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The Batman (June 2021) - Latest Update: Batmobile revealed!

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The Batman is the next major Batman movie that will be out of the DCEU, and will be starring Robert Pattinson, as opposed to Ben Affleck, who dropped out of the DC film universe soon after the release of Justice League. With the movie still so far away, not a ton of details are known about it as of yet. We know that it will follow the DCEU's new direction of having films be a self-contained thing, as opposed to a part of an interconnected universe, and unlike past Batman movies, the film will be focusing much more on the detective element of Batman. The film will have a younger Bruce Wayne in his earlier years as Batman, contrasting the DCEU and Ben Affleck's much older, experienced take on the character. The movie will also feature the first cinematic debut of Riddler since Batman Forever, and Catwoman as well.

As for the biggest piece of news we've gotten so far, we've gotten our first official look at the new Batsuit, as well as Robert Pattinson inside of it. In contrast to Ben Affleck's suit being based on The Dark Knight Returns, Pattinson's suit seems based on the Arkham Knight design.


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I really dig this teaser. The red lighting reminds me of Daredevil and that's always a good thing. The music gives me a gritty noir feel before transitioning into a more traditionally bombastic gothic Batman vibe, which fits very well  with how this movie is reported to focus more on Batman's detective side (about damn time).

I also like how the suit looks. The cowl is made out of fabric and makes me think of Batman's early Detective Comic look. While the suit looks like it's composed of individual armor pieces strapped on instead of either straight-up spandex or plastic-y and overly detailed like the Nolan suit. Please get as far as away from the Nolan suit as possible, it's so freaking boring and tacky. In fact, this new suit design reminds me of the Arkham Origins Batman suit, which is easily my favorite Batman design of all time for looking practical yet stylish and faithful to his unique look. Not to mention finding a way to incorporate the black speedo without making it look goofy.

Lots of people (including Kevin Smith) are saying that the Bat emblem looks like it's made out of the gun that killed the Waynes, which Kevin Smith apparently wrote for Detective Comics #1000. And while that sounds very plausible ... I can't decide whether that's a clever spooky portrayal of how Bruce embraces his tragedy to define his conviction, or just hilariously trying too hard to be edgy to the point it's difficult to take seriously. If that ends up being true, I guess my feelings depend on how its executed.

As long as they don't shove Joker into the movie to finally focus on the rest of Batman' rogues gallery, I'm excited. Especially as a fan of the director's work on the Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy.

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