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Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

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Apologies to double post. Have to get this off my chest...

So I definitely don’t like this game after several hours play over the last week.

Don’t get me wrong... Its really good fun - but the mobile trappings are aplenty in this.

The main idea here to play a “level” usually involves this classic mobile formula... Item D is required to play a level and take on its boss... But first you need item A to create B, B is used in C but C needs to be built... only then you can make D. Sometimes you’ll need 2 D’s and an E in which case you have to start again at A.

Confused? Of course you are. It’s actually shocking how bad (and cleverly terrible) this system is. On top of crafting and grinding for items to be able to play the main levels of the game, you have to “grind run” for them as well in order to do the process. This is basic procedural endless runner shenanigans and is not fun. 

The other option of course is to pay with the in game currency (which will run out so very quickly) forcing you to buy the items for real if you don’t want to grind.

And let’s not forget all stages of A, B, C, D and E each have timer on them. So when crafting things to PLAY A LEVEL you could be waiting anywhere between 1 minute and 45 minutes (at EVERY step) unless you pay to speed the countdown up.

This artificial “running out of items or gameplay” and “crafting” also applys to basic level grind runs (as well as challenges) upon completion. They will not be available to play for periods of time. 

This is pretty horrible stuff, unsurprising... but nasty.

Whilst I can say in its defence it gives you a heap of other things to do in-game to waste your time... these are also limited. BUT the majority of the time in order to progress the main game you are artificially halted at every freaking step for prolonged periods. 

So when i say I hate it... it’s because the main level boss runner sections are simple and satisfying to play, the music is awesome, and the game looks great. 

...but only when I can actually play it. And you can’t even repeat play old levels. This blows.

Obviously you got your usual mobile shenanigans and advertisements begging you to purchase in game gear, skins and all sorts of other bollocks with monetary schemes that don’t even make any sense too.

Oh the woes of bloody FTP Mobile... such a shame for this one. Could have been at least half decent without the nonsense.

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One thing I've noticed are the red eyes in both designs, so perhaps he's under some kind of spell... Or he spent too much time with Snoop Dogg if you know what I'm sayin'.

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Season 3: Battle of the Dragons is another Spyro Crossover, where the Bandicoots fight Dark Spyro, an evil version of Spyro from an alternate Legend of Spyro Series universe where he gets corrupted by Malefor.

Expect Spyro themed Skins and Bosses on June 10th.


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