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[Fanfiction] The Disciples

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The RPs, Madoka: Separation, all of it leads up to this!

Six years in the making, it's time to see Sayaka rise!



There are two types of realms in existence: The Real, and the Fictional.

And when a force of evil threatens to bring Reality to its knees, only one group can stand in their way: The Disciples, an interdimensional army dedicated to bringing peace for the fictional realm.

For years, they have fought this endless war... but with the arrival of an unlikely chosen one, the war escalates to new heights.

Follow Sayaka Miki as she discovers her true place in the world and become the hero she was written to be.

It's time to rise.






Clusters of air, bundled in the clear blue sky, travelling across an endless sea of possibilities. They fly suspended in a state of tranquility, looking over the chaos below.

It is in those clouds Magical Girls say… is where the Law of Cycles resides.

The Law of Cycles, the place where all Magical Girls go when their time is up. When their Soul Gem, the source of their magic... and house for their soul darkens with despair, their savior Madoka takes them to a better place.

She is a caring god, protector of the wishes they sold their life for at the sacrifice of her human existence. No more, will girls suffer and become monsters after all they have done.

Instead, they go to the clouds, where only peace remains and their stories finally end as their divine champion lies in her quarters, eyes closed.

Her silky white dress and long pink hair flows in the never-ending starry space, looking over memories of a life long gone.


“Hey, um, am I interrupting anything?” A voice calls out, snapping Madoka out of her meditation. Her golden eyes loses its omnipresent dilation to return to the present moment.

“O-Oh, Sayaka. It’s okay!” She smiles, looking at her childhood friend as her spiritual form materializes.

Her hair is a bright blue, matching her azure eyes. Clad in the white caped knight-esque outfit she wore as a Magical Girl, her face slowly morphs into that of worrisome understanding.

“Thinking about home again, huh?”

Madoka clicks her tongue before letting out a friendly chuckle. “You… can always see through me, can you?”

“Heh.” Sayaka couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, herself. “Of course, I can! You may be god, but I know the real you!”

Playfully, the bluenette pokes Madoka’s cheek, bringing the goddess back to the times where they walk home from school and being teased by the tomboy. “Come on, Sayaka! Stop it!” She laughs, softly slapping Sayaka’s hand away.

Sayaka pulls her arm away, folding it. “So, what are you thinkin’ about? Or was I right on the money?”

“No, no, you’re right.” Madoka confesses. “I was just thinking about Homura again. She cried for me again, today…”

Sayaka lets out a sympathetic huff. “I don’t blame her, honestly, after all the crap she went through to save you…”

Madoka slowly nods, standing up and floating in the black space.

“Do you… regret leaving her behind?”

Madoka glances over to Sayaka, silent for a brief moment in contemplation. “I don’t. I was able to save all of you from becoming Witches, right? We’ll see each other again one day… we both just have to hang on.”

Sayaka nods, letting out a little shrug. “Yeah. Sorry about asking about that.”

She lets a sheepish laugh before Madoka asks her own question.

“What about you?”

Sayaka blinks. “Wuh? Me?”

“Yeah, I mean… You’ve only been here for a while, must be hard… leaving everyone behind.” Madoka clarifies.


Sayaka exhales slowly, grinding her teeth. “D-Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Sayaka…” Madoka sighs. “If you could see through me, I can definitely see through you.” Her eyes narrow, determined to get an honest answer.

“You got me there…” Sayaka admits with a small pout. “I just… feel like it’s too soon.”

“Too soon? But…”

“Like, I know, I know. Kyosuke’s playing violin now, and I’m not killing people as a Witch but… Sometimes I think I should’ve done more.” Sayaka shakes her head. “I’ve been a Magical Girl for… what, a month every timeline before I kick the bucket?”

She rubs her forehead in frustration. “I swore I could be a hero… like Mami, and here I am, failing to do that.”

“Sayaka…” Madoka reaches out to grip Sayaka’s hand. “You are a hero, though! You’ve stopped dozens of Witches, and Wraiths!”

Sayaka looks down at the hand behind held by the goddess’ gentle touch. “I really appreciate what you do, Madoka… really, I do.”

“I know you do, Sayaka…” Madoka nods.

“I just wish I had one more chance to do something with my life…” Sayaka sighs. “I feel like… well, an idiot sometimes…”

The two stand in silence together for a while, before Sayaka snaps out of her own self-pity. “O-Oh, right!”

She points to her left, despite there being nothing but stars. “Nagisa made something she wanted you to see. You better check it out, it’s pretty cute.”

Madoka lets out a small giggle. “Alright! I’ll check it out!”

The two dissolve from the starry space into the bright and cloudy afterlife of the Law of Cycles. Standing before them is Nagisa, putting the final touches on something as her back faces the two girls.

“Alright, Nags. We’re here!” Sayaka announces.

“Hang on…! One more touch aaaand!”

The small girl with silver hair and a small poncho-like uniform performs a playful twirl and presents a cloudy construction of a young girl with ribbons holding up her puffy hair.

“Wow, it’s…!” Madoka exclaims.

“A cloudman of you!” Nagisa announces. “Think I got the looks right? It’s a bit harder than making a snowman, but I did it!”

“It looks lovely.” Madoka grins. “Me and Tatsuya used to make snowmen of Mama and Papa all the time…”

Sayaka glances over at Madoka, noticing her tone of voice. She reaches out slightly, before…


The once peaceful light blue sky flickers into a dark grey.


“What’s going on?!” Sayaka shouts, hastily looking around.

“I’ve never seen the sky ever go dark before!” Nagisa gasps.

The three turn around, noticing the clusters of Magical Girls in a panic. They stare at Madoka, asking questions and crying for help.

“I’ve… never seen anything like this before, either…” Madoka bites her lip.

“That’s… not a good sign!” Sayaka exclaims. “Madoka, get the other girls somewhere safe! I’ll take a look around!”

Nagisa tilts her head. “What SAFE place? There’s nothing but clouds here!”

Sayaka however dashes off, following the sky to notice that the further she goes, the darker it gets.

“Sayaka, wait!” Madoka floats after her noble friend. “You need to get back! I’ll figure this out.”

Sayaka slowly shakes her head. “We’ll go together, then.”

The goddess agrees as they venture forth, noticing that the darkness in the sky is gradually giving way for a slight golden glow, getting brighter.

Eventually, the two arrive at the core of the suspicious glow.

“What… are these?” Madoka gasps.

“I have no clue…” Sayaka answers, just as bewildered.

Standing before them are six golden lights, shining so bright they’re obscuring the features of what these objects really are.

Sayaka reaches out to grab it, but only finds her hands passing through the glow, touching nothing. “It doesn’t seem hurtful…”

She steps back, looking at Madoka, who stares at Sayaka. “Sayaka… you…”

“I what?” Sayaka asks before looking down, seeing her whole form glow a faint gold. “Whoa, what?! What’s happening to my soul?”


Six voices echo in her head, speaking her name. “They’re calling out for me…!”

“I don’t hear anything!” Madoka says.



“I am… the one…?”

The lights start to slowly gather, coming together and spinning. They slowly form a circle as a strong gust of wind suddenly pushes Sayaka forward.


“Sayaka!” Madoka grips onto Sayaka’s arm, trying to keep her in place.

The circle opens up, revealing a glowing blue vortex, amplifying the wind’s strength as it sweeps Sayaka off her feet.

Grunting, Sayaka attempts to grip at the clouds for support, but the cotton-like support melts away as she slides closer to the vortex rapidly. “Madoka! Help!”

“Sayaka, hang on!” Madoka stretches her arm out, trying to grab Sayaka’s desperately flailing hand.

Their hands inch closer and closer to meeting, with both girls’ expressions strained with effort and exhaustion as the wind pulls Sayaka away, and pushes Madoka out.

“I’ll… protect you…!” Madoka gasps.

However, it’s too late. With one final gust of wind, Sayaka is whisked away, speeding away from Madoka and sinks into the vortex’s depths. “MADOKAAAA!”

“SAYAKA, NO!” Madoka yells as her friend disappears into the darkness. She rushes towards the circle in an attempt to dive in after the bluenette only to have the portal fade away.

Madoka falls to her knees as the sky returns to its stark blue, mouth agape. “Sayaka…”





Meanwhile, Sayaka flies through the flashing blue tunnel. Her screams ceased as her soul falls into slumber. Her glowing soul form flickers as flesh slowly covers it, creating her human body once more. Her Magical Girl outfit dissolves, becoming the Mitakihara School Uniform she wore daily as Sayaka Miki is restored to life.

Eventually, the tunnel opens up and launches Sayaka out, skyrocketing into a grassy field like a missile. Her golden glow covers her new body as she crashes into the dirt.


The dust clears as Sayaka slowly opens her eyes, her glow fading. “Uuugh…”

She lets out a stiff cough, wincing at the taste of dirt in her mouth. “Disgusting…”


Sayaka sits up, frisking herself. “I can taste?!” She stares down, noticing her old getup. “Soul Gem!”

She looks at her hand… No ring. Her eyes dart around, looking for anything shining blue. For an extra precaution out of pure disbelief, she closes her eyes… sensing for her soul…

…Nothing. Her eyes snap open.

“I’m… alive. I’m human…!”

She gets on her feet, wobbling slightly as her legs adjust. She takes her first steps into the grass, observing her surroundings. “Madoka? Nagisa?! Uhh… Joan?! Cleopatra! Anyone?!”

She hears nothing… aside from the faint chirping of birds and cars zooming past a nearby road. Sayaka walks forward, following the road to notice that it leads to a nearby city.

“That doesn’t look like Mitakihara… Where am I?” She thinks to herself.

Eventually after a couple minutes, she comes across a sign leading to the city with a message written on it:



“Station… Square…” Sayaka reads, squinting. “That’s English…”

Her eyes widen, coming to a realization regarding her upbringing as a Japanese schoolgirl. “Wait a minute, how can I speak English?!”

Her body flares up again with gold light. “This power… is this why?”

Before she could draw a conclusion, a light shines over Sayaka. She freezes for a moment, looking up.

“What the fu-“

Cars veer away, the drivers screaming in fear at the sight above them.

Casting its shadow across the plains is a massive grey ship hovering in the sky, a glowing hole at the bottom highlighting Sayaka. Slowly, it starts to pick up the girl.

“Hey! Hey! What?!” Sayaka tries to grab the sign to pull her back down, but with no avail. “Not again…!”



Sayaka Miki… A girl born in a cruel and unforgiving world.

A desperate hero, wanting to fight for love and justice… torn apart by her grief and selfishness.

A girl with no place in her world… Destined to die.

But today, destiny will be rewritten, fates will be changed, sides will be taken…

…And her purpose will be found: To be a Disciple.


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The next chapter of The Disciples is here!

...Don't worry, things get more lighthearted next chapter.





As she wakes, Sayaka feels cool gusts of wind blowing through her hair. She shivers slightly at the freezing sensation while opening her eyes. All she can see is darkness, with whatever is actually visible obscured by blurriness thanks to her adjusting eyes.

With another groan, Sayaka smacks the side of her head with the palm of her hand which seems to be just enough to snap her vision back to normal.


Greeting Sayaka is a set of steel bars. The girl slowly crawls away from them, her backside meeting against the cold steel wall behind her. She instantly turns around, noticing that every side of her is blocked off.


All she can think about is… why? How? Most importantly, however…

“Who?!” She asks aloud. “Who’s there?! Let me out!”

Sayaka desperately looks to her left, noticing another cell. Sitting there is what appears to a humanoid machine, rusted beyond repair with no signs of activity.

She then turns to her right, hoping for better luck. Instead, she sees a human in dusty white armor… Although human may be a bit generous.

He seems malnourished, his armor greatly outsizing his thin figure.

She hastily grabs the bars to her right, gripping onto them as her head peers through the gap. “Hey…! Wake up!”


“…Wake up!”

Still nothing, Sayaka looks down in discouragement only to see a steel pipe. Grabbing it and reaching out beyond her cage, she pokes the helmeted head of the man…


…Only to see the helmet fall off the body, head included. That was nothing more than a rotting corpse.

“What the f-“ Sayaka gasps, immediately dropping the pipe with a loud CLANG!

“Help! Someone get me outta here!” She cries out.

Almost as if someone is answering the call, a distant door opens up vertically. A very, very large door.

Honestly, it’s more like as if the wall in front of her decided to fly upwards.

Coming out from a now visible hallway are three figures. One rather small, probably half of Sayaka’s size. The second figure being tall and lanky with an oversized hat, and the final…

…Absolutely gigantic.

Sayaka could only gulp at the thought of that thing stepping on her… whatever it is.

“There she is.” The massive figure says. “Picked her up near the entrance of the city.”

“And look at that, she’s awake.”

Sayaka bites her lip, but immediately forces her face to undergo a more angry, annoyed expression. “W-Who are you?!”

The lanky figure walks closer, what little light remains in the room illuminating his features for Sayaka to see.

His skin is blue, his eyes a pupil-less red. Something about his texture… seems off. It’s nothing like Sayaka has ever seen.

Shouldn’t he have black outlines around him…?

Sayaka looks at her hands to compare before pausing.

Wait… Did I always have black outlines? Everyone does where I came from…

She looks back to the field and cars that passed by her not too long before her abduction. Even they had those outlines. It’s almost like he had a completely different…

“…Artstyle…” Sayaka mutters on instinct.

“Hmm… She’s just a child.” The blue man says, his voice synthesized and filtered. “It seems like she’s already awakening to her Fourth Vision.”

He kneels to Sayaka, tipping his hat upwards so she can get a better look at his face. “Hello, girly. Mind giving us your name?”

Sayaka glares at the man, her lips shut.

He chuckles. “Want me to start? Alright, then. My name… is Cad Bane. Now that I shared mine, would you be so kind to tell me yours, little lady?”

“…Sayaka. Sayaka Miki.” She growls back.

Cad lets out a smile, showing off his gruesome yellow teeth. “There we go, now we’re getting to know each other.”

He then steps away, turning to the small creature. “Her name’s Sayaka Miki. I’ll register her in the database and dig up whatever I could find.”

“She’s all yours.”

Letting out a devious chuckle, Cad Bane walks away now armed with the knowledge of Sayaka’s name.

That was enough to get Sayaka mad. “What the hell?! You just wanted to get my name?”

“Feisty one, too.” Cad says to the large robot.

“I like that in a catch, makes things exciting.” The robot chuckles alongside him.

The smallest figure holds out his hand, two immediately growing silent at his gesture. “You’ve done well, Cad and Lockdown. You managed to actually get to her before they could.”

“I’ve prepared the Knight Ship for this very moment, my lord.” The black robot now known as Lockdown replies, his uncanny human-like face lets out a satisfied smirk. “All the years of preparation for her arrival has been worth it.”

“Preparation? My arrival?!” Sayaka blurts out. “C-Can any of you explain why the hell am I here?!”

“Did you take me away from the Law of Cycles?!” She accuses.

“Law of Cycles… never heard of it.” Cad says.

The small figure holds out his hand yet again. “You two, prepare your forces. No more banter, they’ll be here any second.”

The two lackeys salute.

“Yes, sir!” They said in unison, turning and leaving the room. Sayaka could only stare at awe with how easily they obeyed him.

Now there are only two, as Sayaka takes the time to register who’s in front of her, standing outside the cell.

Unlike Cad and Lockdown, outlines highlighted his purple crystalline body which is circular in shape. He resembled a ball with arms and legs. Frankly, he doesn’t appear nearly as threatening as either Cad nor Lockdown.

…Which the fact that they obey him without question only scares her more.

His massive red eyes illuminate the dark, bringing to light his three spines and wizard-like hat almost fused to his body.

“After all these years… you’ve finally come.” The figure says. “And of all the people, all the heroes that could’ve been chosen…”

“…They chose a quivering. Little. Girl.”

His claws make their way to Sayaka’s chin, tilting her up. “Law of Cycles, huh? That makes you sound important, though. Why don’t you tell me about it, Sayaka?”

“…How about you give me your name first, like your little blue friend over there?” Sayaka says through gritted teeth.

His figure’s face darkens. “Attitude. Now it makes a bit more sense. Your hair color should’ve given that away.”

His hand pushes Sayaka arrive, his patience clearly being tested. “You will call me Mephiles. Mephiles… The Dark.”

Sayaka dusts herself off from the shove, noticing that she hit a nerve. “Edgy name there…” She pants. “Should I order you a gothic Lolita dress to go with it?”

“Oh, you’d better work on your material, child.” Mephiles spits back. His hand then grasps the steel bars. “I’ll ask again now, Law of Cycles. Tell me.”

“It’s where Magical Girls go when their Soul Gem is tainted enough with darkness. My friend saves them from death… she’s a god.” Sayaka answers.

“So what, does that make you some kind of angel?” Mephiles asks. “Does that imply you died?”

“…Maybe.” Sayaka slowly responds. “I’ve only been a Magical Girl for a month and…”

Mephiles chuckles even more, evolving into a brief laugh. “Oh, that’s rich! A corpse fell down from the sky to rise again…”

His hand slowly starts to shift, the crystals forming an axe as it peers through the gaps. “That should mean I’ll have no problems killing you again…!”

“You must be a real idiot to die at such a young age. Even for a… Magical Girl, as you so call it.”

Sayaka’s confident leg up on the small sorcerer instantly cracks. “I… I don’t regret what I did…!”

“What you did…” Mephiles says. “Or maybe what you were forced to do, more like?”

Sayaka’s eyebrows furrow. “I-I wasn’t forced to do anything! I made the choice to be a Magical Girl…!”

Mephiles frowns. “That’s what I thought too. That’s what we all thought, our choices were our own.”

“Our failures, our wins, lives saved, lives loss… all hinge on us, yeah? No.”

His voice begins to grumble, his anger rising. “Everything you have ever done up until now has been controlled by an unmerciful god!”

“Madoka wouldn’t…!” Sayaka immediately refutes, before being countered back.

“I’m not talking about your friend, fool!” Mephiles lashes out. “They’ve been controlling her, too!”

Sayaka puts her hands to her chest. What is he even going on about? Is this true, even?

“So let me be straight, and to the point. Join me, and I’ll give you a second chance at life. There’s a great power in you, Sayaka.” Mephiles reasons. “Let us harness it together and take back what is ours!”

“And if I don’t?” Sayaka asks.

“I’ll send you back to the grave where you belonged.” Mephiles bluntly states. “And this time, there will be no god to save you.”

Sayaka looks down, weighing her options… although it didn’t take long to make her choice. “Look, I’ve seen this cliché done over and over again on TV… I don’t know who you are, or what you want from me, but you’re clearly bad!”

“…So that’s a no.”

Mephiles closes his eyes…

“…An expected outcome.”


With a powerful slash, the steel bars fall apart. Sayaka only had precious milliseconds do dodge as Mephiles lunges forward.

With all the adrenaline she could muster, Sayaka rolls on the ground, narrowly missing the hedgehog’s opening assault. Mephiles smashes against the wall before turning around with a menacing growl.

“…I’ll break your spirits. I’ll break your heart. And I’ll break. Your. Bones!”

Desperately, Sayaka gets on her feet and closes her eyes. “Transform…!”

She tries to search within herself for her magical power, to no avail. “No… Why can’t I fight him?!”

“You want to know why?!” Mephiles then spins into Sayaka, knocking her back and her head hitting another cell. “You’re an insignificant character!”

“I’m…!” Sayaka manages to gasp out before having her throat grasped by his hand.

“No! You don’t know what you are, but I bet I do. Only a plot device would die so soon!” Mephiles barks back.

Sayaka squirms before kicking her legs forward, hitting Mephiles in the eyes. However, despite how big they are, they don’t seem to hurt.

Rather, it hurt Sayaka’s feet instead. “Ow…!”

“Do you remember now? Maybe your precious Madoka made you forget! You’re weak! You’re pathetic!” Mephiles growls, punching Sayaka in the face repeatedly. “The weapons surely must’ve made a mistake with you!”

“I…” Sayaka could only choke out, her body violently shaking in desperation with tears in her eyes.

“Say it!” Mephiles shouts, delivering another punch.

“Ugh…! I…” Sayaka whimpers.

“SAY IT!” Mephiles yells, whacking her again.

“I… I’m weak…! I’m an idiot…!” Sayaka gasps out. “I just wanna go home…!”

“NOW DIE!” Mephiles shouts out, raising his reformed axe arm for the final blow.

“AAAAH!” Sayaka screams out, her body glowing a furious gold before bursting in a blinding light covering the entire cell.




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Told you it'll be more lighthearted.




The steel coated Knight Ship hovers beyond the borders of the city of Station Square, above the forest with a conspicuous crater. Screams and calls for help from the citizens of the neighbouring city litter the streets at the sight of a massive enemy warship.

The ship opens up, bird-like robots release from their confines and soar through the city’s skies, droning across and scouting the perimeter.

“Lord Mephiles is going to execute the girl. Make sure nobody interferes.” Lockdown transmits to the small armada. “Kill all threats on sight.”

“Roger, Roger.” All the Vulture Droids say in unison and compliance.

As they swoop down into the city’s streets and arrive at ground level, their wings point downwards to become a set of legs. Cowering citizens hide for cover behind parked cars and alleyways while the Vulture Droids scan the area.

Minutes pass as no hostilities are found… that is until one Droid looks up to see a spark of light rippling in the sky above.

“Rift activity detected!” A Droid warns.

The ripple starts to grow, forming a blue hole in the clouds. Electricity crackles from the vortex, a high pitched noise echoing across the atmosphere.

Slowly, a giant flying ship comes into view. It’s grey and sleek, with giant turbines holding it up in the air and a long runway on the top: The Helicarrier.

Atop the Helicarrier, a massive door opens at the front as a speaker calls out to the personnel on board.

“Metarex detected! Prepare for battle!”


“Alright, guys! Look sharp, and find whoever fell!” A voice commands, his feet stepping forward as he approaches the open hatch leading to the skies above. “The Metarex may have beaten us to the punch, but we’ll have the last laugh. Got it?”

“Yes, sir!” A group of voices reply.

“In that case… let’s rock and roll!”


Running out the door and performing a brief mid-air roll into a skydive, the voice reveals himself in the sunlight.

Clad in only red shoes and gloves is a small blue sphere-like creature with three flowing spines. His eyes are big with green pupils and topped off with a cocky smirk. His appearance is different, but his name? All too familiar.

Sonic The Hedgehog.

One by one, more and more people skydive with Sonic. The hedgehog’s eyes however fixate themselves on the giant warship across town.

“Alright, Disciples! Let’s take out that ship!” Sonic calls out. He then curls up, spinning into a ball as he approaches the ground. With a resounding bump and a short hop, Sonic uncurls and places his palm on the driveway of the bustling cityscape.

He looks up, noticing the swarm of Vulture Droids zooming towards the hedgehog. Two other figures then fall next to him.

One is a woman in a black bodysuit with glowing blue accents, her braided purple locks blowing in the wind with digital wings behind her. With a flip of her hair, she summons a massive violet sword fitting of her form’s name: Purple Heart.

The other is a man clad in white and blue Clone Trooper armor, wearing a helmet concealing his face. He reloads his Blaster.

“Looks like Mephiles brought out the small fry for now, but not for long.” Sonic calls them. “Neptune, you’re with me! Trace, you’ll work with the others to protect the citizens!”

Whipping out his own sword, a large silver blade with a glowing green line brimming with magic across it, Sonic flashes a small grin.

“Yes, let’s move before it’s too late.” Purple Heart, also named Neptune nods.

“It’ll be done, general.” Trace adjusts his helmet, preparing to go.

Sonic gestures to Purple Heart as he runs forward, the goddess flying behind him. Noticing the two rushing towards the Knight Ship, the Vulture Droids swoop down for attack. Sprouting a pair of blasters, laser blasts begin opening fire at the two.

With perfect timing, Sonic and Purple Heart spin their swords at rapid speeds, reflecting the blaster bolts back at the two droids and blowing them up. Veering to the right of the driveway, Sonic jumps atop a parked truck’s hood and then springs off to reach new heights. Stabbing his sword into an unsuspecting Vulture Droid, he then kicks it into oblivion while jumping off.

Holding his hand out, he waves it slightly. Taking the cue, Purple Heart flies ahead and grabs Sonic, the two soaring through the sky for a brief moment before noticing a Vulture Droid aiming at a cowering family. Letting go of the hedgehog, Sonic spins into the Droid just in time, saluting to the saved innocents.

“T-Thank you, Sonic! You really are this city’s hero!” The mother exclaims gratefully.

“Just doin’ our job!” Sonic smirks before running back down the mission path. He zooms past a set of Droids being taken down by more of his team that dropped down with him.

One droid is vaporized by a powerful fireball by none other than Spyro The Dragon, while another is tackled and beaten by Captain Falcon with a flaming Falcon Punch.

“Looking good there, guys!” Sonic calls out as he swiftly passes by.

“Thanks, but you better get moving!” Spyro tells Sonic, pointing ahead. “It’s only a matter of time before they kill

Sonic exhales a bit. “Right, right! Gotta move…!” He rushes forward once again, Neptune trailing behind as well.

He runs up a skyscraper at hypersonic speeds, his feet stopping at an electronic billboard before rebounding off several box-like Micromanagers in the sky, knocking them onto other rooftops.


Meanwhile, Cad Bane peers away from a pair of built in binoculars from the Knight Ship’s cockpit. “They’re making mincemeat of the droids… Faster than I expected. It’s time to bring out the bigger guns.”

“Of course.” Lockdown nods. “Let’s not make them feel too cocky.”

The giant robot then flicks a switch on the main controls, the cockpit flashing blue.




Sonic skids to a halt resuming his dash down the road, Purple Heart landing beside him.

“Here comes the backup.” Purple Heart grimaces.

“No time to worry about them! Let’s keep going, Nep!” Sonic exclaims, his feet already on the move.

A series of beams descend from the sky, landing in a flash revealing robots of all shapes and sizes: Slim Battle Droids, bulky Vehicons and mystical Arkeyans which litter the city.

“Don’t let them get any further!” Cad Bane orders through their heads.

Drawing their respective weapons, they take aim at the growing group of defenders.

Holding his stance, Commander Trace aims his blaster at a Vehicon, firing a Blaster Bolt through the head. “Clear the road!” He commands as a fireball flies across the sky, setting a Battle Droid aflame before being punched into the atmosphere by the Hulk, spare limbs flailing in the wind.

“Hulk HATE twig-robots!”

Flying to his side is a red Ninja, Kai. Letting out a sigh before releasing more fire onto a gathering of enemy machines.

“Is there anything you don’t hate?” He asks.

“Hulk HATE being questioned about his tastes!” He growls back.

Eventually, the fire pushes aside and quickly dissolve before harming any of the surroundings thanks to a powerful gust of wind. Coming out is Sonic, holding a glowing hand out, channeling the air around him.

He leaps up to grab Purple Heart’s hand, lifting him up before dropping him atop a trailer of a flat-nosed red truck. “Here they come, Prime!” Sonic knocks on the trailer’s surface, notifying the robot hidden within.

A compartment in the trailer opens up behind Sonic, a turret emerging from the hatch. As it opens fire at a group of airborne Arkeyan Bombers, Sonic leaps off Optimus to resume his run, slashing at robot after robot.

“Is that the best you got?!” Sonic grins.


Slamming onto the floor, creating a small tremor onto the cracking road, a massive Vehicon imposes itself over Sonic.

“…Guess that’s a no.” Sonic huffs, before snapping his fingers.

Letting out a garbled cry, it lunges forward towards Sonic before suddenly pausing in its tracks.


The Decepticon grunt looks downwards, noticing a blade piercing its stomach. Eventually, it falls to its knees and dissolves to reveal Purple Heart cleaning her sword.

“You okay?” She asks.

“Not a scratch on me. Now come on, we’re almost there!” Sonic smiles.

The duo look to the sky, the ship being nothing more than a few feet away.

“Agreed, let’s g-“

Before Purple Heart could finish, a massive golden explosion goes off near the ship, smoke seeping through the back.


The sound echoes through the city, spreading far and wide in a deafening burst.

“Wha…? Is that?” Purple Heart gasps.

“Yup. They’re still alive and kicking. Let’s make sure it still stays that way!”


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The first major battle scene! Writing it is a lot harder than I thought juggling between multiple characters, using what I learned from RPing to pull this scene off.

Hopefully as chapters go on, it'll only get better.



The Knight Ship sputters, adjusting to the sudden gaping hole in its hull. Smoke tinged with a gold aura flows from the exposed areas like the aftermath of a fireworks show.

“Could one person really have caused all that?” Purple Heart gasps, soaring through the air like a rocket.

“Apparently so! Now pick up the pace!” Sonic exclaims mid-run.

Following the two approaching heroes are the remaining Disciples, catching up after disposing of the remaining threats.

Trace sits atop Optimus Prime’s trailer, cooling his blaster with a swift flick of the arm. His eyes lock with the smoking area of the Knight Ship. His visor zooms in like a camera lens, magnifying the extent of the damage. In his vision, he notices his helmet’s display highlighting a falling figure with a lock-on reticle.

Alarmed, he hastily, places his fingers on a button on the side of his helmet.

At that moment, Sonic’s watch flickers. He whips his wrist out to stare at the hologram forming soundwaves.

“Sir! Someone’s fallen off the ship. I think it’s…”

“Say no more!” Sonic grits his teeth, covering the watch with his palm. He proceeds to push his feet to the limits, taking off like a rocket. In an instant, Sonic goes from being in Station Square’s bustling and chaos riddled streets into the blowing grass below the giant enemy warship.

Sonic’s pupils dart upward, noticing a figure cry for help in free-fall. Without hesitation, Sonic stomps on the ground and his eyes glow a pure white with his green pupils no longer visible. A gust of wind circles around his body, his spines flowing violently as a result.

The wind eventually shoots upward, leaves and blades of grass caught in the ascent. Travelling through the atmosphere, it eventually catches up to the falling girl and ceasing her leadup to a potentially fatal crash.

The body grows slack, drained both physically and emotionally, letting the air gently carry her down. Finally calming, Sonic’s controlled wind lays her down where he can get a good look at this mysterious figure.

Wearing a beige school uniform and now unkempt blue hair, Sayaka Miki slowly breathes in exhaustion.

“…Huh.” Sonic could only comment, looking down at the girl with his eyes restoring to normal. “Welcome to the party, new girl.” He smirks.

“Sonic!” Purple Heart calls out. Turning around, the hedgehog notices the other Disciples arrive on the scene.

Screeching across the grass, Optimus halts to give Trace the chance to hop off the trailer as it opens up. “Are they okay?”

She.” Sonic points out. “It’s a girl… and yeah, she’s alive.”

Trace steps forward, removing his helmet to get a better look, revealing the same scruffy, stern face of Jango Fett as all Clones, aside from a crescent moon tattoo over his eye. “…She wasn’t what I was expecting.”

“What were you expecting?” Sonic glances at the commander.

“Definitely not a schoolgirl. What were you expecting?” Trace asks.

“Someone at least a bit taller than me. So, she fits the bill.” Sonic lets out a small chuckle.

Purple Heart kneels down, observing the bluenette. “So she’s the Golden One? I can’t believe the day has come…”

“Didn’t think our new leader is gonna be an anime girl in a school uniform, but eh, what do I know?” Iron Man rubs his metallic hands. “Taking orders from a rodent ain’t that bad, after all.”

“Thanks for the compliment?” Sonic shrugs before standing up. “But now’s not the time for chit-chat.”

The four look up at the ship above them. Sonic steps forward and calls out.

“Mephiles, you in there?! Thanks for the special delivery! Mind if I head up there and sign my name on your forms, or what?”

He flaunts his sword as it rematerializes in his hand. “Got the pen right here.”

As Sonic taunts, Sayaka’s eyes slowly flutter open. “Unnh…”

Echoing from the speakers hidden within the Knight Ship, Mephiles’ voice responds.

“Disciples… Sonic… I suspect you’re quite enjoying the new arrival.”

“What can we say?” Sonic shouts back. “We’ve been preparing for this moment for years, now! We wouldn’t miss this for the world!”

 “Funny, I was planning to deliver her to you right after I was done.”

“Lemme guess, in a bodybag?” Spyro growls.

“You know me too well.” Mephiles chuckles. “Doesn’t mean I can’t do the deed late now, can I?”

A hatch underneath the ship slowly folds open. “Lockdown! Kill her!”

“What, not coming to finish her off yourself?” Sonic chuckles. “Someone lacks dedication.”

“At least to buy me time… hah… Your new friend caused enough trouble today as is.”

The hatch fully opens up as Lockdown crashes down and loading his massive rifle. “Stay out of the way, or you’ll be targets too!”

“Eyes peeled, Disciples!” Sonic exclaims. “Don’t let him sh-“


“Sonic?” Purple Heart gasps, pointing backwards.

Stumbling to her feet, Sayaka pants with a hand on her knee in exhaustion. “Someone… seriously explain what’s going on!”

“We’ll answer everything you wanna know, but right now get to safety!” Sonic hastily shouts.

“W-Wait! I-“ Sayaka reaches out, however is stopped by a massive bullets hell being set off only a couple feet in front of her. “Gah!”

“You won’t get any answers if you don’t survive, kid! Get down, his scope’s on you!” Iron Man scolds. “Optimus, have her back!”

With a final puff of his smokestacks, the red cab starts to change form. Twisting and turning, the Autobot takes his true form as a robot. Scooping Sayaka up in his massive blue hands, Optimus Prime maintains focus on Lockdown.

“Stay with me, child.” Optimus tells Sayaka looking down at the alarmed girl. “I will protect you at all costs.”

“O-Okay…”  Sayaka bites her lip nervously, nodding.

“I’m sure a lot has happened to you, and you’re lost.” He continues to assure in a gentle voice. “Just trust us, and you’ll be safe.”

“I-I don’t know what’s happening…” Sayaka gasps, her hands clutching the red bow above her chest in an attempt to cope. “Am I… really nothing?”

“…What did Mephiles tell you?” Prime asks, his voice growing more irritated at what Mephiles could have done to this young girl.

There wasn’t enough time however as the sound of a loaded gun reaches Optimus’ audio receptors.

“I get to take down a Prime, too. Talk about a jackpot!” Lockdown snarls, rifle facing Optimus’ face. Before he could pull the trigger, though, Lockdown stumbles and kneels to the ground. “Agh!”

Instinctively, Lockdown rubs his back, feeling a dent. His head snaps around to see the Hulk roaring after a successful punch.

“Raaaaah!” Hulk screams at Lockdown. “Hulk HATE Hunter Robot!”

“Think we’ll make it that easy? Think again!” Spyro takes flight, charging up a massive flame burst in front of Lockdown’s face to blind his optics.

Using the barrel of his gun to fan away the flames, the gun swats Spyro away before firing another shot at Optimus.

“Look out!” Sayaka shouts out, causing Prime to duck. As she rides Optimus’ palm, she notices Lockdown staggering. “H-He’s still caught off-guard, someone stop him!”

“You heard her! Hold him down, Bruce!” Sonic calls out.

Stomping in response, Hulk jumps up to strike at Lockdown’s dent yet again with a mighty…


“Ragh?!” Hulk struggles, caught in a plasma net. Floating out of the ship is Cad Bane in his jet boots. “Now, now. Easy there, big boy.”

Purple Heart flies to Hulk’s aid, sword drawn to face the alien hunter. “Same goes for you too, little lady.”

“Same goes for you, bug-face!” Purple Heart lunges forward with a slash, Cad Bane swiftly avoiding with a brief dive before launching upwards and delivering a swift kick to her stomach.

In the brief window of time when his kick connects, Cad has his blaster aimed at Purple Heart’s forehead and fires, sending her flipping in the air with recoil.

Purple Heart yelps in pain, stabilizing her flight and rubbing her head, black smoke covering it. “Ow…” She groans, wiping her face. “Lucky shot.”

Cad takes the time to fire more blaster bolts at the vulnerable CPU. While suffering a couple shots to the arms, grazing against her skin tight bodysuit, Purple Heart manages to spin her sword to reflect the incoming projectile. She inches closer and closer to cad before delivering a glowing slash to send Cad Bane rocketing towards the ground with a resounding smack.

Down but far from out, the two hunters regain their stance to aim at Sayaka. A flurry of bullets and blaster bolts invade the area. Sonic and Purple Heart use their swords to reflect as much as possible with their swords. All the while, Iron Man uses his digital sword to withstand the giant bullet shells of Lockdown’s rifle.

Unfortunately, not everything was accounted for. A couple hit Prime. The bolts leave visible stains on his blue and red paint while three shells hit the shoulder. Sayaka uncontrollably slips out of Optimus’ grasp, falling to the ground and tumbling across the grass.

“No!” Optimus lunges forward and kneels down. His arm slams on the ground, covering Sayaka like a blockade. “I won’t let you!”

His free arm reaches back to retrieve his trusty Ion Blaster. Firing blasts at the two hunters, Optimus endures the pain of the ensuing fire. Lockdown stumbles, bullets piercing his legs as his aim wavers.

Prime did not have to suffer for long. Sonic spins into Lockdown’s hand, the impact causing the rifle to move aside and lose aim. A shell hits a nearby tree instead, blowing it in half.

“Hands off!” Sonic grips onto the giant rifle, his legs dangling in the air.

“Behind you!” Sayaka shouts out, alerting the hedgehog.

Taking note, Sonic jumps to see Cad Bane sweep by in a failed attempt to fly into him.

“Do that spin thing on those boots!”

Sonic does just that, curling up into a ball and performing a Homing Attack against Cad Bane’s heels. While suffering a couple burns, he manages to break his thrusters.

“You pest…!” Cad Bane growls, falling to the ground.

Sonic falls onto Lockdown’s shoulder and salutes to Cad Bane. “Glad to be one, Caddy.”

Lockdown’s head turns to face Sonic, snarling while the cocky little hedgehog lets out a toothy grin. “What’cha looking at?” He sticks his hand out, charging up a powerful blast. His hand flickers gold.

Sayaka gasps, looking at her own hand. Concentrating, her hand glows the same tint. It hits her, that same creature has the same power she suddenly has.

“What does it mean…?” She pants.

Sonic’s fist slams into Lockdown’s cheek, the sheer power being enough to bring the robot down to his knees.

Hopping out of the smoke, Sonic dusts his gloves. “Chalk another win up to me!” He laughs before turning around to face the two fallen enemies.

Cad crawls up to Lockdown, weak and struggling to move. “I don’t get it… We should’ve brought out A-game for this mission.”

“I don’t know… but we have to fall back for now. We’ll get the girl later.” Lockdown whispers, his eyes beginning to flicker.

Sending a signal to the ship, it summons a tractor beam onto the two enemies, beaming them away in an instant.

“Hey! We aren’t done with you…!” Purple Heart barks back, but it is too late. The Knight Ship begins to take off, lifting into the air and through a growing purple portal.

“Leave them.” Sonic holds his hand out, preventing Purple Heart from stepping forward. “They’re out of our hair for now.”

The group turns around to Optimus, who stands aside to reveal Sayaka in awe, still fixated on her glowing hand.

“…Who are you?” Sayaka asks them.


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