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Full Editor not working.

PSI Wind

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Im using both IE & Firefox and it still doesn't work. It only works when I press it on a new post thats just being writen by me.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just have to right-click the editor button for a full edit. Lock please.

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It isn't working for me either, which is annoying because I need it to be able to update the topic title on the soundtrack vote contest. X_x

I'm on Firefox 3.0.14 with google toolbar and adblock installed. Nothing else.

When I click it nothing happens.

EDIT: Also managed to fix by right clicking "Edit" and opening in a new tab, but if this happens for multiple people there must be SOMETHING wrong. =S

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I'm at my work PC right now, running the latest Firefox - and I couldn't access the FULL EDITOR by clicking the button just a few min ago.

(I have not yet tried on my home PC)


Viewing a Post

Clicks Edit

Left Clicks Use Full Editor

Nothing Happens.

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Can someone with this problem test it out using the Firebug extension for Firefox?

  • Install and restart Firefox.
  • Open Firebug (F12).
  • Click the arrow on the Console tab and select Enable.
  • Reload a topic page and recreate the problem.
  • Copy and paste any errors that appear.

Seems that none of the staff are able to recreate this, so a proper error log should help out. Hopefully.

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Fixed. Clear your cache to load the new Javascript.

Explanation, there's a "reason for edit" field in the edit forms that staff have but members don't. The existing JS to send the current form contents to the full editor assumes that this field exists, and fails out if it doesn't, which is why the button worked for staff but not for members. New JS does the gentlemanly thing and actually checks.

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