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[Idea] Sonic third fighting title bigger, better and faster

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Sonic have lots of games are hits,downfall and mixed but now here telling you're prefect idea for any fan idea for sonic game,but fan service sonic game! Now this call "Sonic:Grand Fighters" a third installment sonic fighting (along with like Sonic:Fighter & Sonic:Battle),imagine smash bros but sonic characters and it 3D area fighting it like Sonic:Heroes but more open world similar to Sonic 06 (but better) and Unleashed. Sonic: Grand Fighters being co-developed  by Sonic Team (Obviously) & Atlus (Co-Developer). Grand Fighters written by Eitaro Toyoda,Julia Yorks and several writers from IDW Publishing Sonic the Hedgehog series. Grand Fighters music composers be are Leilani Wilson,Tee Lopes,Hyper Potions and Crush 40. Usually sonic games are liner but this GF have hub world's to players explore around and talking NPC (both Human and Animals) making Sonic World felt more a live, it influence by open world's and JRPG games like Final Fantasy (VII,VIII,X,XII,XIII and XV), Breath of The Wild,Ratchet and Clank and Rare 64 era game,have returning hub worlds be more open and felt with details to it and colorful let players buy items from shop,enter builds/places, travel several locations and talking characters and NPC with full voice dialogs,finally gameplay more than 4 hours making over 14+hours with missions,sidequests and challenging to kept players entertained for hours. Sonic 06 did this? This improved better and not looks rush or bad!


Mysteriously person hosted a tournament call it"Chaos Games" it sports let team 3 duke it out in different some familiar locations,if one team win they earn "Seven Chaos Emeralds" sponsor by Eggman. Now Sonic,Talis and Knuckles team up form "Team Sonic" once again to enter tournament much to win Chaos Emeralds if they didn't? Emeralds fallen in wrong hands,along who are enter this tourement? Are Team Dark,Team Amy and Team Chaotix,introduction new team's Team Silver,Team Might,Team Metal ,Infinite Crews and Team Hooligan facing many challenge,opportunities and race order to win Chaos Emeralds. But Chaos Games isn't was seem? With returning long time characters from previous sonic games making huge comeback,and things get interest and excited



Story Mode:

elements of action adventure and exploration,focuses on open level linear platforming and action, similar to  Heroes, Adventure,Heroes,06,Unleashes,Generation and Force with some teams have difficulty and skills for players Team Sonic more of speed,players selection each 6 different teams like hero/dark or story mission each 6 campaign unlock final campaign navigates through open-ended hub worlds where they can converse with NPC and perform side missions to earn rings and XP to increase you're teammates abilities


where the player controls a team of three characters from a selection of various sonic characters featured previous games series. Players control three characters (switch back in non-cooperation modes) at a time while the others characters are used as switch between them during battle. Gameplay  functions similarly to  Street Fighters,Smash Bros,Jump series,Budokai Tenkaichi & Ultimate Ninja, with players moving around a 3D space and utilizing various combos and special moves to attack their opponents. The match ends when one team depletes the other's health bar. Also either damage the opponent or provide various status effects like increasing attack power, or lowering the opponent's defense. Players are also able to customize their character's jutsu and select two support characters to use in a match. 

The playable characters also have unique moves, their different types to use . Shot moves center around using a projectile to damage the opponent from a distance. Power moves focus on dealing damage quickly in a single move. Trap moves generally involve using a type of bomb to surprise-attack the enemy. However, only a limited number of  moves can be selected. Shot, Power, and Trap must be allocated to three slots: Ground, Air, and Defend

Players can use various items to attack enemies or grant them like power-ups, along with Wisps,Shields,Invincible & 1-Up to defense or attacks enemies and their melee weapons like blasters,swords and hammer to use in battlestage. Their are 20 stages in;10 starters one and 10 are unlockable stages,base on classic levels and levels from precious past sonic games with options to selected any music from soundtrack from previously sonic classic and modern era's (similar to smash and Raging Blast) remix zone levels or songs from Crush 40

Finally taking some rips from Dragon Ball Z games,players can transformers characters in their super forms like Super Sonic,Super Shadow,Super Silver,Super Tails,Hyper Knuckles,Burning Blaze ,Neo Metal Sonic,Super Mecha Sonic Super Mighty,Super Ray and now introduction  Super Amy. You're can untransform to you're normal from stage

  • Modes:
  • Battlemode
  • Training 
  • One on One
  • Two on Two
  • Three on Three 
  • Free for All (select 4-8 players)


  • Tag
  • Racing 

Rosters of Sonic:Grand Fighters 

  • 1.Sonic the Hedgehog
  • 2.Miles "Tails" Prower
  • 3.Knuckles the Echidna
  • 4.Metal Sonic
  • 5.Amy Rose
  • 6.Mighty the Armadillo
  • 7.Ray the Flying Squirrel
  • 8.Shadow the Hedgehog
  • 9.Rouge The Bat (Unlock)
  • 10.Silver the Hedgehog (Unlock)
  • 11.Blaze the Cat (Unlock)
  • 12.Cream the Rabbit (Unlock)
  • 13.Vector the Crocodile (Unlock)
  • 14.Espio the Chameleon (Unlock)
  • 15.Sticks the Badger (Unlock)
  • 16.Bean the Dynamite (Unlock)
  • 17.Fang the Sniper (Unlock)
  • 18.Bark the Polar Bear (Unlock)
  • 19.Honey the Cat (Unlock)
  • 20.Marine the Raccoon (Unlock)
  • 21.Jet the Hawk (Unlock)
  • 22.E-123 Omega (Unlock)
  • 23.Emerl
  • 24.Mecha Sonic (Unlock)
  • 25.Infinite (Unlock)
  • 26.Mephiles the Dark (Unlock)
  • 27.Zavok (Unlock)
  • 28.Nights (Pre-Order)
  • 29.Cortez (Unlock)
  • 31.Chaos (Unlock)
  • 30.Custom Avatar (Created one or use Avatar from Sonic File)

Maybe two DLC guest characters, you’re think are be in a sonic?

Your can alternative characters costumes,returning from preview sonic games Sonic Adventure 2,Rival,Heroes,Secret Rings,Black Knight,Sonic Boom & Forces. Aslo their bonus edition "Dragon Ball" Outfits imagine dressed Sonic as Goku,Shadow as Vegeta,Silver as Future Trunks, Tails as Krillin and Knuckles as Piccolo. You're can unlocked by challenge in game or buy them with rings you're collecting and their more fashionably dlc like Persona Pack, Jet Set Radio Pack,Virtua Fighter Pack,Yakuza Pack,Shenmue Pack and their pack call "Sega DreamPack" it mash up of collect of outfits from other Sega titles  (Warhammer 40,000:,Crazy Taxi,Streets of Rage,ManWorld,Bayonetta,Sakura Wars,Shenmue,Space Channel 5 or Valkyria Chronicles) mostly costumes from non-sega title also like Final Fantasy & Devil May Cry imagine Sonic dress as Dante, Cortez dress as Cloud Strife,Shadow as dress Vergil and Blade dress as Lighting. Over 100 costumes to wear to battle! Costumes not only thing you're unlock? As their poses you're can during matchs you're can choose from

Their abillies you're can unlocked or buy for each various characters and even Avatar (he or she) is  amalgam of Mii Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner,you're choose Avatar be melee fighter or weapon user,plus like SSB4/3Ds/Ultimate you're can created many of avatars (think limit is like 30),with customize avatar moveset and skills against other sonic characters or other players avatar. Grand Fighters have collection or trophies of various items,characters status, and each history of Sonic lore,facts and history players to look at or read about seem interest 

So yeah that my idea for a "Sonic:Grand Fighters" it have anything sonic fans going to love (and maybe hate about it?),so what you're think? Leave you're down below comments?


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Ehh, I hate welcoming newcomers with nagging post, but this trend annoys me.

My problem? This isn't so much a "idea" as much as "wishful thinking".

"Sonic Mania 2 with cooking mechanic" is a idea. Weird, but idea

"Sonic Mania 2 with 16 playable characters" is a wishful thinking.

And your idea is basically saying "I wish Sonic had large fighting game". I mean, why even tell us that there are alternative costumes? I just imagined Sonic game that comes with every Wii U game as bonus. How is that useful data?

How to do it right?


Look here I described my ideas and for example in 4) I shamelessly said "Breath of the Wild with Knuckles" and focused on describing what I would change. Notice I didn't mention "and Rouge is in the game". Why? Because that's doesn't improve my idea. If I had a cool idea for a role in the game or at least mechanics, then i would mention her. But if adding her is just wishful thinking then I might as well mention Bean, Bunnie Rabbot and Scooby Doo.


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