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Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit (fan game out NOW!)

Noah Copeland

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I've been playing this game for a few days now, and I can say that I'm enjoying it more than Mania, really. While it's not perfect and there are some small things I don't like here and there, it's overall a very solid experience with some very good level design challenges and concepts in general. When in the status updates I said that the level design is a bit "unfocused" (like Mania's to an extent, and CD), I meant the way how level gimmicks are used in an unorganized way... some gimmicks only appear once, others appear twice at the beginning of a level and then never again, etc. though the flow is good and I appreciate that. It surely can be improved, but I'm liking it a lot, it has much replay value as I continue to go back to it and replay levels.

I like that some levels seem to be influenced by old school Nintendo games, such as Donkey Kong Country (not just the barrels in the jungle level, also the swimming level) and that worm sequence at the glass pipe reminded me of Metroid (especially Zero Mission, which had a similar worm sequence at the beginning of the game). I also spotted some references from the  Sonic Advance series here and there, in level design too.

now a spoiler about secret content at the very end of the game:






It's no longer possible with the last version, that was done with V1.0.2.

Please @Noah Copeland consider reimplementing it as a secret challenge because it's a lot of fun (once you realize how to dodge those lasers).

On a side note, it can be done with Fang/Nack as well but it's a bit easier.

Overall, congratulations, it's a very good fangame with a great level of quality, almost feels like an official product.

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Finished the game with all characters (except for the last secret character who gets softlocked constantly in Sunset Park 2). Brilliant stuff, definitely the best 2D Sonic fangame I've ever played, and to see it in a completed state is a marvel in itself.

also PSA you can play story mode with the unlockable characters by editing the variable Sav_P1 in your save file to 4.0 or 5.0. It's my preferred way of playing as them since freeplay kicking you back to the menu and not retaining your lives is kind of a bummer.

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