gets even weirder if we think that Darth Maul was alive behind Episode II and III and doesn't made any real appearance there.

Well, later on, if Qi'ra could “survive the movie”, I wonder why Jyn, Cassian, Bodhi, Chirrut and Baze couldn't in their own movie, even if letting a hole in the Original Trilogy.

Lastly, but more a curiosity: This is the likely first Star Wars movie to not include either C-3PO and R2-D2. Sources mention though, Anthony Daniels, C-3PO actor, appears in the movie as a cameo, being the only actor to be featured in every Star Wars movie.

Solo in a Nutshell:

Solo is an interesting movie, but if many people said Rogue One were only for the hardcore fans, than I don't know for how much specific Solo is. The movie just explains and bring up some short facts which only hardcore fans will understand. Cool facts are explained but it seems the plot was just wrote for this. Of course, Han is my favorite character from the franchise and I'm not going to say this movie let him down. Qi'ra was a cool character, but maybe the only real strong point of the movie. After all, makes me wonder if really worth create this movie.

Final Grade: 6,0: Not a bad movie at all, but need to love the franchise to appreciate it.

Rogue One – A Star Wars Story (2016)
Added on June 23rd, 2019



This was the movie I remember to be the best from the series and now I think I still gives it's crown. Back on date I remember I barely knew what was the movie content, I just went to the theaters because it was Star Wars... and it was very good. However, recently, I've started to doubt myself if hype didn't overrated the movie, so I decided to re-watch it.

Many of you probably knows the backstory of the movie: When the saga was first finished (I-VI), there's been a gap between Episode III and IV, specially in terms of how the Rebel Alliance got the plans from the Death Star.

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, it was announced that a new spin-off series would be released and one of these movies would tell exactly this story. The other one would be about Han Solo's precedents, but this one doesn't matter for us now.

This movie, in fact, is the most “different” Star Wars movie from the Sequels, mainly for the following three reasons:

  • It doesn't have Skywalker as a main character.

  • It doesn't start with the classic opening crawl.

  • From the Sequels, almost no one related with the main staff works here, not even George Lucas.

I can be wrong, but this may gave the movie a more interesting take, specially in last point. As a movie I liked much, it's hard to point what exactly worked or not without taking to a more sentimental side, but I'll do my best.

First all, this one and VII are the nearest movies we will have to the Original Trilogy, and this likely makes it special for the hardcore fans. The story is, in fact, very simple: How the Rebel Alliance stole the Death Star plans? And the answer was simple as well. Galen Erso got captured by the Empire and while working on the Death Star, left a gap which could easily explode it. Jyn, her daughter, could escape from the capture and now is the key piece for the alliance.

A similar story has been told in several books and comics but it's the first time this became canon and of course, told on a movie. For someone who never watched the full franchise, understand Rogue One isn't an easy step, that's where I believe most hate comes.

Talking about the movie presentation, I think this goes as one of the strongest points. The first half of the movie is most of the drama for the action of the second half of the movie. The first half can be a little boring but the second one really makes you feel you are with them, hoping them all the best. If we look in short, is a very simple story which got well produced: the scenarios, the image quality, lightening, clothing, but for me, most chronically, the characters personalities.

Each character seems so charismatic as we have been with them since the first movie of the saga, we easily get cling with them. Despite minor appearances and Darth Vader and Moff Tarkin, the movie has no appearance of veteran characters. All main characters seemed to appear from nowhere with no relation with the main saga to save the day.

I take a deeper look in Jyn Erso, which certainly in the best of them. She pretty much puts down all the stereotypes got in Star Wars until the time. She is the first main hero to don't use Light Sabers as well the first main female hero in the saga chronology, we later had Rey (In a movie released before this one). As mentioned before, she's also one of the few characters who joined the story with no relation with Rebel Alliance at first, neither the Skywalkers. And a final strong point is how she's independent, with the secondary characters most serving as her step.

About the secondary characters, they also seems some long time friends of us as well have some interesting personalities. Cassian and Bodhi were mainly the steps for Jyn, which wasn't much more what Han did in the Original Trilogy. K-2SO was basically a more useful version of C-3PO or you may call him as R2-D2 and C-3PO united. About secondary characters, in general, I just believe they could have been made in a minor number with more useful features such as Baze and Chirrut which I even mentioned them here. If I had to choose, Cassian and Chirrut would be in my team and K-2SO as a step robot, alongside of Jyn, of course.

In the end, all the new characters are faced to death in a way of not leading to any script hole for the Original Trilogy. If wasn't this or the movie took place in another time in the saga story, they definitely would be lead to another end as well as I'm mentioned million times, these characters have such personality that could be used a lot after Rogue One.

Rogue One in a Nutshell:

In my opinion the best Star Wars movie. Charismatic characters, good filming and quite simple story. Plot well-developed in a way that seems everything new seems so familiar as if they were with us since the saga beginning. Secondary characters could be a bit more used and the story could work better as if not held in the mid of the saga.

Final Grade: 9,5: Well, It's not meaningless that there's a huge Rogue One poster in my bedroom.

Update: Recently, Diego Luna (Cassian Andor actor), said on an interview that he also didn't liked the end of Rogue One as well share a pretty similar opinion as mine. You can find more info here.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)
Added on July 21st, 2019



[Note: Actually watched the very first 1977 release, where no Episode IV “existed” neither the subtitle “A New Hope”. This may change the perception of a few scenes comparing to other releases.]

Seen the prequels, we now dive to the Original Trilogy as well where everything begun. Popularly, most persons classify the prequels as bad to mediocre, the main saga as very good and the sequels (meanwhile) as mixed. If so, letting everything related behind, let's give a look where everything started.

Almost like everything we have seen so far, the plot of A New Hope is outstanding brilliant as well was sufficient enough to create this whole thing called simply as “Star Wars”. In fact, watching it after the prequels is a bit strange as they still back to explain concepts which have been all spread and explained on the Prequel. It's just a curious fact, it was necessary for the time and have no fault over it.

Talking about the plot, even I believing any Star Wars fans knows it, everything started with the little farmer Luke Skywalker when he accidentally found into one of his new bought robots a message from his (At the time unknown) sister Princess Leia Organa who sent a message to someone called Obi-Wan Kenobi. Luke then goes for this guy (Who he knew as Ben Kenobi and later found to be the same person) meanwhile in the same time his uncles Owen and Beru got murdered. With no one more to step in, he joins Obi-Wan to his travel to Alderaan with the help of Han Solo and Chewbacca to rescue the Princess. Meanwhile all this, the Empire knew about this rebel alliance and has been following each of their steps trying to stop them (As they had the crucial key to destroy the Death Star as seen in Rogue One). Reaching there, they found the blown up pieces of the planet and then went inside the Death Star and found and rescued Princess Leia. Obi-Wan gets into a fight with Darth Vader (Who at time was the main manager of the Empire as well it still wasn't known as Luke's father but the one who killed him) and forgives the battle to return as “mysterious voices” in Luke's paths to the Force. As they reunite in the Rebel Base and with the plans of the Death Star, they start an attack to the weak point of it which could blown up all it.

If we think on how it's the movie without everything which has been released later, we literally need to be scared on how big was the idea of Geoge Lucas. There's mentions to the Clone Wars, the origins of the force, likely everything told in the Prequels as well the Bounty Hunter and some details still to come in this trilogy. Thinking on all this, I've tried to imagine how it would be all this back in time while we hadn't a single image to illustrate all this.

Another point to mention is, as seeing on everything which has been did later with Star Wars (In terms of improvement of the saga), Episode IV seems pretty weak in overall but an obligatory point to focus is the Special Effects on its, which likely is the main point why the movie was done.

Looking back what we have seen, ironically, the very first movie made has none of the problems most of the prequels had: No annoying characters, no useless romantic scenes neither a movie full of things happening. As mentioned, it's still pretty weird seeing Luke interested on his own sister as the family tree wasn't been explained yet. A point to mention too is that George Lucas was very determined on what he was doing and even mentioning lots of things which could be released, it wasn't so overload as Episode III would be.

Also, already assuming the movie would have more content, it's pretty weird that just after they blown up the first Death Star another already was in construction. Other strong point to mention that almost everything Star Wars have, has been shortly told here: The drama between Good vs. Evil, Spaceship battles, blaster battles and of course, epic Light Saber battles and the force.

Lastly, a point I've already mentioned in the other reviews, Star Wars was very much what we could say it's an “indie” movie today as it doesn't comes with a well-known equip, neither well-known actors which many of them just got fame after the movie and much likely are only the idols of the Star Wars fans.

Episode IV in a Nutshell:

Well, lots of people like to classify this movie as the “best of the saga” because it's where everything started. Well, it's not false as it's still being very good but I believe there was some improvement which fortunately can be seen made on the other movies. I also must say, in overall, I had a better memory of the movie in my head than comparing what I've seen. However, it's been almost 8 since I saw it for the first time. Couldn't find a good place to say this on the review so I'll say here, I must admire the braveness Obi-Wan had to trust Luke to this one don't have the same end his father had.

Final Grade: 8,0: It's where everything begun, even with errors, those were fixed later.

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)
Added on August 4th, 2019



After the outrageous success the first “Star Wars” was, it was clear that the George Lucas' idea had lots of potential, so why not start with a sequel?

Taking bases to a few unexplored and likely consequences from Episode IV, the main narrative of Episode V focus on Luke's trying to be a Jedi and the Alliance trying to escape from the Empire (again). It's a pretty simple plot compared to what we already had on other saga movies and even if compared with Episode IV but quantity is not quality as this simple plot become to be what many people says the best movie of the saga.

It's not for less though, every single detail, all the characters we all know and love into what I believe is the movie with the most essence Star Wars have. However, Episode V is not just “No, I am your father”.

Exploring deeper that huge Star Wars Galaxy we find Hoth, the pretty much oppose of Tatooine the warm sand desert planet. Here we goes into a point which makes the prequels contradictory as near to none of the planets from the prequels appear here, neither most of the planets from the Original appears there. Maybe the main exception being Tatooine. This is pretty weird assume all the prequels characters are related or even are in the Original Trilogy.

Fortunately though, one of my main doubts from the Prequels finally got solved. I always wondered “Why Coruscant and Naboo are that developed and none of the Original Trilogy have that technology?”. Well, I accidentally forgot Bespin was a thing and was well-developed. Yeah, of course it doesn't look that developed considering the (Real Word movie) technology we had on time compared with the prequels, but I assume the interpretation was the same.

As I mentioned before, I think this is the Star Wars with the best “formula” as it have a bit of what every fan wants on a movie: Space Battles, Drama, a bit of romance (Not like Episode II), Jedi Masters and training, Light Saber battles and the I am your father reveal. This makes from the movie something very pleasant to see, almost not leading to any problem and you even loosing the time perception while you watch it.

And actually more another weak point on Episode II but going to mention here, it's noticeable that some scenes from Episode II seems to repeat again here (With other characters and time, of course), so even one of the strongest points of Episode II are in really, a copy from Episode V, mainly the bad following the heroes on space and Boba/Jango Fett getting involved.

Talking about not so cool guys, someone to mention is actually not a villain but make many people wants to punch him in the face and hug him at the same time, of course I'm talking about the twisted, Lando Calrissian. He has particularly personality in the whole saga and must say that, even after almost killing Han, I was happy to see him back on Episode IX. I also don't felt it was that explicit Han would never be back as many wondered at the time.

Talking about that possible Han's death, we can see the movie clearly gets open to the sequel. On Episode IV I mentioned that much would be the basis for the rest of the saga, now here is something more direct.

Like said on Episode IV, this one also have lots of Special Effects which seemed to be poorly aged, but got improved compared to its predecessor.

Episode V in a Nutshell:

After the success Episode IV, Episode V came in an attempt to, not just continue the saga as well show to the world what Star Wars had of best. Like I've said, the strongest point goes to the iconic moments and the well balanced story with a bit of everything Star Wars have the best. Without almost no bad points to mention, this likely goes as my favorite Episode from the saga.

Also, there's no signal of Death Star II yet.

Final Grade: 9,0: Simply awesome, perfect in every single detail.

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)
Added on August 11th, 2019



Closing up the Original Trilogy as well Lucas' final chapter for his Star Wars idea, Return of the Jedi came as the final attempt and, for the time, the ultimate defeat of the Empire against the Rebels. Likely a direct (and obligatory to watch) sequel to Empire Strikes Back, you may want to call this as the Rebels Strikes Again as the movie shows the Rebel Alliance response about the last movie.

For a long time I thought this was one of the best Star Wars movies I watched, however it kinda disappointed me now. It's not bad as Episode II and when I actually call a movie “bad” here in this review series, I mean they had all the quality any Star Wars movie have and even can get up through lots of other movies released elsewhere but it can kinda disappoint in terms of what we expect, the quality and power they had for making a good movie and its relations with the other movies from the saga..

With a dramatic end, The Empire Strikes Back showed Darth Vader revealing he's Luke's father, Lando putting and removing the rebels from a trap and Han being froze in carbonite. Many of the events from Episode VI could be guessed by the end of Episode V such as the Rebels saving Han, Luke completing his training and even a possibly good ending for the saga. It was just a matter of time to see if those events would be concrete.

Well, in Episode V we saw Darth Vader is Luke's father, now another big reveal were made but it's not that epic remembered by many fans, Luke's finding Leia is his sister and he revealing this for her. That of course seems pretty strange as Luke kissed her on Episode V, fortunately he kinda gave up her for Han, who here they form a pretty cute couple, even more than on Episode V.

In the very beginning, we back to our roots of Tatooine where we find where the ugly worm and Bounty Hunter leader, Jabba the Hutt lives. This leads to what is, in my opinion, the weakest point of the movie, for some reason they really focus on inside Jabba's Palace and Ewok's community scenes, despite that, this still flows with the movie, there's some really boring and useless scenes.

The movie also remembers a lot Episode IV, like if they were afraid of doing something different and the movie fail, but for me, that slightly harmed the movie. Despite the plot being very meh... something which impacts a lot in this movie is the drama between the characters, Han and Leia love moments, R2-D2 and C-3PO getting and exiting from troubles, Luke finally facing his father and the Emperor and finally, Lando blowing the Death Star II.

Like I mentioned on Episode V on how some scenes seems remade on Episode II here it also seems a few scenes were remade on other movies such as the Endor Speeder chase reminded me a lot of the Pod Race, but obviously, in a lower scale. Talking about the prequels, a common comparative people does with this movie and the prequels are the Ewok vs. Jar Jar Binks (Or the Gungans in general to be fair).

If you remember well, on Episode I I've said I hated how Jar Jar Binks was used on the movie as he was terrible annoying but his species helped the Republic to fight against the Battle Droid army. The idea here is almost the same but in a way it showed the Rebel Alliance wasn't strong enough to terminate with the Empire by themselves. I quite disagree with this point of view as a little help is always welcome: the Ewoks are cute and I liked them, even if just as a Teddy Bear.

Quite following the plot from the Ewoks, something which I got lost and actually wasn't expecting to get lost in is about how the Rebel Alliance got the Death Star plans (again...). Seems like a Rogue One II is missing.

Closing up the movie, we see Luke and Darth Vader united again for killing the Emperor. Of course his death was believable for many years until in the recent Episode IX trailer the Emperor laugh appeared in background. Of course this is just fan speculation, but it really seems he's back, but how he'll be back (If this is real) is just part of fan speculation

Episode VI in a Nutshell:

Episode V proof to be the favorite Episode for most Star Wars fans, however still led a clear crack for a necessary sequel. Most of actions of Episode VI could be predicted on the context of Episode V. The movie counts with some deep explorations on things which I don't think were that important as well shows a few things which seems to already have happened on the franchise as well clearly inspired the prequels. Closing up, the movie have some questions opened such as how the rebels got again the Death Star plans and if Emperor really died assuming Episode IX trailer.

Interesting fact goes for the Luke's Blue Saber on posters and other promotional stuff as in the movie it turned green, apparently that was a last minute change.

Final Grade: 7,0: Interesting movie which shows some repetitive scenes around the saga.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)
Added on August 18th, 2019



We now dive into a strong “rupture” the Star Wars saga saw. This is a drama and a hype I've felt by myself. It's been 32 years since Return of the Jedi was released and 10 years since Revenge of the Sith hit the theaters as the last main Star Wars movie. Being just 2 years old when Star Wars III was released, TFA wasn't my first Star Wars movie on theaters (Being Episode I the first) but the first time I was along millions for a major Star Wars release which many have waited for decades.

The movie also is the first one out of George Lucas' Original Ideas (Which followed up I to VI as well an idea of what Rogue One was meant to be). He have planned some sequel ideas but those are little known and weird as we know so far, if so try making a search on web to know more. As well with Disney buy of Lucasfilm and indirectly related with this movie, all Expanded Universe material are now Legends under the saga. Which personally, was a measure I appreciate as I never liked much that Expanded Universe thing.

The Force Awakens is a strong movie, sometimes you'll get so shocked which may lead you to watch the movie (Or parts of it) a few times to take notion of what happened (For example, in minimum, I've watched 4 times the end of this movie).

I think one of the main criticism to Episode VII is the fact the plot almost sounds a remake of the Original Trilogy, specially Episode IV (Secret info inside droids, people trying to rescue other people, sand planets and blowing up something at the end), but Episode V also makes it's appearance when Han tries to convince Kylo Ren to back to the light side in a scene which reminds much of “No, I am Your Father”, but in a different perception.

The story background is pretty rich and even with things we never saw in the saga before, a pretty strong female protagonist, Stormtroopers getting good and no Skywalker as a main character (As we know so far about Rey). Due to the long gap between the releases of Episodes VI and VII, they've tried to find a way to mix the old heroes doing their last jobs in the galaxy as well rising hope for the new saga which just begun.

The three main characters from the Original Trilogy makes their appearance here, Luke, Leia and Han as well secondary characters such as C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca. In the side of the villains, Darth Vader have some weight here is something near to none (Only an appearance of his helmet and mentions). Lando who was someone almost forgotten by many, is now schedule to return on Episode IX.

However, making a movie only with them would be pretty hard, not just assuming their age (Both real and fictional) as well could wear out the story being more of the same. For this, important characters are introduced such as Poe Dameron, Rey, Finn, BB-8 and Maz Kanata as well Kylo Ren, however many of them can be related with a correspondent in the Original Trilogy with counterparts (Finn – Luke, Rey – Leia, Poe – Han, BB-8 – R2-D2/C-3PO, Maz Kanata – Yoda (?), Kylo Ren – Darth Vader, Snoke – Palpatine).

As well for new characters, we had some new planets too, Jakku, Takodana, D'Qar as well Starkiller Base, but once again, they all seems to have some connection with older planets (Jakku – Tatooine, D'Qar – Yavin IV, Starkiller Base – Death Star/Hoth (Minor)). I may mention that Takodana was the most “original” one, it kinda reminds of Endor or mainly Naboo, but at least it seems they used some creative to create a personality here.

Another “I've already seen this” point is the mass destruction of planets by the Starkiller Base. In Episode IV we saw Alderaan being blown away, here it was a total Solar System. Still taking that repetitive things idea as still talking about the Starkiller Base, something which for me was very useless for the development of the new saga is that already on the first movie they blown-up the main First Order Base. I mean, if they really needed that because pretty much seems a single ship could solve most of the problems, but even then, talking about the super weapon, they could at least, make the heroes find a way to disable/brake it than properly blow it, could give a bit more freedom to the Sequels.

And a last comment to mention, but regarding the Sequels in general, something which seemed (Not sure if still in the plains) was that every Sequel movie focused on a character. This one clearly focusing in Han Solo and leading to his death by the end of the movie. We could say Episode VIII would focus in Luke, but then, I don't think Episode IX will focus on Leia assuming what happened to Carrie.

Episode VII in a Nutshell:

Well, I remember when Episode VII came out I (And the fans in general) were in a huge hype that Luke, Leia and Han would have to face their new adventures, and it's not for less it's 4th High Grossing film in overall as well the 1st on the Saga. The movie isn't bad taking it solo, impressive Special Effects and Plot but if we start comparing, specially with Episode IV, the movie just looks like more of the same.

Final Grade: 7,5: Good movie and impressive production but the comparison with the Original Trilogy are inevitable.

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017)
Added on August 25th, 2019



Oh dear... This is a complicated point in this whole franchise. From all of them, The Last Jedi was one of the least movies I need to re-watch, mainly because it wasn't too long it was released on theaters. I knew for the time I didn't liked the movie and had put much hype on it. And well, going to be clear than keep trying to hide the truth, I'm with the mass who hated the movie.

So yeah, we saw Episode VII wasn't a wonder even knowing it has the high grossing movie from the saga but here... if Star Wars VII was too much close to the Originals, then VIII was totally the oppose, but many think they went too far and put in risk everything the franchise has already build.

Point up what worked or not is hard assuming how the turnarounds in the movie worked, so I'm going to start with this. Something for me is pretty clear in the movie is the plot-twists. Unlike what we've already seen in other Episodes and many other medias, movies usually takes a main story which usually can be good or bad and in the last half to the end of the movie it changes to the opposite. The Last Jedi don't work with this logic, but something with lots of minor plot-twists which start building it's own plot.

Well, the movie bring up some crucial information about the saga story, mainly regarding Luke's and Kylo Ren backstory. We also had Snoke's kill, and what disappointed many, Luke, alongside Yoda's ghost, erasing all Jedi's story.

Something which I also don't think it worked so well is that the movie kinda focus on secondary characters from the saga than properly the ones who made the franchise. It seems like the movie focus more on Finn, Rose and Poe and slightly less on Luke, Kylo and Rey who are the heart of the new saga. That's not the main problem but assuming Leia and Chewbacca from the Original Trilogy and even Maz Kanata who was one of the main new additions from Episode VII who carries the connection with Original Trilogy make such as appearance which is near to none. Maybe with exception of Leia who holds a more drama, but way too far from the action we had on the Original Trilogy, you almost forget Chewie was alive and Maz Kanata was a thing.

Another thing which made me think during the movie is that I've missed some core characters such as Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi, even knowing they were dead, I would like to see them again, I really miss them. At least the Emperor (Without an explicit reason yet) and Lando Calrissian are back for The Rise of the Skywalker which still put me faith in the saga.

I may blame Han's death for this as he, who was less important than Luke and Leia in the franchise, had a more dynamic story than the own protagonists. Of course this involve actors age (And include Chewbacca here too) but Han's death was also a decision of his own actor. I also read a few people felt Solo's death means nothing in the movie as characters faced it as like “ok, next”.

Letting characters and actors/actress off, let's take to an inevitable point into all Star Wars movie, the Special Effects. Being with us since the beginning, there isn't much to different to say in this one, but I quite believe Rogue One and The Force Awakens looked better with Special Effects than this one, or at least, they had a brighter feel than this one which was way darker.

Backing into The Force Awakens review, I've said the destruction of Starkiller Base was useless for such a first movie, not going to lie it feels its absence here. Something which certainly gives me angst which seems pretty bad for me, but there's people who enjoy, is that in this movie we don't see the Resistance with much hope and likely near and nearer to it's end. Like, the movie can have a bad ending in it's story but I don't think that's the Star Wars feel.

Talking about the Star Wars feel, another common argument “purists” uses to hate The Last Jedi is that the iconic “I've a Bad Feeling About This”, which is spoken in every single movie don't make an appearance here, a tradition broken from 7 movies and even Rogue One and Solo. Continuing the thinking line, I've said I never went too deep into the Expanded Universe thing and despite the high and lows from The Force Awakens and this one, I've started to doubt myself if was a real good idea to kill the Expanded Universe, which kinda makes me agree with George Lucas' ideas.

As I've mentioned, the movie let a hole to a brighter movie and The Rise of the Skywalker is planned to be taken in a similar way The Force Awakens was done, specially considering it's work team. Like many have discussed, it's hard that they will undo all the problems “purists” found and continue the saga on a single movie plus it's been expected some real throwbacks from the whole saga in this one. It also may relates with those children seen in the Casino of Canto Bight who really remarks childish versions of Luke, Leia and Han.

As far as I start remembering some arguments, it seems the writers didn't gave a look on The Force Awakens to take notion on what was happening as Jakku and Takodana doesn't even are shown as well Maz Kanata does a less than 5 minutes appearance.

And as I finished The Force Awakens review, each Sequel Episode seems to be focused on an important character. The Force Awakens on Han, and this one on Luke, who also seems to have died on the end (As we know so far, as Mark Hamill is scheduled for Episode IX but maybe as a force ghost or a new/random character). This of course may mean nothing as with Carrier Fischer's death in 2016 is unlike she will be the main protagonist of Episode IX.

Something to think is who is this Skywalker in Episode IX title as Luke likely is dead and is unlike to Leia take a major role (And being usually referred as Leia Organa Solo (After marring Han Solo)). Maybe this means Rey is a Skywalker? (Which is a bit unlike from the plot of this one). Or Luke is not death at all?

Episode VIII in a Nutshell:

A movie which I certainly put much hype on it. Certainly disappointed from the day I've first watched it and still now. I think I can hardly say the movie was little better this time than when I've watched in the theaters. But at all, bad writing which put in risk everything already seen in the saga, bad usage of all characters they had in hand and a very weak plot compared to what Episode VII let implicit to happen.

Final Grade: 5,0: Without pushing much discussion, they did it wrong.

* Grades may vary proportionally as new movies get reviewed.

** As I watch newer movies, some wrong information and/or opinion changes in the reviewed movies can change.

Any older review changes will be pointed with a new color in further reviews.

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Just added Episode I review!

I don't think I'll deliver Episode II review next week. I'll be traveling, but my vacations just started, so at the same time I'll have some more free time, I may get hurried with the travel. My plan is to deliver it on second week of July.

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And once again, a new episode review was added. Episode II: Attack of the Clones is now available. Sorry for not posting last week and actually delay a little today.

I also did a minor sidenote on Rogue One review on the very end adding a recent opinion (After the review was posted) of Diego Luna (Cassian Andor actor) about the movie end.


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Episode III up closing up the Prequels. Likely still this week I will look somewhere to also publish this for getting more views as I also consider writing a review talking about Prequels in general.

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Closing up this project: Solo - A Star Wars Story was just added!

Thank you everyone for the support. Going to recheck all episodes looking for typos/inconsistencies and maybe consider writing a review for each trilogy as well the franchise in a whole.

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Well, just reread all reviews and now they have a "quality seal" from myself. Didn't found nothing major but fixed some typos and phrases which could be misunderstood or were confusing.

I've said I was going to do an overall review. I planned to post it in the same way all other reviews were done but to simplify a bit, here it goes as a quick reply:

Solister's SSMB Exclusive Star Wars Overall!

Star Wars franchise in general:

Re-watching all movies really made me change my perception of the saga, be by uplifting my interest on the series, rethinking a few opinions about the movies but mainly, solving/clarifying a few misunderstood ideas I had on past. In general, the structure stayed the same as knowing Rogue One still stayed in top and Episode II and VIII were one of the worsts. But something which made me fell is... Star Wars isn't that good in movie making, specially looking everything ran out of order! So movies easily keep repeating ideas and falling in the same errors. What I think still puts the franchise in my favorite of all time are its concepts: The Force, the Jedi, the Rebel Alliance, the characters, etc. Some movies does this very well, other just doesn't. At first I thought Expanded Universe was a very useless thing just made to make third party creators own money. Despite I think it's still useless how we have relatives which runs totally off from the plots, I'm quite starting to miss the idea of Luke's wife Mara Jade or even some comics and stories I've which are tagged now as Legends

By Trilogies:

Prequels: Actually pretty mediocre with Highs (III) and Lows (II). It gives necessary ideas for the Original Trilogy but maybe weren't that planned. I think if well done, Episode III could be less overload and even The Clone Wars could have been shown in short.
Anthology: (2 Movies only) It includes my all time favorite movie (RO) and a not so cool one (Solo). Not much to say as it's not a trilogy.
Original: Chosen by many as the best trilogy of the saga, is also the one with the most essence too. All them have high ratings and as proven when released at time, can tell the story by themselves.
Sequels: Mixed to the time. Like Anthology, a good (VII) and a bad (VIII), unsure and worried if IX will be good enough to keep this in high.
Expanded Universe and Legends: Actually something not reviewed and which I don't have much acknowledgement about. Pretty polemic between the fans but in short I think I take an idea or two which I could take for myself.

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