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Stuff that are canon but that you wish wasn't

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As a concept and a piece of the lore in Sonic's universe, the wisps are generally fine. If we're gonna keep expanding on other planets and junk like Dodon Pa and his intergalactic technology business suggests than I'm fine with them being a little footnote in Sonic's history.

I'm not too fond of how dominant their prescense has felt as of recent though. I'll admit to that still sticking in my craw a bit. After Colors, Generations, Lost World, Forces, AND Team Sonic Racing I'm ready to not see them for another 10 or so years.

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My only "issues" with the Wisps is that they brought them back with little reason and that there's not much character-wise to most of them. Which is something Whisper gets credit for fixing. 

Otherwise, they're whatever. Perfect for Colors and TSR, but ancillary otherwise. 

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