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Sonic Riders Tournament Edition Discussion

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   So this is something that's pretty neat. People are working on turning Sonic Riders into something that has some competitive depth. Right now the main thing this hack does is rebalance the boards (For some examples, the default boards have been made much faster, Super Sonic is actually usable now and for a specific example, the Accelerator has been made to run off of rings, slowly gaining rings and being able to do a hilariously powerful boost once you get to 90.). They also added a lot of music, and if you're playing on Dolphin you can even play online! Most of the info can be found Here, with their Discord with more resources and download can be found here.

   Now if you want to play it yourself there are the best way is to use Dolphin. We ith it you can do netplay as mentioned before, as well as use Dolphins features to apply a HD texture pack. If your like me and your PC is a potato but you have a homebrewed Wii (a Wii U would probably work too,  I can't say for sure though) you can run it off of that, but you can't play online. Now I think it's pretty cool that people are giving some love to the less loved Sonic games like this, it really shows that for all the weird things the Sonic fanbase is capable of we also have some of the best hackers and modders of anyone. What do you think of it?

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