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SSMB General Christmas Discussion and Wishlist - 2019

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I actually should have posted this nearly a week ago, though some setbacks made me push to today. I remember I once posted a topic of this nearly 4 years ago which became one of my most successful topic to date, so I thought: Why not do it again? We're exactly one week from Christmas and even if you already know what you're going to receive or if you're 100% hopeless of receiving something, it doesn't coast at all to dream with something. Even after Christmas, we could use this topic to share their experiences and say what else you got or simply comment and praise our members gifts. Also, don't be afraid to post things whatever you got, try to think in deep and be optimist even with little things. Here are some cool things I may get:

Jyn Erso Action Figure & Star Wars shirt


Image from web

It's been hard to say something not related with Star Wars this past days, and so on should be my Christmas gift. Anyone who follows me knows my love for Rogue One and this character, Jyn Erso, so nothing more cool to have her as an action figure. There's a curious story behind her statue, but I think I'll tell later. Yesterday, my mom also said me she bought me a Star Wars shirt, though I said to don't show me as some surprise for the real Christmas day.

Rise of Skywalker and The Beatles Cover tickets


And as a Star Wars fan, of course this couldn't be out of the list. Releasing tomorrow in my country, my tickets are guaranteed since it were announced. I'm doing all kind of stunts to avoid any spoiler. Also about tickets, on Friday I'll be going to a Beatles cover show.

LEGO Millenium Falcon and Unreal Tournament Series


These two you may already have seen in my status. Though not related with Christmas (And sorry for such Star Wars in a single topic), a friend of my mom once bought a LEGO Millenium Falcon for her kid who didn't succeed on finishing it, and then said if I could finish it, it was mine. And so on is here. There's some missing pieces which we're still dealing with it, but definitely something special, either for Star Wars and LEGO fans. Also said on status, one of the headers of Epic Games (Developer I think), entered in contact with me after a post I did on their discord server and without much explanation, gave me the complete Unreal Tournament series for free on Steam, which of course is awesome, as this likely is my favorite PC game series.


Lastly, though I would be lying if I said I already didn't got so many Christmas gifts, if I manage to receive some relatives money, I've some games on my wishlist as well try to see if I can finally buy some music CDs I've been looking for this whole year.

Well, I think that it is, I may get off a bit for the next day or two avoiding Star Wars spoilers and in case we don't meet anymore this year, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Honestly, the one thing I want for Christmas is to just have a nice day with my family. We usually try to do these Christmas meetups every year and since my siblings are sort of spread out now and busy adulting it’s the one time we can get everyone together (except my brother who moved several states away lol). It’s perhaps not the most interesting thing to wish, for but it’s always what I most look forward to every year and really all I want now (except I’d also like some Christmas money from my parents cause my budget’s been tight lately lol)

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i won't be celebrating until january, possibly later, but might as well post what i want to get here.

as usual, i hope to get a nintendo switch with the usual games i ask for along with it (SSBU, SMM2, CTR)

this month, i solidified the 2DS i bought in november as my main system, so i'll be asking for some of the games i missed like kirby: planet robobot and superstar saga DX.

and some new clothing to refresh my wardrobe for the upcoming year.

outside of that, i don't ask for much else. i like being surprised with what i recieve.

i'm also giving a few gifts to friends and family this year. i ordered a funko pop figure that i'm waiting to have delivered, which i plan to give to my sister in january. among a few others.

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Merry Christmas! Woke up to a really nice haul this morning. The haul overall was...

-Only Fools and Horses - Complete Series

-Batman Beyond - Limited Blu-Ray Collection

-Hangover Trilogy on Blu-Ray

-Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray

-Aquaman Blu-Ray

-True Wireless Earphones

-Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered (PS4)

-The Outer Worlds (PS4)

-Kingdom Hearts 3 (Xbox One)

-The Walking Dead - Telltale Definitive Edition (PS4)

-Dead Rising 4 - Frank’s Big Package (PS4)

-Devil May Cry 5 (PS4)

-Ni No Kuni Remastered (PS4)

-Resident Evil 2 (PS4)

-Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair (PS4)

-Astral Chain (Switch)

-Mario & Sonic at the 2020 Olympic Games (Switch)

-Daemon X Machina (Switch) 

Extremely happy with what I got this year. My favourite is easily the Batman Beyond blu ray, I’ve been waiting for the series to be released on home media over here for at least a decade, so I’m so happy to finally have it, along with the Beyond funko pop in it.

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I'll not write out a complete haul but I'll list some highlights

-Lots of clothes (it is true you appreciate clothes more when you get older

-Two DVD boxsets of Great British Railway Journeys (series 1-4 & 5-8) hosted by Michael Portillo

-Collection of Mana for Nintendo Switch

-Poke Ball Plus (which I wanted since I heard there is some functionality with Pokemon Sword/Shield)

-V&A's David Bowie Is Inside book, which originally came out in 2013 at a hefty £35 but I found it at the shop I work at for £20 and got a 20% discount too

-Adventure Time Seasons 1-5 on Bluray

-Top Gear: Planes, Trains & Automobiles (a best of featuring the caravan blimp, the caravan train and the Race to the North featuring Jeremy in the Tornado)

Happy Holidays to y'all!

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I got:

Pajama pants, some M&M's, a box of chocolate scented Axe stuff (cologne and soap), money, a new thermos, some straws for the thermos and a straw cleaner (which might be on my top 5 of Things I Never Knew I Wanted Till I Received Them), a Sodering Iron Kit, some batteries and Game Bit screwdrivers, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and last but not least a 43" 1080p TV (replacing the tiny 32" one I had before, also while I did get it earlier in the month it still counts). Pretty good haul this year I'd say.

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Well, I'd say my Christmas was focused on Star Wars, literally breathing Star Wars. As expected, I received all what I've already mentioned (Despite I've already owned most of them by the time I wrote the topic). I can specify the shirt I got had the logo of Star Wars in front and the A New Hope opening crawl in the back. My mom also gave me a Finn action figure (Exactly in the likes of Jyn Erso) and I got another Star Wars shirt from my kid Babysitter.

Right now I'm on a short travel to a beach city (Nearly a hotel related with my mom's work), which I guess still counts.

My favorite band released a new album which I'm looking forward to spend my Christmas money with it when gets for major public as well enjoy Steam sale.

As the Christmas per se, It was better than I expected but also shows how each year my family is getting broken.

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Had a pretty chill Christmas this year. My Mom caught a bug or something on the Eve that threw a bit of a monkey wrench into things, but we were still able to have a nice little holiday celebration. (Was super tired by the end, though.) Got a great haul:


Toy Story 4 (4K Combo) (Target Limited Edition)
Spider-Man: Far from Home (4K Combo)
Teen Titans GO! to the Movies (Blu-ray Combo)
M.U.S.C.L.E. Street Sharks Sets
$20 Nintendo eShop Card
$10 Regal Gift Card
Peanut Butter M&Ms
Crispy M&Ms 
Other Candy


Luigi's Mansion 3
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (Switch)
Pokemon Shield
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition (Switch)


Spyro: Reignited Trilogy (Switch)
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (Switch)
River City Girls (Switch) + Original Game Soundtrack + Limited Run Trading Card


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Set (Neon Red/Neon Blue)
Digimon Fusion: Season 1 (DVD)
Digimon Fusion: Season 2 (DVD)


Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History 
Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Deluxe Edition


Go Go Power Rangers Volume 1
Go Go Power Rangers Volume 2
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Lost Chronicles Volume 1
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Lost Chronicles Volume 2
Power Rangers: The Psycho Path


Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lost Galaxy Red Ranger/In Space Psycho Red Ranger
Power Rangers Lightning Collection Magna Defender 
Power Rangers Lightning Collection In Space Psycho Blue Ranger

From my Sis and brother-in-law:


Tomy Metal Sonic Comic Pack
Power Rangers Lightning Collection Lord Zedd

From my favorite cousin:


$20 Nintendo eShop Card (Going towards Smash Ultimate DLC Year 2.)

Also got some cash from my Grandma that I put toward Fangamer's new Banjo-Kazooie plush. 

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Christmas was pretty good this year. Spent Christmas Day at my sister’s. Watched plenty of TV, including The Tiger Who Came to Tea, The Whale and the Snail (or whichever way around it’s supposed to be), and our usual festively depressing dosage of my favourite soap, EastEnders.

Did very well on the gift front. The only gift I gave was to my mum; a silver locket that we’re currently working to get photos for.

As for my own gifts:

The book is a Japanese Sonic Adventure guidebook.

Official Pokemon and Doctor Who annuals, and Doctor Who Magazine comic strip collections.

A surprise present in the form of a Lego Hogwarts Clock Tower.

Limited edition Pokemon TCG metal case. Contains a bunch of booster packs plus promo cards and other accessories based on the not-yet-dubbed 22nd movie.

Stuff from a Japanese TCG promotional set.

I’d only ever seen bits and pieces of Rocko, but I’ve heard great things about. I found out it was one of the few old Nick shows to have its boxset released in the UK, so I jumped at the change.


  • The Complete Sarah Jane Adventures DVD boxset.
  • This Japanese Pokemon “pocket book” that has a bunch of cool old Pokemon artwork and illustrations and stuff.
  • Talking Detective Pikachu plush toy.
  • Retro Hasbro Pokemon toys: Meowth and Poliwhirl plushies, and a Pikachu Poke Ball Blaster set.
  • A Christmas Doctor Who jumper that I wore from Christmas day up to today.
  • A box of festive Simpsons socks.
  • Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

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