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Filling the Blanks: Lost Hex


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6 minutes ago, Bowbowis said:

Speak for yourself, some of us actually like world building in our games.

Who said I didn't like world building? I just want world building that actually supports the storytelling, not world building for its own sake.

Also I did say "IMO" right at the start there...

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Someone on DA, Cylent-Nite, had the same idea of making the Zeti once human, even incorporating them into the Ark stuff. Heck, even Warpnik was made a Zeti! Them as degenerate mutates may explain how they became so vindictive. 

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2 hours ago, Diogenes said:

Yeah, that's why "fixing" the D6 has got to come from writing more stories about them. There just isn't enough in Lost World to extrapolate from for them to be much more than a bunch of asshole monsters. Personally I think it's fine to just have a bunch of asshole monsters sometimes, as long as there's a worthwhile story being told elsewhere, but the longer they stick around the more they need to evolve at least a bit beyond that.

Unfortunately this series is pretty bad about trying to tell stories about the pieces it already has available.


2 hours ago, Bowbowis said:

Speak for yourself, some of us actually like world building in our games. Plus, given the Deadly Six and the Lost Hex are utterly superfluous to Lost World's story as is, I'd say fleshing out their history and abilities to give them a greater narrative and/or thematic purpose would indeed go a long way towards making their role in the game more meaningful and, since them making reappearances is, unfortunately, not a hypothetical, it would be nice if we actually had some context for them going forward.

EDIT: You made your last post as I was writing this, so you can disregard the part about their future appearances.

I concur.

I do have to wonder if Lost World came out sooner, did better, and/or the anniversary wasn't right around the corner, then would they have done.

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