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Sonic 3 Soundtrack Project: Marble Garden Act 1&2 (Game Play)

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This is a Fanbase project that is in the work at the moment with a plan release for 2020. Album will be made available to the public for free by Download. More Info to come soon.

Album Tracklist In Prodution:

1. Title Screen / Sonic 3

2. Angel Island Zone Act 1

3. Angel Island Zone Act 2

4. Hydrocity Zone act 1

5. Hydrocity Zone act 2

6. Marble Garden Zone act 1

7. Marble Garden Zone act 2

8. Carnival Night Zone act 1

9. Carnival Night Zone act 2

10. Ice Cap Zone act 1

11. Ice Cap Zone act 2

12. Launch Base Zone act 1

13. Launch Base Zone act 2

14. Mini Boss / Sonic 3

15. Staff Roll / sonic 3

16. Game Complete sonic 3

17. Mushroom Hill Zone act 1

18. Mushroom Hill Zone act 2

19. Flying Battery Zone act 1

20. Flying Battery Zone act 2

21. Sandopolis Zone act 1

22. Sandopolis Zone act 2

23. Lava Reef Zone act 1

24. Hidden Palace Zone

5. Sky Sanctuary Zone

26. Death Egg Zone act 1

27. Death Egg Zone act 2

28. Mini Boss / sonic knuckles

29. Data Select 30. Knuckles Theme / Sonic 3

31. Knuckles Theme / S&K

33. Robotnik Theme

34. Final Boss

35. The Doomsday

36. Gumball Machine (Bonus Stage)

37. Magnetic Orbs (Bonus Stage)

38. Slot Machine (Bonus Stage)

39. Blue Spheres (Special Stage)

40. Staff Roll / S&K

Album Produced and Arranged By Akidna for EastGalaxy® Inc. 2020 at the Axiaxa® Studios - Orlando All Tracks Mixed and Master by Akidna from Axiaxa® Studios - Orlando Album Art Created and Edit by Xrixa EastGalaxy. All original songs and character art is Copyright and Trademark of Sega© 1991-2020. These tracks are not for sale or resale and are Fanbase project only with no intentions for profit. Axaixa® Inc. 2020

(Recap) DISCLOSURS: All tracks from this Ablum will be made available for free upon release by Download. Information regarding Physical Copies coming soon, original material are trademarks of SEGA and are not for profitable use of a business or activity yielding profit or financial gain. This is strictly Fanbase Project and nothing more. Thank You, Akidna

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