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8 Bit Zombie: A better unofficial sequel to Wreck It Ralph

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I first learned about this comic series when Linkara or rather Moarte started reviewing them in his annual Longbox of the Damned videos, really recommend Linkara. Anyway it’s an indie black and white comic series of oneshots that told a continuous story. I really enjoyed it myself and I recommend check it out itself.


it acts as an unofficial sequel to Wreck It Ralph with expies of the characters only the Ralph (and by extension donkey kong) expy zilla succeeded at his goal of becoming a game hero, his friend and fellow game bad guy zombie decides eh wants to game jump and become a hero himself only to end up accidentally causing a zombie apocalypse in the arcade’s codes. There’s cameo expies of video game characters, Bart Simpson is pretty much a character in the story (no kidding), the last issue hilariously makes fun of the likes of Ubisoft and EA. The main heroes Zilla and the vanellope expy goes through the story and I definitely liked how this series ended other than how Ralph breaks the internet ended.



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