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With Me (Black Knight)


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I was a little bored and decided to remove the vocal from With Me using the DSi, the result was at least interesting.


Recalling that the DSi does not actually remove the vocals, but the sound in the main channel, I call this version With Me Background.

I ended up doing it with the Crush 40's version too.


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Yep it's cool ^^

I can do this very easily through my ipod though, all you have to do is put you earphones in then take it out halfway and it does excactly what you've just done (It doesn't brake the ipod)

Oh and one final note endless possibleities sound absolultly fantastic through this method try it.

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This. Sorry, but you are fail, OP. :rolleyes:

Crush 40 version is mildy interesting, but the quality is far too low to appreciate it fully (damn DSi sound).

Frist, I know about the official Instrumental Version, but as you can se they are a little diferent =p

Also the quality is not DSi's fault, is the record method. I just plugged a P2 cable (male-male)in the DSi output and in the PC microphone input =p

I will try something better later...

Thanks for the comments o/

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