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What is it about Sonic that makes so many wish to disconnect him from non-Eggman humans?

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The two worlds theory thing is rather wonky IMO. I personally prefer a world populated by both Humans and...er...I'll just call them Mobians (I love the name Mobius, why not just call Sonic's Earth Mobius?) living together in harmony. Kind of like a fusion of Adventure/Unleashed and Forces. It's not really too far fetched to have anthromorphic animals living with cartoony humans in the same world as equal sapient species. Plenty of other fictions do this rather seamlessly, like Regular Show. I don't mind other human characters beside Eggman, but I'd rather not have any other human characters gain such a prevalent role as to overshadow Eggman and our favorite non-humans, lest we get another Chris or Elise. If you wanna give other humans somewhat major roles, something like Professor Pickle or the GUN Commander seems to be the way to go IMO.

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