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New Signature Oddities


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Yeah, well, as you can see, despite my entire sig being emcompassed by centering tags, my image has been shifted to the left, and when I try to update it, I get this bizarre (and seemingly variable-missing) error message:


Note also, that even without any changes to my sig, clicking to update my signature - as it is right now - presents this message. Apparently it's too long (eleven lines including code), has too many links (two) and images (one), and that image is too big! D=

A bizarre bug indeed, so thought I'd let you guys know.

EDIT: And apparently the automatic image resizing thing isn't quite working either. XD;

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Yeah, I'm a bit narked about the image resizing too. :|

Sorry about the sig issues, we've heard a few, including normally decent-looking sigs being broken by many a line-break. I'll look into it first thing tomorrow personally (unless someone else on the skinning team has a look before then) so sit tight! :)

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