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DLC Discussion for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

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Hey Everyone

M&S Tokyo 2020 is out now

Let's Discussion about M&S Tokyo 2020 DLC (including Guest Characters & Events)


TOKYO 2020 PASS 1:

Pauline goes to Trampoline

Big the Cat goes to 3X3 Basketball 

Baby Mario goes to 200M

Classic Sonic goes to 400M

Baby Luigi goes to Pole Vault

Infinite the Jackal goes to 10,000m

Baby Peach goes to Beach Volleyball

Tikal the Echidna goes to Handball


TOKYO 2020 PASS 2:

Baby Daisy goes to Hockey

Zeena goes to Rhythmic Gymnastics - Uneven Bars

Baby Rosalina goes to 3,000m Steeplechase

Chaos Zero goes to Hammer Throw

Metal Mario goes to Golf

Werehog goes to Weightlifting

Pink Gold Peach goes to 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay

Zomom goes to Shooting - Trap


TOKYO 2020 PASS 3:

Peachette goes to 400m Hurdles

Mighty the Armadillo goes to 5,000m

King K Rool goes to Judo

Storm the Albatross goes to Shot Put

Iggy Koopa goes to High Jump

Marine the Raccoon goes to Sailing - RS:X - Windsurfer

Funky Kong goes to Cycling - Sprint

G-Merl goes to 1,500m




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I wish...

At least more events and dream events. Guest characters would be top but seeing as SEGA likes to limit the Sonic roster in the base games already, yeah… they are not interested.

Anyway, I guess… never say never, because this game is a lot more packed with content than I anticipated so you never know.

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SEGA didn't bother with DLC for TSR, and Sonic Forces' DLC was already included in the game itself and just locked.

Pretty safe to assume that M&S will never get DLC, as the previous ones never did. SEGA's recent track record shows that they're satisfied with the amount of content packed into the main game, either that or they take pride in the fact that they don't "sell you the rest of the game" as DLC, completely ignorant to the fact that customers are asking for DLC specifically because they are not satisfied with the base game's content.

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If there's anything I'd like in DLC, it would be more Dream events. Save characters for the next game and make them universally playable instead of Guests again. (Especially Cream and Charmy. They got shafted in TSR too)

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Looks Like Europe Release is Out, Guys

Oh, I Forgot Dream Events for DLC

Dream Football (Scrap Brain Zone from Sonic 1991)

Dream Rugby Sevens (Diamond City Stadium from WarioWare Gold)

Dream Tennis (Marina Stadium from Mario Tennis Aces)

Dream Boxing (Lava Mountain from Sonic Lost World)

Dream Volleyball (Studiopolis from Sonic Mania)

Dream Basketball (Mario Stadium from Mario Hoops 3-on-3)

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