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Shadow: World of Immortal [Fan Project - Team up Help]

Red Hot Jack

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Red Hot Jack

Shadow: World of Immortal

(Set in the Archie reboot series)

After Eclipse promises Shadow he will be back when everyone he loves will be dead, 100 years into the future, Shadow has conflicted feelings about his immortality, he doesn't want to give in to the darkness and wants to keep Maria's promise but it will be hard without his GUN family, while Shadow doesn't say anything to his friends, Rouge knows what he's thinking, she and Madonna hibernate themselves for 100 years to return just in time for Eclipse's return, by simpling telling Shadow they would go on a mission, but something goes wrong, the emerald they powered the cryogenic machine is removed and they wake up even more years later, the world has changed into something unexpected... a wild and law-free future, where nature has taken over (as well as weird techno/funky culture). But where is Shadow in all of this and what is his alignment right now? What happened to Omega? Is Eclipse back already?

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GUN is corrupted, like in the Ark days, led by a descendant of Commander Tower, there is no real law, everyone lives like a rogue, including Shadow, who runs lonely with his classic motorbike in the streets of Green Westopolis and usually drinks and listens to music at a karaoke bar led by singer Miriam Mongoose, Omega is a rusty piece of junk when they find him, Eclipse strangely hasn't returned yet, but Rouge and Madonna haven't found Shadow, when they do find him... he's talking to his half-brother who is JUST now back. I'm thinking Amanda Tower also hibernates along with Rouge and Madonna, meanwhile Julian Snively time travels to the future, to ally (and secretly conspire against the team).

Shadow is reclutant towards both Eclipse and Rouge, but he still wants to do the right thing and decides to join this future version of team Dark, they rebuild Omega, are joined by Madonna, Amanda and Julian Snively, and battle against Eclipse and his now grown aliens, the 4 Dark Knights, as well as their rivalry with New GUN.

I will reveal the ultimate fate of the heroes (and their possible legacy) when I write the story, but I already have it in mind.

I've written down various pages of the fan fiction, in english although I'm not mother language, and though... I'd love if somebody joined me to draw a comic out of it, since I'd love for this future to be really SEEN. It's not dystopian or dark and gritty, it's a weird future, not too bright, not too dark, just... wild. Includes new looks for Team Dark, like Shadow gets a red jacket, Rouge gets a dark blue spy suit and Omega is tinted purple and violet (as a reference to Pumpkin Omega).

I've always wanted to see explored the legacy of Shadow and the issue with his immortality, that kind of controversy, that he will be alone when everyone else dies, so I want to see his future and how Team Dark and Eclipse fit into this. Shadow is NOT a villain in this series, he's the perpetually conflicted protagonist.

Reposted here, I'm currently in the process of rewriting the fan fiction as a script or the first issue, to turn it into a fan comic, so I'm looking for fan artists to join me and draw parts of it, and perhaps more fan writers to co-plot the script, it would be a great project to celebrate Sonic's 30th anniversary as well, so contact me only if you are interested in the plot idea and taking active part in it. A cool "what if" story concept that explores the ideas set up in the Reboot Archie comic.

Right now I'm planning a 6 issues short mini-series (or fan fiction if no one is interested) with potential for more season ideas, and includes the concept for redesigning the protagonists. If you want to hear more about the story and details, contact me because there is a lot more.

Otherwise, express your opinions on what format I should turn this story into. I'd like it to be told as visual storytelling, rather than fan fiction.

I'm aware there isn't much else to showcase at the moment, I'm just asking for help for this cool project, to make it actually happen in a larger way, and hopefully I'll have something more in the future (pun intended).

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I'm afraid we don't allow threads for project recruitment. While it's clear you have a premise it'd probably be better if you just posted the stories you're working on and look into collaborating with/commissioning someone else later (a comic is a huge undertaking, after all).

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