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Dr. Stone (Anime/Manga)

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For those that haven't heard of this series, Dr. Stone is a manga series released in 2017 that follows the story of Senku Ishigami, a young science loving student who awakens in a world that's been petrified for 3700 years. A mysterious event that happened in the past has caused the entire race to be completely encased in stone, and the world has reverted back to the primal age. 

Escaping from his stone prison after a mysterious miracle cure hits his encasement, Senku has managed to retain consciousness for the entire duration of his encasement, Senku quickly sets about on trying to revive the human race, and retake the now renamed Stone World. Awakening his best friend Tajiu Oki, a headstrong oaf who was in the middle of confessing his love to his crush - Yuzuriha Ogawa before the petrification process set in around the world. The duo agree to discover the secret behind the miracle cure, and rebuild society. 

Discovering the secret to the cure, the duo finds themselves having to revive a famed martial artist named Tsukasa Shishio in order to protect themselves from the dangers of The Stone World. Little do they realise that they have just created their own worst enemy - Tsukasa sets about on a murdering spree, killing as many adults as possible. Upon rescuing Yuzuriha from her imprisonment, the now trio find themselves against Tsukaka and his schemes to build his own society that festers on killing corrupt adults. 

With the possibility of an all-out war brewing, Senku sets about in creating his own army to combat Tskukasa's plans to destroy the world. Using his scientific knowledge, Senku sets about in creating a Kingdom of Science that will attempt to fast track through the history of Human Evolution and stop Tskukasa before he can succeed in his plans.

Where you might've heard about the series is the recent anime that premiered earlier this year, and is currently up to Episode 18, and the series in general has been receiving a ton of praise. I'm honestly surprised there seemingly isn't a topic on it given how much buzz the series had been getting around it's premiere (or maybe there is a topic, and I can't find it due to the broken search function), but I guess here's a topic now. 

While the anime has a rather slow start due to Tajiu and Yuzuriha getting a bit more attention in their story, the anime gets really going after Senku sets off on his own to create the Kingdom of Science, and finds a new supporting cast in the process. If you picked the series up and dropped it quickly, I think it's worth giving it another shot, because once you get past the introductory stuff, the story becomes really fantastic, with good tension, fun characters, the animation is really good and it has a lot of great comedy. 

I'll leave things off with the absolutely fantastic ending theme for the anime:


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I have yet to catch up with the anime, but i've been reading the manga for a while now, pretty much since last year, and loved it immensly. Between this, Promised Neverland and Demon Slayer added to MHA, Shonen Jump is having a lot of new fresh blood to accompany the veterans.

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