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Sonic the Hedgehog Game Ideas

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On 2/24/2020 at 2:19 PM, SKSpawn said:

 we need a sequel to Sonic Mania and a 3D, Boost-oriented game that follows the Adventure formula.

Agreed on the Mania sequel.

Disagree on the boost adventure game. Unless you just mean making a boost game with the adventure aesthetic and storylines....Well even that I dont want but I know other fans might.

As for design, I dont think the boost and adventure styles mesh well. Boost was at it's best in generations when most of the fluff was cut out. Adventure at its best...we've not actually really seen but I'd argue that the SA1 sonic levels approximate it most closely. Those are more traditional platforming levels which just doesnt mesh with boost well.

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I would really like to see another Sonic RPG. I felt like Sonic Chronicles had a lot of potential with the battle system (sans the touch controls). If that is improved upon, with a brand new story and proper characterization and world building, it could turn into something really interesting. Oh, and with a brand new OST!

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-Not Boost Sonic. If you want a placeholder, SA leaning toward SA2.

-A single "level" consisting of a massive island with a variety of environments referred to as 'zones'.

-Not open world, but an intricate network of branching routes with some connections taking more speed, skill or exploration to reach.

-Some routes are narrow, some are wide and some focus on verticality.

-Some routes function like highways and are speed sections with less obstacles and more cool fast stuff.

-You can run along most of the island's coast.

-Animal capsules continuously appear throughout the island and a variety of reoccurring miniboss-class machines guard them.

-If you open the capsules the zone will have less badniks for a short time. If you don't they'll have more.

-Factories, bases, repurposed ruins and other structures can be cleared in any order but have varying degrees of difficulty indicated by how hard they are to reach.

-You can call Tails and the Tornado while out in the open (or launching yourself above the forest, for example) to take to the sky and see the island from above.

-Not everything can be seen from above.

-Pilot the Tornado as Tails to get where you want to be dropped off.

-The Tornado comes under heavier fire the closer it gets to any of the aforementioned structures (unless they're cleared) and is scripted to be hit if it gets too close.

-The Tornado can be shot down and Sonic is unable to call for it until it's repaired.

-The structures contain boss-class machines/characters that pursue you through the deeper parts in some way. (they might be fast, they might control a security system, they might fill the place with ghosts, whatever as long as they have clear presence)

-Structures aren't networks and are more linear but still contain branching routes with varying degrees of difficulty to reach and clear.

-Clearing the structures affects the island. (air/water pollution clears up making it easier to traverse, capsules and badniks don't reappear in that zone, etc.)

-The structures can be re-established if you take too long to beat the game. (machines are replaced by upgraded versions, and characters are replaced with machines)

-Structures can be permanently destroyed/abandoned if you clear them the hard way.

-If you clear all the structures Eggman takes to the sky with a flying fortress you have to chase down and board with the Tornado. (and structures are no longer re-established)

-You need to find a way into the flying fortress and then a way to clear it while inside.

-It visibly gains altitude (outside and though the windows) and eventually approaches a space station.

-It has a difficult time limit.

-If you clear it fast enough it doesn't reach the space station.

-If it reaches the space station you have to clear the space station and a harder boss fight instead.

-If you collect the Chaos Emeralds you unlock Super Sonic.

-Super Sonic turns the game into Boost Sonic as long as he has rings.

-Simultaneous multiplayer. Player 2 can be Shadow because he plays the same. Or maybe it can go the SMB2 route with Knuckles/Amy/Whoever.

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The game should continue refining the Boost/Modern levels from Generations and Forces, embracing the on-rail nature of this "3D" Sonic that occasionally switches to the 2D platforming and back again. I

To supplement the courses with more exploration, the game would feature gigantic "open world" hub maps, separate from the Zones. Unlike previous Sonic hubs, the player does not return to the hub between levels. The Zones progress as they do in Classic. However, the player is free to exit the Zone and return to the hub world at any time, and return when they're ready. The Zones are accessible via Warp Rings, not dissimilar to the Mario 64 paintings, with each level unlocked after its completion.

The hub world would need to be developed by a dedicated team, working alongside but separate from the level designers. The hub needs to be massive. At least the size of a PUBG/Fortnite map. It is full of interesting terrain, springs, and rings, but no enemies. The point of the hub is to be the "Tony Hawks Pro Skater" park for the Sonic moveset. This is just a giant South Island where you can run around, learn new tricks, find secret gems, and pursue mini-game activities, like a Chao garden. The hub can also be a place to reward the player with aesthetic prizes for completing extra objectives in the level campaign— a Flickie bird bath, or a swirly side for the Pockys and Rickys.

Lastly, most importantly, it would emphasize multiplayer, both co-op and competitive, both arcade-style drop in / drop out, with modern online capabilities.

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Metal Slug style run n' gun where you play as Eggman and Tails gunning down GUN/Eggman's robots while aiming to reach the goal as fast possible while destroying as many enemies as possible. Gamma, Omega, Egg-Robo and Chao walkers would be nice bonus characters too.

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