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Sonic Isekai


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If you are familiar with anime, then you are familiar with the term isekai.


Is there a fanfic where a classroom get transported into Sonics world or Sonic and co get stranded in a fantasy world?


Anything like that, this would be a good concept.

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Dr. Mechano
2 hours ago, theshsx71 said:

Sonic and co get stranded in a fantasy world?

While not a fanfic, the Wii games Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic and the Black Knight fit this concept pretty well, with Sonic being transported into the stories of 1001 Arabian Nights and King Arthur, respectively. 

The enemies in these games are a lot more explicitly magical than what Sonic usually faces in the mainline games, so I think if nothing else, they do a good job of contrasting themselves to the rules of Sonic's world.

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Dr. Mechano
1 minute ago, Tracker_TD said:

Not a fantasy world per say, but Sonic X is essentially a reverse-isekai, if that's what you'd call it.


It's also played straight in the final season, when Chris goes to Sonic's world. Though he spends very little time actually on Sonic's planet and most of the season is in space.

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The only one I can remember is Help! I'm Stuck in a Self Insert Fic! It was pretty good from what I remember, but I haven't read it in over a decade and sadly it was never finished. The same author also wrote one my favorite adaptions of A Christmas Carol to date: "Mario's Christmas Carol". It was practically a word for word remake but with Wario as Scrooge. His Mario & Sonic crossover fanfic was great too, but was also sadly never finished.

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On 6/9/2020 at 9:20 AM, Dr. Mechano said:

If fan animations count, there's of course Super Mario Bros. Z, a series where Sonic and Shadow are sent to the Mushroom Kingdom and team up with the Mario Bros.

Both the original discontinued series and episode 1 of the reboot are up on Youtube.

There are also several other active series like that, such as Worlds In Danger and Super Mario Bros DX.

Also, I'm in the progress of writing a similar Mario & Sonic crossover fanfic right now. It involves both sides going back and forth between worlds and stuff, so it might not be a standard Isekai, but still.

May or may not make a thread for it in the showcase at some point.

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