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Rayman Redemption - Rayman 1 A.I.R. with widescreen, bonus levels, and difficulty adjustments

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Out of nowhere.

Rayman Redemption is a complete fanmade remake of the original Rayman with a plethora of new features. Among other things it includes the ability to increase max health after collecting certain amounts of Electoons and a casual mode in which you have infinite lives. There's also some new bonus levels to discover. Rayman 1 is the only main game in the series I'm not super familiar with; this looks like just the modernized update it needed for me to finally try it out.

Grab it from Game Jolt before Ubi's lawyer hyenas take it down or something.


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Oh phew, I was going to make this thread earlier lol.

Finished it earlier today; it's seriously sublime. The game's still very challenging, but it feels so in a much more fair way now. I felt really accomplished after finishing those final bosses. 

I'd recommend this easily to folks who've glossed over Rayman 1 due to its difficulty; and it's even got some curveballs for veterans too! 

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