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#TSS20th! Classic Banners Return to SSMB

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oh my god, I don't think I even have this in my archive anymore! That's awesome!

I also love the little Easter Egg I placed in the Sonic Team logo there... (In green) "OG..." (in white) "cards". This was a reference to 'Operation Grandslam' at the time, which was going to be Sonic Smash Cards... which was going to be a trading card game tied to SSMB accounts. Never happened, obviously, haha. Thanks for sharing!!

Edit: Ah no I did have that saved. We followed it up with this one:

2003-11-03 - Smash Cards.jpg

One of my favourite splash page banners is 2003, our SAGE coverage:

2003-09 - SAGE.jpg

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Nostalgia's been hitting hard. Looking back, all 3 of my old SSMB banners were made when I was still a novice with digital art, and only the latest one was done digitally from start to finish (the chemical plant one, which I feel aged the least of the 3.) I'd be down to do another though just to see how I'd stack up currently with my past self.

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