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Alternate Sonic Soundtracks


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I would have sex with Richard Jacques' Sonic 3D soundtrack. It kills me that the only reference that game has had musically is the abysmal Chronicles remixes. I cannot think of a single track that is bad on that. The end theme is a LITTLE corny but still a good song melody-wise, and I guess the final boss theme, while super intense, lacks the kind of beauty the rest of the game's music has (and thus deserves to finish with too).

But aside from that, ugh. It's too good.

Jun Senoue has gone on to do great, GREAT things with Sonic music, but honestly if someone had given me the decision of which Sonic 3D composer to get to continue doing music for the series when Sonic Adventure began production, I know who I would have chosen.

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I like both 3D Blasts, but the Genesis one is a lot more catchy.

For S3K, my favorite is the Genesis one. Launch base music is the main reason. It's one of my favorite in the game, and the PC's is just... eh.

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I like the genesis 3D Blast soundtrack a lot more than the Saturn's mostly because of Diamond Dust Zone. Just listen to it:

but I've never heard the PC S3K soundtrack

Ok, that I must admit this is pretty frick'n catchy. When it comes to 3D blast, I'd like to be able to pick and choose between the two.

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S3&K- If you mean "Sonic & Knuckles Collection" when you say "PC version", then both. There are some songs for the PC that I like, some for the console, and there's some that I like both versions of. It all depends on the song.

Sonic 3D Blast- The PC version, definitely. The songs are smoother. (Although the music Gartocer posted was pretty good ^-^)

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Sonic 3: Genesis OST All the Way.The PC one isn't bad,but it doesn't have as much attitude as the original.

Sonic 3D Blast: The Saturn one in my opinion is just not Sonicy enough. It's still very good though.The vocal track "You're My Hero" is the only track in there i don't like.It's so bland(even by Sonic standards) and it doesn't have anything to do with the game itself.It feels completely out of place.

Now the 3D Blast Genesis OST is awesome.cool.png In my opinion it's Jun's most underrated soundtrack.It's basically what the Sonic 4 OST should have been.It has without a doubt the best Theme for Eggman everbiggrin.png :

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  • 1 year later...

So as we all know Sonic CD had two very different soundtracks, The Japanese/Euro and USA one. Both soundtracks are unique and you won't find anyone who doesn't prefer one or the other (for the most part).


While there's no point in trying to convince people their preferred sound track is not the best, it's worth talking about the differences between the two and why you like one or the other.


I got this idea from another forum I go on and I did search here to see if I could find a topic like this, which I did not (but like always I'm likely wrong so forgive me please if I am).


So let's look at the two main themes for the game then...


Jap/European Theme: "Sonic - You Can Do Anything" (also known as "Toot Toot Sonic Warrior")



US/"Special Edition" Theme: "Sonic Boom"



And just so I don't clog up the first post here is the music from the first level in the game, Palmtree Panic.


Jap/European: Palmtree Panic






I personally prefer the Japanese soundtrack, in fact there's only one song I prefer in the US version with that being Stardust Speedway Present. I find the Japanese soundtrack to be more energetic and varied where the US soundtrack sounded sort of bland to me.


The Japanese soundtrack always in my mind seemed like something you'd expect from a Sonic game. The music sounds very Sonic-y (if that makes any sense) and in my opinion really adds to the game as it fits the levels perfectly.


In the end it's all personal preference, but I'm curious to see who likes which and why. I understand most will like tracks from both, but this what soundtrack you prefer as a whole.


And remember, Believe in yourself. smile.png


(I guess you can only have to video per post, blah.)

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I prefer the Japanese soundtrack. The US soundtrack has some good tracks (such as Sonic Boom and Stardust Speedway Bad Future), but the JP soundtrack just has such a boppin' 90's vibe and all the tracks are both atmospheric and really catchy at the same time. The whole thing just oozes 90's SEGASonic and that's why I love it over the US Soundtrack. 


Besides, "Toot Toot Sonic Warrior"/You Can Do Anything>Sonic Boom.

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Oy vey this topic again.

Please don't kill each other.



I think we've had this topic before, guess you really don't have to merge them though?



Anyway I like both soundtrackS, though I SLIGHTLY prefer the JP/EU version. I just love how high energy and varied it sounds, the SEGA CD allows the composers to crank out extremely high quality music that the Genesis couldn't handle, and it shows. I like to think that this would've been the natural progression of Sonic music if it continued in a classic format.


Best tune?



Easily, fuck that's awesome.


The US version has it charms to. I like how grungy/gritty it sounds, it also uses a lot of unique vocals and instrumentations for example.



It provides a nice calm ambience that really sets the mood for the stages wonderfully, by that I mean it like the music of the level itself, rather than music made for the level. It's something you don't usually hear in Sonic soundtracks and I think the US version is really unique in that sense.


And Sonic Boom will always top Toot Toot Sonic Warrior

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While I may not be as knowledgeable as some when it comes to music, I'll offer my two cents here.

For the longest time, I preferred the US soundtrack because contrary to popular belief, Sonic CD had the US soundtrack in Europe in every release except the original SEGA CD version. I grew up with the US soundtrack from playing Sonic CD on the PC to the lame version included in Sonic Gems.


I guess I didn't "get" the Japanese soundtrack until I heard it in context (thanks Taxman!) and now I genuinely prefer it. It's.. really original, creative, catchy, and downright crazy at times. The composers took their creativity up to its max settings and did stuff that you didn't normally do with music, because it was a game, but it was a system that gave them freedom with sound and other assets, at least that's what I think.


So I like all the usual suspects, but my favourite of all has gotta be:


It just flows really well and feels really unique, even now. It's both calm and exciting, and 0:50 to 1:39 is just.. really nice! It's like serene almost. I know some of you have prolly heard me say this before, but there's no track I wanna hear remixed in a future Sonic game more than this one :c


So here's some random preferences; I actually prefer Stardust Speedway BF US to JP. The JP one is a liiittle overrated, but nonetheless I was very happy to see both in Generations and the JP one in Sonic 4. The Generations mix of the US version was kinda disappointing though? It wasn't frantic or quick enough.


And last but not least, I prefer Sonic Boom to the Japanese tracks. Sonic Boom is really nostalgic, it kinda puts across Sonic's power, annd the Japanese songs have awkward Engrish rapping the likes of which even a Persona game would cringe at.


EDIT: That said, I really like You Can Do Anything. I like hearing it in games, just.. no vocals please. It's a really good thematic melody that I wouldn't mind being Sonic's mainstay theme song, but just no vocals ok.


Here SSMB, a dish of opinions, bon appetite.


EDIT2: I stuffed my post with links to the tracks I mean because yay.

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The Japanese one is catchy but honestly I prefer the ambience of the US one. I would say that it's fairly close and there are many Japanese tracks I prefer over their US counterparts, but US wins overall, especially in the Good Future department. Collision Chaos, Stardust Speedway and Wacky Workbench just have fantastic scores, and some of the desolate Bad Future tracks are so bleak sounding that it just works so well.


The US version also has the better vocal songs and special stage theme, imo.


It's the Present tracks where the feel the US version falls a bit weak compared to the Japanese version, but I'd still take Stardust Speedway and Metallic Madness's US versions for the atmosphere alone, even though the Japanese versions of these tracks are also great.

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The JP soundtrack can go suck a dick.  It's too wacky and listening to the music out of context makes you feel like you're watching some insane Japanese gameshow.  In game it's not as bad, admittedly, but it's still too "Japanese" for my taste.


The US soundtrack, however, works both in and out of context, and is beautiful, dark, atmospheric, and fitting to each stage.  I mean, just listen to fucking Metallic Madness Present.  I get friggin' goosebumps every time.  My only problem is that there isn't an American Past track for each level.


Also, You Can Do Anything and Believe in Yourself are stupid and ridiculous, and, besides going "TOOT TOOT SANIC WARRIOR", have nothing to do with Sonic himself (and barely the game at all besides a few random lines about saving time).  Sonic Boom is...well, Sonic Boom.

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I just thought I'd also say that while the US version of Wacky Workbench is catchy, it's still just not enough to make playing the stage enjoyable. sad.png


Naked ladies dancing in the background while the game itself gives you some kind of crazy electric blowjob wouldn't be enough to make that stage enjoyable.


"Ah, I'm just running along and- VOIP OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING"

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Honestly, the only US tracks I can even remember are Sonic Boom, Collision Chaos and Metallic Madness, which while good tracks, still don't compare to the JP versions. The Japanese soundtrack is so fucking awesome, I mean http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3c6TfY2J0o. I feel like the JP soundtrack gets the essence of giant blue hedgehog right, while the US soundtrack is all atmospheric and cinematic and all that big fancy words jazz.



Anyone who doesn't appreciate this piece of pure unadulterated crazy Eggmanness needs to listen to it more.

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Oooookay, let's do this.


Now, being a boring bastard who doesn't like causing conflict for situations like this, I like both soundtracks, not unlike how I enjoy both the Genesis and Saturn soundtracks of Sonic 3D Blast, and both the SNES and GBA soundtracks of Donkey Kong Country 3. I like the upbeat nature of the JP/EU one, but I also enjoy the dark ambience of the US one. However, like those two examples, there are some in which I can pick a specific one over the other. So here we go.


Palmtree Panic Present: JP/EU. I used to not really like this theme, but now it's grown on me, even if I still like the US one.


Palmtree Panic Good Future: JP/EU. See Present.


Palmtree Panic Bad Future: Tie. I like the JP/EU one with the slight echoing, but I think the US one is more fitting for the setting of a polluted resort.


Collision Chaos Present: Tie. The JP/EU one is insanely catchy, but - while perhaps unfitting for a pinball zone - the US one reminds me of similarly sombre tunes like Egg Rocket.


Collision Chaos Good Future: JP/EU. It's one of the more beautiful tunes in it's soundtrack.


Collision Chaos Bad Future: JP/EU. This one makes me think of an abandoned subway station, with a few broken neon lights.


Tidal Tempest Present: Tie. I've grown to like the JP/EU one more and more over time, but I can't resist the cheap porno seductive vocal sound of the US version.


Tidal Tempest Good Future: JP/EU. The US one isn't bad, but it doesn't fit all that much to me.


Tidal Tempest Bad Future: Tie. They both reflect two halves. The JP/EU one reflects on a futuristic submarine, whereas the US one reflects a dark, ancient temple. And since the Bad Future here is technically both of these things...


Quartz Quadrant Present: JP/EU. No contest.


Quartz Quadrant Good Future: Tie. The JP/EU one sounds like a happier version of the Deep Core Zone from Rush Adventure, while the US version, starting from around 0:35, sounds like Mother Nature herself is waking up from a long lasting slumber. It's really nice.


Quartz Quadrant Bad Future: Tie. The US version probably fits the scenery more, what with the laboratory feel of it, but I do like the JP/EU one as well since I imagine being chased through a dark city in the rain.


Wacky Workbench Present: US. The JP/EU one isn't horrible by any means, but out of the JP/EU tracks, it's the one I tend to esily forget.


Wacky Workbench Good Future: Tie. The JP/EU is (probably) the more appropriate of the two in terms of fitting a Kirby-esque toy factory, but I can't resist the US' "Oooooooh..."


Wacky Workbench Bad Future: US. Yeah, the JP/EU one fits more, but this one is just too funky.


Stardust Speedway Present: Tie. Yes, the JP/EU one may be far more popular with it's "Hands on your head! Hands on your head!" (that's what I always hear... easiest dance routine ever), but despite being the completle opposite in tone, the ambient/subdued fanatic in me makes me love the US version too, just casually running along in the starry sky...


Stardust Speedway Good Future: Tie. Again, the JP/EU one is likely the more popular one of the two, and rightly so, but I think the US' sort-of echoy techno works really well with the Good Future's green funfair.


Stardust Speedway Bad Future: Tie. I'm going to be honest, at first it was only the US version I liked, and I still think that one is more befitting of both the dystopic environment and the race with Metal Sonic. But then Generations came along and made me appreciate the JP/EU one a lot more.


Metallic Madness Present: US. As with Stardust Speedway, they clash. The JP/EU one is all well and good, but I usually tend to prefer the more quiet and understated evil themes, so the US one really tickles my fancy, since it's rather creepy.


Metallic Madness Good Future: Tie. The US one sounds like something you'd hear in an Unleashed hub. As for the JP/EU one, it's a wonderful way to finish a Good Ending run of CD.


Metallic Madness Bad Future: Tie. I slightly prefer the US one more since, like the Present, that kind of quiet eerieness is right up my street. But the JP/EU one can be a little unnerving as well when you forget that this one directly talks to the player. (I, of course, presume it's meant to be Robotnik.)


Boss Theme: US. Whaaaat? Don't panic, I love "Work that funky bitch! Come on now, work that funky bitch!" as much as the next person. (...What? What do you mean that's not the lyrics?) But, despite always talking about my preference for subtlety, I do have a soft spot for boss tunes that pretty much go "IT'S TIME TO DIE NOW." There's also the fact that it sounds a little like the Spinball boss theme, and that theme happens to be one of my favourite boss tunes ever. The way I see it, this one fits a fight in the Bad Future, while "Work that funky bitch! Come on now!" works more in the Good Future. However, worry not, because...


Final Boss Theme: JP/EU - Final Fever. I know this is sort of cheating since the US one sort of didn't have a unique final boss theme, but there you go. I recall not too long ago saying that this is what you get when Ludwig Van Beethoven is forced to make a tune at gunpoint, going all over the place, which fits the machine in question since it eventually bounces on the ground literally. (I know this was likely meant to be for the axed finale actually known as "Final Fever", but you get the idea.)


Zone (or is it Round?) Clear: JP/EU. I used to prefer the US one, and indeed, I do still like that one. But this one has recently grown on me, much like the Japanese Palmtree Panic Present.


Game Over: Tie. The US one has (presumably) Robotnik laughing at your dumbass, while the JP/EU one sounds like all life is being sucked away like water in a bath. Good times!


The various Item Themes: JP/EU. I will say I do like the US' theme for the Super Sneakers.


Special Stage: US. I'm sorry, but I love that music to bits. And it fits some of the backgrounds - such as the very first one - absolutely perfectly. And it also stands out from the rest, contrasting the sleepiness of Sonic 1, the upbeat joy of Sonic 2, the fiesta of Blue Sphere, etc etc.


Menu/Map/Etc Music: JP/EU. I know it's more a bunch of animal noises more than anything else, but you know me, with my hard on for serene and calmness...


Main Theme: US - Sonic Boom. I like the first thirty or so seconds of Cosmic Eternity, and even used that part as the inspiration for the beginning scene of a fanfic I'm trying to d-...well anyways, the point is, as much as I like that beginning part, the actual song itself... is not my sort of thing. You Can Do Anything is... alright, I suppose. But Sonic Boom... holy shit, Sonic Boom. Because I got Mega Collection not long after Advance 2, I became familiar with this song rather quickly. And despite all the songs that came afterwards in the 3D games, and despite mostly enjoying those songs (I'll even admit that Endless Possibilities is my favourite out of Sonic's themes), this one is still the Sonic the Hedgehog song for me.


As for the seven Past themes? They're fantastic. The prehistoric Palmtree Panic, the western Wacky Workbench, the electric Collision Chaos, the HOO-HOO-HEAAAH HOO-HOO HOO-HOO-HEAAAH-ness of Stardust Speedway, the pristine prettiness of Quartz Quadrant... they're all brilliant.

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I like both soundtracks. I've not heard the entirety of the Japanese version, though.


The American soundtrack is closer to the atmosphere of the seven locations/zones of Little Planet more than the Japanese version, which I personally think fits the overall setting of the game better, as Sonic is visiting an mysterious/unknown world that is rather different than his own. On the contrary, the Japanese version is more in line with the catchy J-pop music that the original game (and Sonic 2?...) as well as the location of the game series (at that point) is built upon, which I find to be more memorable than many tracks in the American soundtrack.

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Japanese soundtrack = during the party.

American soundtrack = after the party.


I LOVE the Sonic CD japanese soundtrack, it fits each scene perfectly, especially the good future ones, I feel good listening to the music while looking at the beautiful and peaceful scenary.

The Quartz Quadrant Good Future is beyond magic, and I admit I'm a fan-boy of this tune, all versions.


I also like how it works for moments of tension, like the race against Metal Sonic. The american music is also fitting, but the japanese one captures the the scene better, especially during the climax of the race when you can hear police sirens in the background.


The past musics are really fitting as well, using less techno and more smooth piano segments, giving a somewhat antique vibe.


And of course, the ending theme, one of my personal favorite vocal themes, Cosmic Eternity. It's so much better than that slow version of Sonic Boom.


So yeah, I love Sonic CD' soundtrack, the JP/EU, one hundred percent.

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I prefer the energetic Japanese OST, my favorite tracks (not in order of value) being Toot Toot Sonic Warrior, Palmtree Panic Present and Good Future, the cheesy boss theme, Stardust Speedway Bad Future, all of Quartz Quadrant's (excluding the Past's theme), Tidal Tempest Good Future, and last but certainly not least, Cosmic Eternity (shame that SEGA lost the rights to the original, the female vocals were tight.).

That's not to say I despise what we originally got. Sonic Boom's groovy, the ending theme is an amazing track (Dat ending acoustic guitar solo), whenever I play Collision Chaos in Sonic CD 2011, I switch to the US track so I can hear the beautifully psychedelic version of Collision Chaos Present, and The Fresh Prince of the Sea is an awesome track, too.

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Right, I suppose I'll get my predictable thirty cents out of the way on this particular subject.

I've said it before but I have to give credit to Sega for taking liberty in the way they put out the game in the west, because as it stands the two soundtracks are actually relatively great but mostly for different reasons. With that said, I can see why the two soundtracks would exist.

For all the qualities the Japanese soundtrack exhibits in terms of production and generally being catchy music, it just isn't a very good game soundtrack considering the game's ilk. Sonic CD is a game that paces itself a bit too much and too wide to support itself from a lot of fast paced and bombastic dynamics that the Japanese soundtrack had which would be better fit for a game like Sonic Unleashed or Generations. It's music that's fun to listen to but feels misplaced considering it's a game that's far more otherworldly and mysterious than it's predecessors. More importantly, it's a game about discovery and there are far too few subtleties in the music for me to appreciate that. In a lot of cases it's distracting me of the action, and in my opinion is one of the key reasons as to why I could see Sonic CD being a game that's "too much".

Sound shapes like those help fuel a lot of a player's pace because it's all of the visual and perceptive details that motivate a player to continue, and I don't really sink into that much of a comfortable environment when listening to Sonic CD's Japanese music. The first thing that happens when the game greets you in it's first zone is a bunch of snares and choirs being blasted at you into high volume, and don't even get me started on the Bad Future version of Palmtree Panic. Instead of feeling like I've discovered something new I should take note of it's almost more akin to playing a cracked up iteration of Eversion.

Frankly for those reasons, the US soundtrack easily allows me to settle into the groove and take things my own pace, appreciate that the game is trying it's best to build an atmosphere. Every level feels like an extension to it's own world in that sense, and with Sonic CD being practically my favorite 2D Sonic game it adds an absorbing amount of detail which personally as a composer and a producer I just love studying. What makes a good game soundtrack "involving"? How well the visual and aural atmosphere can be preserved all at once is what I believe. What's the present sounds neutral and preserved, if not somehow strange because that's what Little Planet is all about. What's the bad future sounds bad and ominous, as if something awful has actually taken place. It makes great use of pads to orchestrate those details. What's the good future sounds like a good future that's still not fully saved because there's still a showdown to take place. Instead of making you feel successful it's more of a push because you've saved the land, but the battle is far from over.

Collision Chaos, Tidal Tempest, Stardust Speedway and Metallic Madness are all just stellar picks for me in terms of setup and composition. They've got my favorite chord progressions and are all fantastically orchestrated that just give the feeling of a somewhat alien but fascinating environment to explore, and this is especially true to the Special Zone music which takes all the mentality behind the soundtrack and makes it shine with the psychedelic set up.

So yeah, for me it's definitely the US soundtrack in terms of actual game music. It's absorbing and fulfilling, subtle and incremental. I'm not even going to be eschew about it; Sonic CD's US soundtrack is perhaps one of the soundtracks that made me want to start composing music for video games and has influenced my way of composing them.

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