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Childhood scaring/scarring video game moments!

Big Panda

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AWild No.1 washed up gamer

How could i forget this game?

These are from a link to the past. I made a status update on this before but these sprites symbolize the scariest moments for me in this game.


That freaking dungeon with the moth at the end. The scary music. The green dungeon in the town where you had to lead the boss to it's own room. Forgetting that the maidens only appear after the boss is defeated now you are surprised and have to fight this creepy monster wearing curtains. Just everything about the dark world was creepy enough.

Also, i was playing the OOT cartridge with the beta version of the fire temple. Man, talk about creepy. Those chants of the gorons begging not to be eaten by volvogvia. 

For some weird reason, I always translated it as " AH HECK NO BWABY AH HECK NO BWABY AH HECK NO BWABY OH WHYYYYYYYYyyyyy...."

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On 1/18/2020 at 10:25 PM, Perkilator said:

I remember being too scared to even touch the old House of the Dead arcade machines with a 39 and a half foot pole. It's what made me use to be deathly (see what I did there?) afraid of zombies.

On 1/18/2020 at 11:47 PM, Harkofthewaa said:

I have a couple. First of all, THIS: 

There was nothing worse than trying to play a game only to be greeted by a blaring jump scare from the console itself, and to add insult to injury if you want to play the game you have to chance it again.

On 1/19/2020 at 10:52 AM, TheOcelot said:

Being chased by "Monster-Ock" (the final boss) in Spider-Man (PS1) was kinda terrfifying. The camera sucks so much in this sequence.


Agreed with all three of these!

The House of the Dead arcades (usually HoTD 3 or 4) were the one game I always dreaded seeing at the local arcades, mainly thanks to the demos often showing the player getting attacked A LOT.

That PS2 Red Screen... *shudders* It still creeps me out to this day. I'd just want to play some Gran Tursimo 4 or mess about with Action Replay, but if that screen popped up then my PS2 was staying off for the rest of the day!

And yeah, Spider-Man PS1's final boss also terrified young me. (Heck, the symbiotes in general always scared me as a kid!) I never did beat that final level; partially due to Monster Ock himself, but also due to to the level design.


Okay, so for something that hasn't been mentioned yet - when I was young, one game I used to play a lot was Soulblade (AKA Souledge, the precursor to SoulCalibur). I wasn't really scared of the game or its characters... for the most part.

One day, I finally made it to the end of Arcade mode. I defeated what I thought was the final opponent, and then...

...THAT happened.

I'd always hated seeing skeletons moving as a kid, but I think the moaning screams coming from Souledge were what really terrified me back then, especially since it happens right after you've defeated the previous enemy (Cervantes).

On 1/19/2020 at 12:02 PM, Solister said:

But going down to the rabbit hole, I think the scariest videogame experience I have was the Harley Quinn Boss in LEGO Batman, or at least was the very first which came into my mind:


It sorta scares still up to date. In fact, I'd say LEGO Batman is a hell of a scaring game:

Seeing this reminded me of one moment in a LEGO game that legitimately got me, despite being far more recent - The Venom level in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes:

Even LEGO managed to make me scared of the symbiotes!

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I've never tended to play horror games, especially when I was younger. My earliest scary gaming memory though would be the final section of Monkey Island 2 - the Dinkey Island underground tunnels.

I was only 5 or so when I played this game. Guybrush being stuck in these drab tunnels, stalked by LeChuck wielding his voodoo powers was terrifying to me. Even though its only a small area, I would get lost constantly due to my panicking. The way the music would just change! This all combined to make it difficult for me to solve the final puzzles, and it felt like I couldn't stay in any one area long enough to focus before being found and zapped across the map all over again. I was in perpetual anxiety.

Brilliant game though, love it to death.

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Neither childhood, nor scarring, but worthy of a mention - playing Resident Evil 2 Remake on Hardcore is a whole new ballpark of terror, especially if you're aiming for S rank where you're limited to three saves, and dying can put you back 30 minutes to an hour of gameplay, depending on how far you got.

Ammo becomes more scarce, zombies become major threats, but nothing beats how fucking nerve-wracking it is to have to go up against lickers, and Mr. X. Lickers especially, because they're fast, they're bullet-sponges, and trying to kill them will result in your immediate death. You have to walk past them if you're going to pull it off. The way they work is that lickers can't see you, but they can hear you. So you can usually walk past them, if, IF you are very careful. But that is still an incredibly nerve-wracking notion, that making a wrong move and making too loud a sound will result in immediate death.

There's one moment in particular that really drives it home. When you make it to the parking lot of the police station, there's a set of rooms you have to go in with three lickers, one in the hallway, two in a room that connects two hallways, that you have to go through to get a key. If you play Leon, it's not as bad, as you deal with dogs, instead of lickers. But if you're playing as Claire, it's all lickers. 

You've got to carefully navigate through the hallway first, then you have to carefully enter the room with both lickers and walk as quietly as possible. Then on the way back to the parking lot, the lickers have moved positions, and you need to walk close to one to attract their attention, then walk back outside quickly, but not too quickly so you don't alert the licker into chasing you, then you have to move back in and walk through the room, and then as soon as you get into the hallway again, the licker there has shifted position to be on the wall just as you walk out, leading to a jump-scare, and another nervous walk to avoid it. 

Mr.X is a nightmare as well because he can kill you in two hits, and he will be alerted at certain specific points, or even if you shoot at a zombie, it's nerve-wrecking to have to make a run for it on Hardcore with him on your tail.

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Ok, this is going to sound really dumb but you know, when I first played Sonic Adventure DX, I pressed A too many times to skip the intro cut scene and Sonic just whipped across the title screen and I screamed bloody murder and hid behind the couch. It's like his silhouette just popped out of nowhere. .... that's it.


EDIT: I got proof 


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