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General Positivity Thread

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As everyone knows, the world is an absolute mess right now. But there is still good being done out there. Whether we got to spend time with a friend or helped someone in need during lockdown, lets share our positive experiences during  here to brighten the day up a little. Was initially hesitant to start this thread since I haven't had any  truly positive experiences, but will post when I do.

Edit: Just saw in personal dicussion that there were already a couple threads like this. Sorry about that mods.





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I think it might be fine to use this as a new launching point for such a thread. It provides an easy way to understand the context rather than wading through an old topic, but the moderators or admins are always free to merge them if they feel that's the best choice of action.

But as far as positivity is concerned, I'm happy to say that after a not-so-peaceful protest in the city where I work, protests following that night have been without any sort of insurrection or rioting. Though a few protesters were arrested for violating the curfew, it never got violent.


I think that there are more people who want justice and equality for people of color than there are those who are actively against it, at least in my neck of the woods; this is especially encouraging considering North Carolina is considered to be a "Confederate" state (Civil War and all) so it holds promise for a movement of change. I just wish that movement was more urgent. 

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