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What drove you INSANE in a Sonic game?


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Sonic 1: Labyrinth zone boss

Sonic Adventure 2: Crazy Gadget and Mad Space, first level is hard and later is just confusing with butchered radar

Sonic Heroes: Special stages, where I even begin. First of all, controls are horribly slippery, secondly you can only get to them from second act and you can't afford to take hit, with Team Rose this thankfully isn't too bad, thirdly possible unskippable cutscenes which are shown with every retry and boss intro after the special stage, fourthly they are needed to complete in order to get to last story (which I haven't been able to do yet) and sixthly why 7? Isn't Shadow have one of the emerald all the time with him?

Sonic 06: mach speed section in Radical Train, Shadow's Kingdom Valley (hovercraft), Silver's ball puzzle, Flame Core with any character and load times.

Sonic Generations: Time Eater boss battle

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I don't think it really drove me insane, but man Carnival Night Zone act 2 goes on forever. I don't think I've ever had a run in the zone where I haven't died from the time limit. 

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And lastly, Eggmanland. Talk about some Ninja Gaiden hard shit. It's practically impossible to beat it without dying more than 15 times thanks to the QTEs, countless bottomless pits, and the damn sled part that made things hell.


15 times isnt very much...my personal record is probably 1200 or something around there, tho i admit that is WAY too much dying on 1 boss.


And has anyone tried to complete the expert mode on ShtH? Cosmic Fall turns into HELL on expert mode. The platforms get scattered really far apart and you have to make these death jumps with homing attacks to get between them, and the camera doesn't cooperate. I lost almost all the lives I got during the whole playthrough on that level. 


Man i love that level, its so tense and AWSOME! my lives went from 18 to 4 in that level, it made the levels afterwards more tence. my first (and only) game over was acually on circus carnival with those barrels and fire loops, very persice jump considering the physics...the whole game should have been expert mode acually.


The speed stages in Sonic 06. So fucking hard! The amount of times I died trying to complete those levels. The controls were also incredibly frustrating, when I wanted Sonic to go Down he went up and when he hit a wall he decided to spin around in circles till he died >_>


I personally found those levels very VERY fun and thrilling to play, plus its realisitic, so you can't really complain! :P


Whenever there was a chance to use a character theme-tune like in SA1 ans SA2, they used His World. It was everywhere in game. World Adventure was Unleashed, practically. I loved the idea of it being remixed for bosses, but must I hear it more often than the Werehog battle music? Eeeesh


the times they used His world were very short so it wasn't really a big deal, plus it sounds loads better than World Adventure!


I got pretty frustrated on Lost Impact, I was playing in Jappaneese and for a slight second I looked away from the screen and when I looked back and all I could read was "Some of the Chaoses might be hiding Shadow" and im like...okay. I didn't realize she acually said "Some of the Chaoses might be hiding in the Shadows" and be that she meant ONE ARTIFICAL CHAOS THAT TOOK ME 40 MINUTES TO FIND! (my time went from 20 to 60) I got so bored i killed myself just so i could hear all the dialouge agian, i mean really what shadows?...oh and its pretty hard to A-rank.


I don't know if this counts, but FREAKING THIS...



I spent 3 years THREE YEARS!!!! on this boss and the worst part is i didnt even do it the "intended way". upon trying to do it the way shown in the video i got his health pretty low and I was literatly 4 seconds away from winning and then I die! biggest. rage. EVER! (another time bandicam interupted cause my trial was up or something) I didn't realize that an unlocked character I had (Ryu from street fighter) could beat sonic easily due to having bigger bullets, upon realizing this I beat him in a measly 30 minutes. The biggest issue with this boss by FAR is that he's too freaking fast! (how ironic i know!)


P.S. yes you have to hear "YOUR TOO SLOOOOOOW!!!!" EVERY SINGLE TIME! and yes it gets annoying! (RIP Jason Griffith)


P.P.S I did the "Silver Ball Puzzle" on my first try, then again the physics aren't a problem for me in that game, untill i played shadow and got used to THOSE PHYSICS. Now its like im playing an entirely different game (AKA I didn't find it frustrating AT ALL at first.)

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The fact that large enemies took forever to kill in the 3DS version of Sonic Lost World.


It could be a problem in the Wii U release, but they didn't appear frequently enough to bother me too much. The 3DS version there's too many, and defeating one of them takes too long. I actually wondered if I was doing something wrong.


The terrible level designs didn't help, either.

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Any game where enemies have a health meter draws my scorn. I hate that concept in any platformer, but doubly so in a Sonic game. It just bogs down the whole thing.


The camera is SA2's mech levels caused me to die too many times, and when it's the camera killing you, eww, 0/10, should not happen.


This is one that came up earlier today that I feel I should mention, but how over-saturated with bright colors Planet Wisp is in Sonic Generations. That shit hurt my eyes.


The special stages in Sonic Heroes are another thing, but I don't really think that needs explaining.


Pretty much all of Marble Zone in Sonic 1. Fuck that, still can't beat it.


And lastly, the level design in S3&K kinda irritated me at times. I suck at using the spin dash and there were many instances where it felt to rely on it. That's just a personal grievance brought about by a lack of skill, though.


Those are the games I like btw


Sonic 06 - fuck Elise, fuck how everyone is an idiot (even more so than usual), fuck the incredibly linear level design, fuck the empty and broken hub worlds, but it did give me a good chuckle in a vein similar to the way Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" did.


Secret Rings - The on-rail style movement was just really, really awful. Special mention about how this was one of the first things I ever worked for and earned with my own cash when I was like, 10 or so. What a shitty end reward. I mowed lawns and did work for like, a month and this was what I got.


Rise of Lyric - The name Lyric deserves a mention. That's just a really stupid name for a villain.

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Sonic Unleashed, Shamar. "Missing Sister" I honestly feel this level is extremely assholish, it relies pretty much exclusively on muscle memory, you really can't make any mistakes or hesitate at all because the time limit is very restrictive, despite that there are some very nasty traps and obstacles that would normally take time for someone to navigate over.


Oh and Eggmanland's sled-riding areas,other than that, Eggmanland did not bother me as much as the former.

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Sonic Riders' Babylong garden  ...

eheh though i'm not of those people that loses its head for losing in a game..

but it was so difficult.. i use to not give up at anygame.. but sometimes i just say,.. sigh... >:(  maybe another time. ..



the space colony ARK in Shadow the hedgehog.. it made me lose my patience.. i got lost for too much time.. so bleh....X(...


and my ultimate one..

the Special Stages in Sonic 2... WITH TAILS!


and i mean with computer managed Tails... because sometimes i pass though those special stages with my brother using tails..

but when i can't .. i just try my best to get all the rings i need.. i try my best to not lose rings at the special stage.

and Tails ....just ....crashessssss!   DX


sometimes i just laugh ... because its hilarious.. but sometimes i got very frustated...  X(

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I really hated getting the "Can't touch this" achievement in Generations.


Beating Time Eater? Once you sort of realise where the rings are so you can slow down enough to get them, you can just spam the boost to win.


Avoiding all the Time Eater's attacks with those stiff controls for both Super Sonics? Absolutely insane. I lost count of the amount of tries it took me.

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The final boss of the 3DS version of Sonic Generations. I dunno why, but there was a phase in the fight that was near impossible to do for me when I first played it.



Now, I can do it in a breeze. My, how may game skills have changed from crappy to somewhat decent.

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8-Bit Sonic 2's Antlion Boss pretty much blocked me from the rest of the game. You can't hit it normally, so you must let the bombs fall onto it. But these bombs can also kill you, and move unevenly. Madness ensues.

Secret Rings really got me on one of the Pirate Storm missions.

Lost World's apple juice stage put me off the whole game entirely. It makes no sense for Sonic to just churn some juice to get somewhere. Glad this did put me off, as I've heard the snowball stage was even worse.

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Sonic 1:

- Marble Zone's general pacing.

- Spring Yard's section with the up-and-down blocks.

- Trying to do the original version (no Spin Dash? kinda problem!)


Sonic 2:

- the Special Stages are actually some of my least favorites in the series

- Metropolis having a third act

- Oil Ocean & Mystic Cave both feel a little bit like a chore to plow through

- that Death Egg Robot boss is bullshit incarnate, seriously who thought the hitbox on that thing was reasonable?


Sonic CD:
- messing up one of my speedruns because of how unpredictable the layout can be sometimes when you deviate (particularly true when playing Wacky Workbench & Stardust Speedway)

- the second boss. You know the one.


Sonic 3K:

- Character sprites not having many animations in cutscenes.

... that's it, really. No, for real. That's it. One little nitpick. Game's basically perfect, otherwise.


Sonic Adventure:

- The snake section in Lost World.

- Doing that code to enter Final Egg.

- How bad and dated the dialogue / character movement in the cutscenes are.

- Tails is dreadfully boring to play as compared to everyone else except Big.

- If we're talking SADX, a lot of things bother me. Particularly the unnecessary changes, additions, and new bugs.


Sonic Adventure 2:

- Pressing X to Spin Dash / roll and instead does the somersault.

- Flinging off rails when trying to switch.

- Thinking too hard on the story will kill you from how dumb it is, lmao.

- Literally playing as anyone that's not Sonic / Shadow.


Sonic Heroes, Shadow, 06, Black Knight:

- Everything.

- Special note to Heroes for getting this sentiment from me more than literally any other game on the list.


Secret Rings:

- Trying to control it. No really, if this game had not-poop controls it'd actually be a good ish game.

- The tutorial which is 100+ pages long, but that's also because of the above reason.


Sonic Unleashed:

- QTEs. Why.

- The Tornado stages being the greatest waste, due to them making them about the above instead of making it a dogfighter like any sane person would've wanted. Double why.

- The pacing is dreadful in the beginning of the game.

- Collecting a billion medals for the final stages.


Sonic Colors & Generations:

- Sonic Team forgot what slopes were for like half the level design of both games.

- Nothing else really. Both games were extremely inoffensive, but that was also because they were a little on the boring side after the first playthrough. Really safe games with safe design.

- Except Planet Wisp Generations. Boo.


Sonic Lost World:

- Think up all the good ideas (spin dash, parkour, more platforming emphasis) and do 'em badly.

- Instead of half-forgetting what slopes are, SLW spends the whole time completely forgetting. Thanks!

- All of those gosh dang gimmick stages. They're neat ideas, but they don't need a whole stage to themselves. :\

- Good lord put those Wisps back where they came from or so help me Lord Holy Jesus.

- Welcome to No Context: The Game. From the story to the stages to the everything else, nothing has a reason to exist in SLW.


This series is something else I'll tell you hu-what.


Granted this feels a lot more negative than it should since I like a lot about these other games (except that one chunk over there) but you know, it's about what drives you insane so whatever man, I had fun pointing them out. :v

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Being unable to clear the first stage in Tails' Sky Patrol. I swear, that level is unbeatable.


Trying to beat Sonic Unleashed nearly broke me. All the medal grinding, clearing Eggmanland, and fighting Dark Gaia. The latter was just annoying because of having to fight the Egg Draggon again and needing to skip so many cutscenes before you could try again.


My cousins also hate it whenever I use Amy in SA2: Battle because of how often I can use Amy Flash to stop them. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Have to agree with the "Missing Sister" mission from Unleashed, that was hell for me. I died so many times when trying to attempt the mission, I could never quite manage to reach Yasmine on time. I kept taking the lower route until I realised that taking this route was a bit of a time consumer, beforehand I never actually noticed that there was an upper route with the short rail section. However, that still didn't stop me from screwing up a lot near the end what with the right degreed angled walls that had spikes, that part was where I died a lot. I eventually managed to complete it though which brought so much satisfaction because I always died when I was so close to finishing the mission.


Dragon Road (Chun-nan) Night Act 2 was quite the one too. Having to nagivate your way through the narrow beams while avoiding hazards and holding the blocks was a bitch. Even when you're not carring anything, it's still very easy to slip up since there's no glowing edge that Sonic can grab hold of which made it even more annoying. I ended up plummeting in the river a lot. Really hated this one. I can't believe I still got an S rank after all those deaths, I probably shouldn't complain though. Lol. As for Sonic 3 Carnival Night, yeah the less said about the barrel, the better. Marble Zone for Sonic 1 was annoying and pretty dull for the most part.


The Hero mission for Lost Impact in Shadow also gets a mention because there was always that one Artificial Chaos creature that I would miss out on and I would be backtracking the whole level and continue searching endlessly for that one place that I missed during my first attempt. Felt like a maze sometimes. Same applies to the Hero mission for the Doom where you had to rescue and heal the researchers. The same also goes for the Mystic Mansion mission in Heroes as Team Chaotix where you had to blow out all the torches (both the red and blue torch missions). There was a case where I had missed only a few torches and I had to go back to the start. Getting the gold medals in Wave and Storm's missions for Sonic Riders also drove me a bit mad because of how challenging they were. I found it really easy to fuck up when it came to aiming for gold. It was utlimately worth it though for unlocking the other SEGA characters (AiAi, Nights, Ulala and to an extent, Super Sonic).


As for Lost World, Azookara pretty much covered it. The things he mentioned above about Lost World (the execution, the stages etc) also drove me crazy too. Most of the gimmick stages drove me insane mainly because of the awful level design and the wisps. The 3 main levels that really pushed me to limit were Frozen Factory Zone 3 (awful!), Sky Road Zone 2 and Tropical Coast Zone 2. Absolutely frustrated me to the point where I nearly gave up on the game. I had a lot of rage moments with Lost World. I also found suprisingly hard to get an S rank on Plant Kingdom for Sonic Rush Adventure and that was only the first level. Like damn, I kept getting As for nearly every attempt. It took me so long to finally achieve an S rank. To this day, I still can't manage to cram a S rank for Act 2 on Sky Babylon either. There was also a case with one of the special stages where you race against Johnny. I'm not exactly sure if this was the 5th or 6th race but the race would somehow start with me overtaking Johnny throughout most of the race and in those last few seconds where I am in near grasp of the emerald, Johnny suddenly comes out of nowhere, rams my waterbike and grabs the emerald effectively beating me in the race which pissed me off.


I never bothered reattempting Big's mission A again after my first try because I knew wouldn't be able to do it and I never bothered going back to the difficult missions in Secret Rings either after several first attempts. Sonic 2's special stages also annoyed me as did the final boss. What else...erm The Twinkle Snow boss in Advance 3 also springs to mind and I used to have trouble with the Egg Golem (although this was before I had any knowledge that you could escape from the quicksand by jumping repeatedly). Oh and there was also that Generations mission with Vector where you had to keep tossing the music note back and forth to him. That really drove me insane too. That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment.


Sonic Riders' Babylong garden  ...

eheh though i'm not of those people that loses its head for losing in a game..

but it was so difficult.. i use to not give up at anygame.. but sometimes i just say,.. sigh... > :(  maybe another time. ..


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