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New game Ideas?

Eternal EX

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Just wondering what you sonic fans are thinking. Whats your idea(S) for the next main sonic thats not been released yet? And since I wasn't 100% sure if it was okay to put this in the upcoming games I kinda dropped it here in a safe sonic area.

You ask me...? Hmm I reallly like the SU idea excluding the night hog. Hmmm How bout this,

The hog engine is Back.

Characters: team sonic and dark, amy.

PLAYABLE CHARACTERS: sonic, shadow, Tails, and knux. maybe a 5th dum dum dummmm

Facts about the game: Sonic and Shadow are the 2 most used characters in the game. THere's TONS of speed and platforming. Both hogs will play very similar excluding there own certain moves (shad with his chaos moves and sonic well with his sonicy moves?) Knux will be played fairly similar to a hack in slash game except w/o weapons. Unlike unleashed knux will have way more than just 30ish combos, I'm thinking 70+. Anything from the basic X+X+X to the hardcore X+X+Y+X+Y+Y+Y+A+X+Y+X+Y+B. Tails will be using the tornado/cyclone for certain stages and others he's on his own Back to the roots.

Plot: Okay soo this takes place xx weeks after unleashed. Life is just getting back to normal (if thats possible). Amy still chasing sonic and tails still playing with mechs and planes. Out of no where Shadow (or a clone.... :blink: ?)shows up and just decides to raise hell for the random city he's in. At the time rouge and omega just happen to be in the area and learn about a hog destroying a city so they decide to check it out. Shortly after they arrive at the scene omega's sensors detect another major disturbance. So the 2 seperate, Rouge staying on her current mission (whatever) and omega going to the other thing.

Meanwhile sonic and pals learn about the disturbance (same one omega is heading towards) soo they blah blah and head off to check it out. Yes sonic does still have the 7 emeralds. Soinc amy and Tails gets close to the scene only to meet up with omega. SHort conversation and then its now a team of 4. Sooo together they get back to searching for the THing or whatever that did blah. They finally get there only to find out EGGY has rebuilt his machine from sonic unleashed (the final eggy boss in sonic unleashed). Eggy is back on the search for......

Wheres knux you ask? He oddly is doing his job watchin the master emerald while being accompanied by chaos 0. By now these guys have became good friends.

Oh what the name of the game and what system will it be on?

Sonic Unleashed 2 for Xbox360 and Ps3.(or xbox3 and ps4)

Sorry wii owners.

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Team Chaotix for the Wii.

A point and click adventure in the same vain as Zack and Wiki. In fact, it could easily be called a rip off of Zack and Wiki... but you have all three members of the Chaotix there, and some times you need to split them up to solve certain puzzles, you can click on icons of one of the chaotix's face to check up on them.

( Sorry people who have not played Zack and Wiki )

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I wouldn't mind a Silver the Hedgehog game. It IS possible after all. Those of you who have played Sega MegaDrive collection for PS2/PSP will remember there was a certain interview where they said Silver was originally intended to be introduced in his own game before they decided to put him in Sonic 06 instead.

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Another adventure for Tails. Taking his new biplane creation out for a spin, something awful starts to happen in the engine! With some ace piloting skills, he manages to crash land on an deserted island. Tails is forced to scrap the surviving pieces of his new plane and manages to assemble some radars and radios in an attempt to find his way out. While he's there he decides to look around, and finds himself in trouble when he realizes he's not alone! There are others on the island, and they're not the friendly type.

What happens in the game is that Tails learns these other visitors are looking for something on the island as associates of Eggman, something of great power lost and buried in ages past. Nack the Weasel could even play a part in this game.

Tails must work his way around the island which consists of several sectors and action areas, collecting things for his workshop, and building low-tek customizable gadgets to assist him on his journey. The gadgets become available early on with the first components Tails will find, and can be anything from coconut launchers to little droids, with the choice of what to build next entirely up to the player. The droid helpers would be operable like Pikmin, and can be selected a few at a time to accompany our Fox.

It would play like a little bit of Zelda for the searching and where-to-go-next puzzles, a little bit of Pikmin for the building and droids, and a little bit of regular Sonic-style running and jumping, and of course flying. It's an action-RPG for Tails, and the style suits him. Tails could be opened up some more as a character as he's forced to survive on his own, with flashbacks included for dramatic effect.

Do it, Sega! We like Tails. Don't we, guys? We do.

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Dr. Robotnik, Nuts & Bolts

Mario & Sonic in Super Awesome Platforming Adventure DS ( M&SSAPADS )

featuring a final boss of Bowser and Eggman at the same time ( super hard. Like Dracula and Death at the same time in Castlevania: Portrait of ruin )

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Obvious as hell games that will probably happen: Rush, Riders, and Rivals 3. Chronicles 2. Probably some more Mario crossovers, and another storybook game.

Less obvious:

I want a Sonic game where you do everything that you used to to in the Genesis games. Contrary to what game reviewers may tell you, that entails more than just running fast. I want real platforming. Obstacles to overcome and avoid, enemies to kill, multiple paths to take, and OPEN AREAS to explore. None of this on-rails garbage. Spikes, pits, crumbling bridges, things that try to mash you and require timing to get through... Lots of things to collect (rings, medals, emblems), but none mandatory to advance the plot. They'd just unlock cool fan-servicy things like we saw in Black Knight. Boss fights where you actually fight Robotnik. Lots of hidden areas to find. A basic story, but well told with good art style, well-done cutscenes, and good voicework. Collect some Chaos Emeralds, foil Robotnik, save the world in the process. Something like that. More of the same awesome sound we've been getting lately, but maybe some metal versions of classic Sonic tunes (as in Genesis/Game Gear era) thrown in. Light puzzles to solve (moving rocks onto switches, pulling levers, hitting buttons in the correct order, etc). Pinball physics, bumpers, springs, loops, ramps, and friendly little animals to free from the innards of angry robots. And yes, speed sections. But not separate levels where you run fast. In the Genesis Sonic titles as well as in Sonic Adventure 1, there were segments in levels where all you did was run really fast with some timed jumps and speed pads thrown in. These can be like the daytime levels of Unleashed, with the camera perspective, the linear design, and the occasional (read: not every damn 20 feet) QTE thrown in there. Maybe some rails to grind. But it's very important that these segments lead back into normal, open areas with decent speed and lots of things to explore/attack/collect. Good frame rate, functional controls, a cooperative camera, good load times, and no glitches (read: proper development time, funding, and play testing). Let Super Sonic go wild in the last boss fight. Let Sonic's friends make appearances, but please, no new major characters. And don't shove their gameplay down our throats. Focus primarily on Sonic, but let Knuckles and Tails have some (optional) segments, too. But no mechs and no emerald hunting. Design stages around each character's strengths. Let Knuckles brawl, glide around, climb, dig, and smash stuff (while platforming in a "reach the goal manner). Let Tails fly, blow stuff up, and explore (again, while "reaching the goal"). Perhaps throw in characters like Shadow, Silver, Cream, Amy, Blaze, and others as unlockables and let you play through the Sonic/Tails/Knuckles stages with them. Maybe a kart-racing diversion, or maybe they're not playable at all. Just let them be in the game to satisfy fans, as long as we're not forced to play as them. Bring back the Chao breeding and racing system as a diversion. Set up an online leaderboard system based on score rather than time (a combination of rings collected, completion time, enemies defeated, and times dying making up said scoring system).

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I say a Knuckles the Echidna game just imagine it and you know its going to be pure epic.

Title(s): Knuckles the Echidna or Knuckles Adventure or Knuckles and the secret of Angel Island.

Place: Angel Island (DUH).

Plot: After the ending of Sonic 3 or (if you don't want to screw the timeline) after Sonic Unleashed Knuckles was enjoining the happy life on Angel Island and on one night when he was sleeping he saw a dream about his ancient civilization and the real reason why the master emerald was founded but when he was in the middle of the dream he heard a voice calling him from a far away distance and every time the voice gets closer and closer until he woke up from the loud scream: KNUCKLES!!! then Eggman shows up trying to get his hands on the master emerald but Sonic was behind him then he and Knuckles destroyed the Eggmobile and kicked Eggy in the nuts. Then the two start walking around the Angel Island until they reached an unknown dark cave on the Island then Knuckles hears the same voice that was in his dream calling him again but strange enough it was not from the dark cave it was from another place which still unknown. Then Knuckles decided to investigate whats going on and the adventure starts.

Yeah i know its lame as hell.

Charachters: Playble: Knuckles, Sonic, Espio, Vector and Mighty.

Not playable but related to the Story: Shadow, Jet, Wave, Tails, Tikal and Eggman.

Gameplay: since Knuckles is not fast as Sonic it is good to let him have slow platforming and exploring wide areas.

Adventure fields: I believe that the Angel Island is a one hell of an adventure field don't you agree. Hidden Palace and Sky Sanctuary are good places to make epic an return to the series and they are pretty much related to Knuckles right?

Thats what would i do if i was the head of Sonic Team, but we know that would never.

So share your opinions will you.

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A 3D or new 2D game in the style of Sonic Advance series. 5-6 characters to choose (read: not force you to play as) from, and a good amount of boost mode and platforming. Less bottomless pits. Less angsty characters (heroes please). Less running to the end of the stage. So yeah, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Marine, Blaze, Gemerl. (first 4 are mandatory, mix 'n' match the last 2) =3

Man I really sound like a Classic fanboy there, but seriously, Advance was really on to something. Rush and Unleashed are great, but Advance did it right.

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I want a Sonic Heroes-like game where every team goes through different stages, and before each stage you can choose which member of the team is going to play the stage. Also a leveling system where the more you use a character, the faster it can clear a stage, and the more routes it can take.

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This is an old idea I came up with. Eggman creates a device that screws up the world, making (almost) everything backwards. This effects everyone except Sonic and Eggman. The gameplay is generally free roaming with 6 - 8 open worlds with tons of missions ala Ratchet & Clank, Spider-Man, and Jak. The engine takes use of Sonic's agileness and Eggman's numerous machines. Sonic's gameplay would be much like Sonic Adventure, except you have more freedom and more abilities (equipped) at your disposal. There will be some mach speed levels set to the speed of Unleashed. Eggman's gameplay would be similar to Nuts and Bolts, except there's some "already made" machines for the less creative. The world itself would make you feel like you're in a bad/messed up dream or a Piccaso painting. Characters appear slightly deranged and act comically different. Crazy things happen, yadda yadda yadda. Story is more leaning towards a comical side. Sonic is trying to fix things, while Eggman tries to make the world his own. Art style is The World Ends With You/Jet Beat Radio-style along with various others. Graphics are cell shaded. The rest of the characters (non-deformed) are unlocked as you restore them back to normal.

Did I mention Chaos Emeralds are completely optional and have nothing to do with the story?

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I don't come up with ideas for entire games, just bits and pieces.


-The boost has potential, but it's too overpowered. I say strip it down to the bare minimum; it doesn't get you to full speed, it doesn't damage enemies or protect you from damage, and you can't just hold down the button; this is just a quick push to get you up to running speed, and it takes a few seconds to recharge. A bit like a mushroom in Mario Kart...

-I think walljumping should be worked into Sonic's basic moveset. It gives him more options in moving vertically. Also just a little thing, if the above happens as well, I think a wall jump should send you up and away while a wall boost will send you straight away, just as a little extra control.


-For the homing attack, I was thinking, what if instead of just "bumping" the enemy and bouncing up, you sort of vault off of it in the direction you're holding? So if you're not concerned with fighting you can just keep holding forward, nail one, and launch off of it and continue on your way. If you do want to fight you can hold backwards to kick yourself back or let go of the stick for the usual tiny upward bounce. It could also make homing attack chains a little more interesting as you'd have to launch yourself to farther enemies instead of just hammering the jump button.


-I'd like to go back to the Little Planet. Just once, y'know? Bring back the time stones, have Eggman get them while Sonic gets the emeralds, then pit one set of shiny rocks against the other. You, obviously, play as Super Sonic, while Eggman uses the Stones to power a giant Eggman robot (maybe just a head, or some machine with his face on it...). Having the stones makes the machine almost invincible as it can just turn back time around itself to before it was damaged, so you have to do enough damage in a short amount of time to make it drop a Time Stone, which it can't reverse time to undo (for some reason). Smash it until it drops all the stones, then give it one final blow to win.

Also if they're going to make a sequel to any recent game it's either Rush 3 or Unleashed 2, as those are the only two that are anywhere near worth it.

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As another idea for boosting, how about a single button press gets you into the boost mode seen in the Sonic Advance and Rush games, but holding it down doesn't give you the result Rush gives you. That, and saving up for boost has to actually be not incredibly easy, maybe you get 3 boosts per stage, maybe you find moniters with boosts inside them, maybe 50 rings gives you a boost. I dunno, it's a good idea. I love boost mode from Sonic Advance, but constant boosting in Rush kinda kills every aspect of the game minus speed.

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I think the next main game could be like Unleashed with 3D areas that contain branching pathways and switches to classical 2D gameplay everynow and then (but mostly 3D), either that or have large 3D worlds where you can actually just run and explore as Sonic but would still keep tons of platforming elements and hazards. Imagine running through a green valley when all of a sudden spikes start popping up from the ground.

Story wise, it shouldn't be related to Unleashed but a new story something that maybe starts light-hearted but changes pace and tone as the game continues and should be epic, but most importantly should not cause plot holes.

For characters, I think it should have a large roster. However playing through the levels you can go through the entirety of the game as only Sonic and make the other characters optional with only one story, like Black Knight or Advance 3. This way they can even have a good amount of playable characters without them interferring the story, like Silver is difficult to continue keeping in the story unless you want every story to deal with time travel but he could still be in it as an optional character despite not being in the story. Maybe even there could be a town stage with a store where you could buy upgrades, chili dogs, chao stuff, and extra characters for rings. Of course more characters would be quite a lot of rings.

It should deffinately revive the chao garden from the Adventure duology.

And finally it should have a completely orchestrated soundtrack with the exception of main themes. Perhaps the music could even be orchestrated remakes of familiar tunes. I heard a grand Green Hill Zone orchestration on youtube.

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As another idea for boosting, how about a single button press gets you into the boost mode seen in the Sonic Advance and Rush games, but holding it down doesn't give you the result Rush gives you.
That doesn't sound too far off from what I'd like to see. To say it another way, it'd be like tapping the boost button in Rush; it'll get you from slow to fast, but not much else.

That, and saving up for boost has to actually be not incredibly easy, maybe you get 3 boosts per stage, maybe you find moniters with boosts inside them, maybe 50 rings gives you a boost. I dunno, it's a good idea.
Eh, making it that strict kind of makes it useless. As long as the boost is toned down enough (from constant maximum speed and nigh-invulnerability to just a quick burst of speed) I don't think we need to limit the use of it all that much.

I love boost mode from Sonic Advance, but constant boosting in Rush kinda kills every aspect of the game minus speed.
I wouldn't go that far. The boost has its problems, but for the most part the old mechanics are still intact and there are gimmicks and platforming segments that don't rely on the boost.
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But what if spamming it doesn't get you anything? Make the speed of the boost the same as or less than Sonic's unaided running speed. So after you use it once, as long as you keep your speed up, there's no reason to keep using it.

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Take SA2, make the graphics all shiny and new, then throw in a shitload of new fighting techniques and enemies. I'll be as happy as a clam.
I'd love that same thing. Also, an epic, heartpumping storyline. Bring back his Soaps, and 2P-4P race mode. And no cutesy stuff....I gagged at most of the Unleashed stuff, ugh.

And modify the Hedgehog engine so that the graphics are photo realistic instead of cartoonish. They were able to do that with the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Engine for Twilight Princess.

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And no cutesy stuff....I gagged at most of the Unleashed stuff, ugh.

And modify the Hedgehog engine so that the graphics are photo realistic instead of cartoonish. They were able to do that with the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Engine for Twilight Princess.

Most Classic fans would actually murder you for saying that. Especially the photo realistic think... photo realistic Sonic? Really? You've got to be shitting me. o.0;

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