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Project Resistance *ORC2 or DbD RE edition*

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Yeah, i don't get why people would have expected R3make out of this. Too casual of a teaser and the word has no meaning with what Jill does (not to mention, better world that could be tied to RE3).
8 maybe, but again, too causal of a teaser, would be the kind of game that would be revealed at E3 instead of a random day with a presentation the week after.

Anyway, for what this trailer shown it looks harmless; considering there hasn't been a proper L4D zombie game in a long time, i could see why trying the formula with Resident Evil. Gives a better vibe and RE feeling than Operation Raccoon City or Umbrella Corps, that's for sure.
Will wait for the TGS demonstration.

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2 hours ago, Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice said:

Meh. Doesn't look like either RE3 or 8.

Looks more like a multiplayer co-OP type game.

Makes me think lfd mixed with dead by daylight.  But seeing how most multiplayer games end up I'm like eh atm

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Sad to say it's not outbreak. It's a timed escape type game.  Mastermind has cards to set around the map. You can set say a dog pack behind the door for a ambush but you may only have 2 uses of the dogs

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