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Prototype of Cancelled Spider-Man game based on Raimi's fourth Spidey movie found

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You might've heard of a story earlier this year where screenshots of a cancelled Spider-Man game by Radical Entertainment, which was based on the cancelled fourth entry of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man series, and obviously went down the drain due to the cancellation of the film's development. With the movie license gone, and Sony moving onto a new series with Amazing Spider-Man, the assets for Spider-Man 4's tie-in game were then supposedly used for Radical's other superhero sequel - Prototype 2. You can find those screenshots here:

However, another large development has appeared in this story - an incredibly early playable build of the Wii version was found on a developmental console, and gameplay of the build was released to the public. Showcased in it is a extremely low-quality version of the city rendered with simple grey blocks, a web slinging mechanic in testing, and much more. Give it a look here:

The mystery this currently leaves us with however is still the issue of the PS3/Xbox versions, which likely gave us the images from earlier this year. The PS3/Xbox 360 version of Spider-Man 3 was very different from the PS2/Wii version, so while the Wii build provides a very interesting look at the cancelled title, it only makes sense that some kind of next-gen build has to also be out there somewhere.

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4 minutes ago, Jingilator said:

So wait, what was this canceled fourth film supposed to be about? Either way, I never realized they were already working on a game!

Short version - Vulture and Black Cat were meant to be the villains, Black Cat would've been changed to the (frankly idiotic) Vultress, and would've been the Vulture's daughter. 

Peter and MJ's romance was also probably gonna be terrible again, with Peter developing stupidity and cheating on her with Black Cat, leading to more drama.

Oh, and Bruce Campbell's cameo was likely gonna be him as Mysterio, as storyboards reveal.

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