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Tangle and Whisper Coming to Sonic Forces: Speed Battle


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This is honestly really awesome and the models look great, but the resentful Archie Sonic fan in me is still grumbling a bit. Le sigh. I'll try to suppress that since this is still really great news, especially for IDW fans. And I really love these character designs too despite not being an IDW reader, so it's still cool.

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Om my god. The "semi offical fanfic" is finally acknowledged by parent company. I guess movie's success made Sega more open to spin-off series.

And yeah, my condolences to Sally fans.  I like T&W more and they have more sense from commercial point of view , but I understand disappointment. (Heck, I'm still hoping for Sticks). Who knows, maybe she still had the chance. I somehow doubt Dr Starline or Mimic are next.


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The game has just been updated, and it seems they have been properly added now. You can find their cards amongst the rest of the characters now. Character info from their cards, I'll spoil tag it just in case anyone really cares.



Tangle: Speed 7/10, Acceleration 5/10, Strength 10/10(!). Items: Tail Strike: "Fight your way to the front with this short-ranged damaging dash. Your rivals are in trouble if they catch you tailgating! (Tail Strike is her first and third item.) Tail Spring: "Use your tail to leap fearlessly into danger!"

Whisper: Speed 8/10, Acceleration 6/10, Strength 7/10. Items: Cyan Laser: "Make it zappy! This Wisp watches your back by firing forwards AND backwards at the same time!" Green Hover: "Get a boost from this Wisp friend, and reduce your fall speed while you're at it. Dodging attacks is a breeze while you're in the air!" Pink Spikes: "This Wisp skips forward, then hangs around as a spiky surprise for your rivals!"



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1 hour ago, The Famous Sonic said:

I don't know why Tangle has Tail Strike twice. 

Quickly going through the cards, I think Tangle is literally the only character to use one item twice, while every other character has three different items. But it seems most characters often share items with other characters, whereas it looks like Tangle and Whisper get their own unique abilities, exclusive to them.

I've only started playing this game actually, purely because I finally bought my first smart phone a week ago, and because I really want the novelty of playing as Tangle and Whisper.

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