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Sonic Rift/Sonic 5 leaks

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Not sure where to put this or if this is allowed so if it isn’t then feel free to close this topic.


The Sonic Rift leaks seem okay at first but then the “SEGA employee” says that the boost formula isn’t as good as it is in Unleashed than says the undeserved praise Unleashed gets. As well as that, the employee says, at least they tried, characterisation is good for once. If you indentify yourself as a part of Sega, than why would you trash talk a franchise you’re involved in. 


The Sonic 5 leak is better, but I think a Crush 40 song seems weird for classic sonic. At most, a cheesy sonic r like song would be in a Mania like game.


What are your thoughts?

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Is this about the so called 4 chan leak?


>Sonic Rift
>Return to the Adventure format of several gameplay styles.
>NO CHAO GARDEN IN-GAME. It's a companion mobile app.
>Sonic voiced by Ben Schwartz. Roger wants to retire from acting as some of you may know.
>Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver are playable.
>Sonic has boost gameplay again. Much better than Forces but sadly not quite Unleashed/Generations tier. No 2D sections that I could see.
>Tails in a mech. Much closer to how Gamma controlled than in SA2.
>Knuckles treasure hunting, although with more of a combat focus. Similar to the Werehog gameplay. Can only assume this is because of the recent undeserved praise Sonic Unleashed has been getting.
>Silver is more or less how he played in 06 but he's a lot faster and controls better. Not really saying much, of course.
>Shadow is basically identical to Sonic, shocker.
>Game takes place in the future mostly. Eggman reasons he can take over the world in a future time and waits for Sonic to die, cryogenically freezes himself.
>Forgets about Orbot and Cubot. They inform Sonic of his plan out of sheer boredom.
>Sonic rounds up Shadow and they try to chaos control to the future but it doesn't work due to insufficient power or some shit.
>Characterization isn't too bad for once.
>They go visit Knuckles on Angel Island. Yes you read that right, he's guarding the fucking master emerald. This is how they get to the future.
>Island doesn't crash.
>Atleast they tried.jpg
>They meet up with Silver and they try to stop Eggman's plans. Yadda yadda yadda.
>Adventure remake rumors are bullshit.
>Game comes out in 2021 like Iizuka said.



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