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Worst period for Sonic?

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On 11/15/2019 at 7:10 PM, DabigRG said:

I kinda suspect that's because they put a huge budget into that game that may or may not have stifled them afterwards, but yes. Maybe they'd been working on it in the background during 06?

Unleashed did have a bigger budget. That being said I am really starting to get sick of the "Its a budget game" defense. Its a major anniversary title, and all we have been getting in this era are budget games. I don't know why its so hard for Sega to give some funding for their own mascot game series  every once in awhile.


On 11/15/2019 at 7:10 PM, DabigRG said:

Why would you want anything to be bad, though?

I didn't say people wanted the characters to be bad, I meant that nobody wanted them in the first place so nobody cared if they were good or not. I can see people not wanting said characters to return though which could be thought of as "wanting them to be bad". Of course in the end we got the best of both as Zavok and the D6 are both terrible and have also returned in every Modern game and spinoff since their inception. Often times appearing in games with a limited cast meant to consist of "fan-favorites". Iizuka seems to have developed a weird stubbornness about insisting that his largely unpopular one off additions are "staples" after only appearing in one game. Even (especially) when they are obviously meant to be one off gimmicks and clearly tie themselves to their own native games. (Eg wisps randomly appearing on places other than Planet Wisp, and Zavok abandoning Lost Hex and the rest of the D6 to be Eggman's henchman in TSR)  It would be similar if Iizuka had the Black Arms suddenly start appearing in the stages of games other than Shadow the Hedgehog with no reason or reference to them in the plot. It doesn't make any sense.

This is kind of a tangent now but the point is people might want certain new characters to be bad so that they are less likely to be an eyesore in future games, but now for some reason they end up becoming staples anyway, and the one character that might of had some potential appears to have been discarded, Due to negative fan feedback I presume. (as if anybody knows what Sonic Team is thinking nowadays). They ignore the fact that most of the criticism comes from people who are lamenting his failure and from him not living up to the hype.

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