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Remembering sonic based things that have sent you down internet rabbit holes.

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Lets get to it. I decide to check the sonic reddit. I see this

Now I think a few things,

  1. why doesn't shadow have the basket ball keep the meme alive you cowards
  2. Why do the shirts look like dresses
  3. Shadow's shirt says studiopolis. That's kinda weird, he doesn't show up in mania. Not really gonna think much of that because these are repurposed toys with weird shirts on being sold as variants from my understanding. But that's kinda weird
  4. Why does tails look like he's going to fight knuckles and is actively loosing his mind
  5. What the hell is that logo on shadow's soccer ball.

The last one got me because I was damn sure I had seen it before. It was actively bothering me. So investigated. After spending way too much time looking at character logos and logo's in general from the games. And textures. I figured out that is infact the project shadow logo. And that's weird, dunno why you would give that special delineation? Its not even a logo I associate with shadow more so like gerald and gun. But whatever that's my weird rabbit hole.

But let me offer you another. One day on the twits I see this


And I'm wildly confused because I vaguely remember this character and its related to sonic , but she has been all but erased from my mind. This didn't take much time, to find. " Mecha Robotnik " she's called. But where the rabbit hole comes in is that this gets me to go back and read her apperence. And that gets me to go back and look at all the weird Archie specific human-type characters because some of them get weird. Do you all remember that one weird guy who looked like a dragon ball z character knuckles fought? Or when they reposed a concept girl friend for sonic into an actual character for two seconds. Its weird

So anything from sonic you happened to remember that sent you falling down an internet rabbit hole


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4 hours ago, Shadowlax said:

So anything from sonic you happened to remember that sent you falling down an internet rabbit hole

Literally my entire YouTube channel!

What do you want? Sonic themed stage plays? Mascot costumes? Animations? Giant statues?

Come on down it's all here! 

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