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Can't find unused Western names for Eggman?

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I swear there used to be info on Wikipedia, Sonic News Network, Sonic Retro, etc. that listed rejected names that SOA were considering before settling on Robotnik. I think one was something like "Mr. Badman." I can't seem to find them anywhere now. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

(Its driving me nuts all the sudden. lol)

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A quick google search of the only one I could remember turned up this list:

  • Dr X
  • Dr What
  • Dr Gloom
  • Fatty Lobotnik
  • Mr Badyear
  • Mr Badwrench

At the very least I know Fatty Lobotnik is indeed one of them - it was actually referenced in LEGO Dimensions' Sonic pack, of all things. 

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Some of these weren't "actual" names for the character, they were supposed to be disparaging nicknames Sonic would use.




"A question from someone at another board: How do you feel about the term "Robuttnik" being used in the sonic cartoons?"

I found a list of "nicknames" for robotnik/names that sonic could call him that I suggested:

mister badwrench
mr. bad year
fatty lobotnik

Other relevant links: 





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