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2019 Was writing a Sonic and Shadow vs Infinite scene and could use some help on it?

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For my story, I was writing a Sonic and Shadow vs Infinite battle for the last encounter. However, I was having some trouble scripting. For example, when Infinite hits the both of them with his cubes, I was unsure on what kind of illusion should appear. I was thinking maybe endless turrets but maybe it sounds a little lame. I'm on also not sure what techiques they could use to overpower him. I had in mind the light speed attack and know they will use double boost to win but kinda lost on everything in between. Anyone have any suggestions on how this fight could go?




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Burning Ark. GUN chasing after him, with Omega and Rouge leading the chase. If he fights back, Black Doom appears, congratulating on slaying weak humans. People calling him weapon that brings nothing than pain and misery. Gerald's ghost yelling at him for betraying the mission. His body turning into diamond until he resembles Mephiles, his own Shadow laughing maniacally in familiar voice.

Roboticized cities, polluted green hills. His friends begging for help, but no matter how fast he runs, he's always too late to save them. Half robot Tails saying 'it's all your fault.

Something less horror-ish but still fitting? Monster made out of rings. GUN Truck moving like it's alive. Bigger Biolizard. Those freaky monsters from Operation Big Wave.

And whatever  way they win, they need to do this together. Shattering Infinite's illusions, making him realize that his power is as fake as images he makes. Maybe make he'll try to make biggest illusion yet, only to  loose control and get stuck in it himself. Maybe Ruby will stop listening to him and he'll see how weak he is without it. Or he'll conjure dozens of complicated illusions and hedgehogs Double Boost through them like they not even there. And if you want to go 'dark disney death', his illusions are only as strong as he sees the, so after loosing faith in his own power, Infinite breaks into block, just like any other of his illusions.

(God, being writer is so much easier when I just throw ideas, rather than do the typing myself XD )

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