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I have a complaint


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I reported a member of this forum a few weeks ago because they called me a cunt and a dumbass. It seems not a single thing has been done about it.

Look, I appoligize if I offended anyone in that gay topic, but it really ticks me off that nothing was done to resolve what Roary Raccoon called me. If it's because he's a former admin, that's favoritism and I won't stand for it. Breaking the rules is breaking the rules. Something should be done about it. If nothing is done, I'll leave. I came here to discuss Sonic, and I'll withdraw myself from that topic peacefully, but if no warning is issued to this person, I will leave because this is an injustice and an insult to my womanhood.

Oh so you want proof do you Mau, proof that being gay isn't permanent, well lah-de-dah, nobody gives a fuck. Life is short, you live it how you live it and you are who you are. Then you drop dead. I'm gay, I've never been interested in a woman and I've seen many a naked lady. I feel nothing when I see tits, it does zilch for me. Could I change it? Fucked if I know but I don't see what difference it makes anyway, it's not like my life is any twats business other than mine XP. Go to a library, read some scientific journals, do the research you lazy cunt XP. After all you're asserting that homosexuality is a choice so the burden of proof is on your dumb ass, not anyone elses XP.

That's the official quote. Now I know I offended people and I appoligize for that, but personal attacks is where I draw the line. And I felt this was a personal attack by what he called me.

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I find it humorous how you claim that "not a single thing has been done," but you only have access to a handful of the forums that we offer here - I'm not saying we've discussed it because, in fact, we haven't as it's ultimately our call if we deem it severe enough to take action - but it's a claim that I'd like to see you back up in the future.

Roarey Raccoon, whom I consider a good friend of mine and has been for many years, has devoted hours upon hours into the management and forwarding of this forum. The fact he has shown such devotion and charisma through these years shows true character. If you'd have been on these forums for even half of this time or made an effort to discuss any topics with him, then you'd know his personality and vocabulary, and know he means no harm by his statements. I have never once seen him call any of the members here down to the dirt who did not thoroughly deserve it (all of which have ended up banned so I'm not talking about you).

Quite frankly, I'm disgusted that you'd bring up this issue in such a manner, and I can assure you right now that no action will be taken in this situation as long as I hold this administration badge. If you've an issue with that, then you may stay true to your word.

The moderation team will act on reports that they deem to be rightfully reported but strive to treat members fairly. As we know how Roarey debates from past experiences, you seem to be the only one with an issue with his posting style or him in general. I suggest that you grow up and bring it up with him like an adult.

End of discussion.

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