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The Inspiring Superheroes Of the Magical Reverse Marvel Universe! (Volume #1)

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Yep... This'll be a thing now.


So, I've been wanting to find something to write recently, but nothing has catched my interest as much as building a sort of comic universe based on a few of my favourite childhood heroes from Marvel.


It started out small with me wanting to RP as Spider-man, but I wanted to give him a twist no other story has given him, so I've gone on and created Reverse Spider-man. This gave me the freedom of allowing to build a new story for him as the RP will go on while also sticking to the same concept of our beloved Superhero.


That'll be always what I try to do with these stories that I'll create. You are familiar with them, yet you don't know who they really are at the same time. I wanna capture that feeling and make stories that you wouldn't have seen coming at all, and some stories that you think will play out the same as the original comics... only to then give it a twist that changes everything.


For this, it'll be sort of like you're reading a comic. I'll describe things as best as I can while trying to make the narration sound like you're hearing from a commercial to hopefully give you an image in your head about what the page would look like. Believe it or not, I actually have a friend working on making a cover for the first issue of Spider-man, so I can't guarantee that there will be covers for every story. Had I been an artist or had the money to commission one I would make every story have it's own cover... More the reason to practice drawing, am I right?


Of course, with this... comes a LOT of research I'll have to do, but I think it'll be fun! Hopefully I can gather information to make the best stories that grasp the concept firmly without going against the intentions of the original creators of these characters.


This'll be the first volume. A "phase" if you will, like the MCU movies. This Volume will be the introduction to the true believers of how this world looks, and it'll start off with the two heroes I'm most Familiar with and they'll be the only stories running until the end of the first volume.


Now while I mostly intend to work on writing most of these by myself, I'm considering collaborating with others that are just as passionate with this as I am to write some characters I'm not familiar with, such as the X-Men, but I do have an idea of what to do with mostly everyone, don't you worry!


For now, I wanna hear everyone's thoughts about it. Do you wanna work along me to work on a certain character? Got any questions about something? Maybe even give me a few suggestions on how to make it feel immersive when writing things. I want to turn this project into something fun I can do as a hobby.


Anyways, that's all from me, True believers. Tune in on the first Issue of the Reverse Web-Slinger, Spider-man! As he swings into action without experience in his first few days as a superhero, struggling with life as he has three jobs to take care of at the same time, and a cat that he always has to save from a tree. but does he have the skill to be on the top of the hill? We'll see on the first issue of "The Marvelous Spider-man! (Issue #1)"



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Hey, everyone.

So, quick little update.

I thought I owed you all something to look forward to since I've been all silent about this for almost two months.

Yes, I very well am working on Reverse Spidey's first issue, but it's on google docs, due to my progress being reset twice on SSMB unknowingly, so that's a yikes. Don't worry though, everything will be posted here in text, but worst case scenario, I'll post the google docs there.

Only differences you'll be able to find in the docs are the colors, fonts and size of words, but the story itself will be identical.

Another thing I want to say is that this thing is really big, like 12k words big - still counting-. The biggest story I've ever written was 21k words, and that was last December, so it does take me a considerable amount of time to write, and I've got unfortunately lots of work to do daily.

Though, these last few days I've been getting some momentum, so potentially and I really mean it this time, I'll either release the comic this week or the week after.

This first "comic" - forgetting to mention that it's not really a comic- is sort of experimental. It won't have too much going on, but it'll give you the idea of the tone and theme this narrative will focus on. The main goal is to hear the feedback and criticism from you guys and others so I can make the reading experience better!

And that's all I have to say... except for one thing.

Because I haven't given any news so far on any future plans, I want you guys to tell me whether or not I should include the title of the next comic I'll work on right at the end of this one (like a "promotion" for the next comic after you finished reading the comic itself) or shadow drop it out of nowhere. Lemme know, and I'll do what most vote on.

Now I'm really finished. Hopefully I'll be able to deliver a fun reading experience for you guys soon, but until then...

Stay true to your beliefs, true believers!

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 The Marvelous Reverse Spider-man!

                             (Issue #1) 






The issue's cover is of the reverse web-slinger driving down at a vertical angle at night with a broken moon in 4 pieces in the sky. Spirals of web can be seen above as Spider-man just let go of the end of it, and a spotlight highlighting him, with a shadow of a spider on the wall.







In the city of New York, at this very night...


               ...A cataclysmic Storm brings terror to the streets of Clinton!




            The powerful thunderstorm keeps kids awake at this vicious night...


                         ...And the constant rain comes down at the ground, where no soul can be seen. Everyone is left hiding in their safe haven...


                         ...Except for one person...




                              (Page 1)                                                           








                       They swing into the night with no fear from the storm, shooting webs out of their hands-- like a real Spider!



    With great flexibility, comes stylish maneuvering throughout the city! 


 It was as if they were used to these supernatural powers!



          Their appearance was that of a figure everyone all over the world recognises! … And most hate him.


  True believers, strap yourselves in! This is a story of a hero that stands up to evil no matter the struggles--


--Yet, is loathed by almost everyone on the planet and is regarded as the worst superpowered hero the world has ever seen. 


It is a tale of a tragic hero with no one to go to for help-- 




      --And that tragic Superhero's name is....




                              (Page 2)                                         




...The Marvelous, Reverse Spider-man!



His primary color, blue, was a message that he will spread peace as he goes about in Town…


...And the red color underneath was a sign to all Evil-doers that he will use force to combat against violence!


The white webs all over the blue color and the white Spider Emblem on his chest represented him as an enigmatic person, both as a Spider, and a man-- His eyes were filled with void, as he sees through the disguise any person will use to try and hide their evil deeds! Spider-man is always watching, and will always do his best to insure everyone's safety… But something troubles our hero's mind as he swings through the city at night.



                               (Page 3)                                                     




     Spider-man lands on the side of a building-- thanks to his sticky hands and feet from his spider powers-- where the rain can't reach him, as he pulls out a yellow letter from his pocket.



The silent superhero takes a look at the letter sent to him-- A letter from a kid who's a fan of Spider-man!


This would be an amazing moment for our hero. "A fan of me? No way!" His thought would say but a few moments ago… before he learned the shocking, terrible truth…



                               (Page 4)                          






The kid, named Harris Tim, was terminally ill, as written by a parent who gave this letter to Spider-man just this morning, and Spider-man only a few minutes ago had the time to read it.


"I'll grant the kid his dying wish to meet me if it's the last thing I do--"  

"--Or I don't deserve to be his hero!"


But that task would not be as easy as Spider-man would think it is, for a woman calls out in fear for help!






                               (Page 5)                                                    



Spider-man immediately turned his head towards the cry for help that was filled with terror, only to see a woman being chased down by a man in a jacket, as she went through an alleyway and the man followed!


The web-slinger almost instinctively jumped and swinged to help, but he most remember--


--At any moment, his first fan can die, and him not granting the dying wish will soon haunt him until the end of time.



Spider-man turns his head towards the alleyway again, and then to the letter. Clenching his fists…



                             (Page 6)                                                      







...Spider-man dives into action! pocketing the letter beforehand as he swings towards the alleyway!



Every soul that he doesn't save will equally hurt him through guilt. He is a hero. He must save all lives without any biases or favouritism, even if it means the risk of his fan dying before he arrives--



--He must at least try! And try his best, he will, as he lands on the rooftop silently-- stalking the man that gave chase to the helpless woman in shadows.



"Hey there, good lookin'! what's a beauty like you doin' here all by yourself in the night? You know it's raining a lot out here and I don't see you with an umbrella. So, whaddaya say we hang out over to my house and we can, y'know… Get to know each more? Sounds like a good offer, don't it?"

Said the man in a shady and vile tone, as Spider-man can see the woman backed into a wall and the man is slowly approaching her. From where he was, Spider-man can see what they look like. the girl seemed had blonde, wet hair due to her running out in the rain, and had an overall gray outfit. The man had a red mohawk with a biker's jacket as well as a biker themed clothing.


"As if I'll hang out with some stranger like you!" She responded to him to sound intimidating.

             "I'm not some stupid little girl, I know what wicked stuff you and your biker gang do! So back off, I'm way out of your league, Punk!"


     "Sheesh. Talk about a rejection. I felt that punch to the gut from way up here!" 


Spider-man thought to himself. He was surprised at how harsh she can sound despite her appearance, but the Punk had less of a friendly reaction...


                              (Page 7)                                                   



"Tryin' to act tough, aren't ya?! Ha!"

"Looks you need to be taught about what happens when you try to act smart, you dumb @%$!"



The man yelled out, reeling his arm back and charging forward. The woman gasped, closing her eyes in anticipation, but as it turns out--



--The motion of the arm swing was stopped by some sort of webbing! The man turned around in genuine confusion, only to see--




He called out -- As it was indeed the web-slinger in all of his "Glory", you could say-- crouched down while holding back the man's arm with his web that is ever so stronger than even steel!



"With a hyphen!"


                             (Page 8 )                                                 






In the span of a second, Spider-man immediately realized what he needed to do to take down his foe: Stop his arm that was in motion, and web his face!--


--Ultimately rendering him distracted long enough for Spider-man to dash in and deal a hefty blow -- saving the day once again!


Here goes!

He thinks. Using his free hand: Webbing came flying towards the thief from the hero's wrist.

But!-- Our hero made a great miscalculation! The webbing avoided the man's face. Instead…


It stuck the woman's hand to the wall! Making her unable to run away. Spider-man's eyes widened, gasping at this mistake.


"Y-You're kidding!!"


He yelled out, as the man was seen smirking, laughing in Spider-man's face as he failed, before he pulled the superhero towards him when he wasn't on guard, sending Spider-man flying towards the man--


Before delivering a catastrophic blow to the masked hero with his elbow!



"Ha! It ain't no wonder you're the laughing stock of the world --"

"--The girl might as well come save you!"


                               (Page 9)                                             




As Spider-man was sent away by the fierce blow, he crashed into two garbage bins, humiliating the hero once more!


But it isn't the end for Spider-man-- Not even close to giving in, he got back on his feet yet again! He then shook his head and gathered his thoughts back together.


"Not bad! But if you think I'm going down to some random punk like you --"

"-- You're not just arrogant: You're stupid!"



"Tough talk for someone that got knocked into a couple of trash bins. You stink like a dead bug!"



"Then let's see how you like it --"


The web hero then shot out two web-strings-- but make no mistake, it wasn't aimed at the man, no no--



                             (Page 10)                                             






--He grabbed two trash bins, the ones he crashed right into, wielding them like whiplashes, before swinging them with great force at the man!








The man was knocked away, along with the trash bins when Spider-man let go upon impact. Now with the man seemingly out cold, Spidey let out a well deserved sigh of relief, dusting off his hands.


"Phew! All in a day's work! … Or I guess night… Whatever."


"Hey, uh… That's cool and all but…"


Spider-man turned towards the woman, realising that she's still stuck due to his missed web-shot-- Staring back at him with a deadpan face, unamused. Spidey inhaled through his teeth as he approached her.


"Right, Right, I got it. My webbing may be stronger than steel, but I work out, y'know?"


"Yeah, right."


She scoffed at the hero's remark as he began ripping away the webbing from her hand.


"If that's true, then answer me this: why do you keep getting beat up by normal thugs?"


She would say sarcastically, before the hero responds.


"Hey! Not cool. Not even by one bit. Pressure does a lot to you, and it's worse when everyone's cheering on...against you… And you've got no one to cry on their shoulde-- look, what im trying to say is that there it's not easy when everyone's against you and you have to deal with it everyday.."


"O-Oh… Well… That's… rough. I'm sorr --"


In the midst of her sentence, Spider-man successfully manages to rip off the webbing, before backing up and giving her some space.


"What was that now? Repeat it again for the people who didn't hear it -- which includes me."


"... What I was about to say was --"

"-- LOOK OUT!!"


                               (Page 11)                                           




In a slight panic, Spider-man reacts to the girl's scream, turning around as his anxiety kicked in so suddenly! It is always a warning for the worst to come…


And it is just as he thought-- the man charged forward and threw a punch at the hero! But luckily, he was able to catch it… but with not as much ease as he thought.


"S-Seriously?! I respect the hustle, but she said no to you, dude! Look, if you need some advice, I can say that this is totally not--"


Suddenly, the man quickly overpowered Spider-man, pushing his fist down and leaving the wall-crawler open and confused!


"T-This guy! I'm stronger than your average crooks--" 


"--but he just pushed my fist aside like it was nothing! There's no way he should be able to do that!"


And it was at that moment that our web hero has found out where the sudden source of strength came from, as he turned his attention towards the area where the thug was knocked towards...



"Y-Y… You're kidding! --"




                               (Page 12)                                           








The superhero shouted in shock, as the criminal took advantage of Spider-man's shock and strikes with a viscous blow to our hero's gut!







And with that, the villain raises his fist along with Spider-man over him, as the masked vigilante was lifted up above the now-buffed-up assaulter with a shadow cast over his face as the woman watches in terror.







"Well, wouldja look at that? That dealer wasn't spoutin' some nonsense after all!"


"This super soldier dose or whatever really did do somethin' to me. I feel good!! In fact…"




                               (Page 13)                                        








"Then how do ya feel this!!"




In retaliation, Spider-man jabbed at his opponents face! Allowing him to land safely on all four as his enemy was pushed back.

A fight was sure to break out, and it was going to get ugly, so the only logical thing Spider-man would do…


"You gotta get out of here, quick! things won't be pretty from here on out --"

"-- and a girl as pretty as you wouldn't fit in, would she?"


Spider-man told the young maiden, as she quickly nodded and ran away… leaving the two fighters staring down at each other.


"You annoying--! Ooh, just wait till I get my hands on you again! I'll smash you like a bug!"


"Yeah, how original! Just like your personality, your fashion sense, your hair… Did I mention personality?"



And at that moment, filled with the rage, the man charged at Spider-man, beginning their clash--



                              (Page 14)                                          



--With a ferocious downward strike, forcing the hero to barely dodge to the left as the ground shattered underneath the fist, and so would've Spider-man had he not dodged.


The web-hero then countered when he saw an opening with a knee to the face, staggering the criminal temporarily before hitting him with the swing of his fist!



But Spidey doesn't let up-- he must continue his assault! He lunges towards his enemy--



--But the criminal reacts in time, striking Spider-man in the air with a punch sent at his ribs! Spider-man falls on his back, like a cockroach that has been slain-- but unlike them, he doesn't stay down for long, as he remembers what's on the line, and gets backup on his feet.


The opponent, now with even more frustration, brutally elbows Spider-man in the face, just like earlier, but with more power added to it. The blue vigilante was knocked down on the ground, dizzy from the hit.


Out of ruthlessness , the criminal slams his foot down on Spider-man's ribs, crushing them under it..


A moment of silence ensues… and the hero is knocked out for good.




"Heh. Famous superhero down!"

"And you better stay down, scum! Shouldn't have messed with the big boys after all, huh?"


He taunts his now defeated enemy in victory by pointing at them and smirking, before he made his way out of the alley to chase after the woman that ran away earlier…



                              (Page 15)                                          










...Or so he thought.. 

"Scum, huh?" 


The criminal didn't have time to be in shock, as he was suddenly taken into the air by the web-string attached to his back!


Then, in an instant, he was pulled back and slammed against the wall!



"If you want to talk about low-life scum --"


The criminal falls to his knees, as he looks up only to see a silhouette stand under the rain, before a flash of lighting reveals Spider-man staring him down with narrow eyes.


"-- Then I've got a prime example in front of me."



                                (Page 16)                                        



In an instant, Spider-man fires his web-string, sticking the criminal's hand to the wall behind him as he dashed in for a punch. The criminal was just about to repeat the same thing he did a few moments ago --



 --but Spider-man quickly countered by webbing his other hand, and changed the attack to be a flying kick, crashing into the crook! He hopped back on his feet, and sent a punch to his jaw!



"I've just had enough of people such you-- Scum like you are the worst of the worst --"

"-- Taking drugs, taking advantage of women, hurting others and even enjoying it --"


And the punches continued on and on, quicker than the criminal can even comprehend, as the wall behind the man began cracking.


"-- and you dare call me scum?! You've got some nerve, buddy, but you can't grow a spine to pick up some girl without threatening her life!"




"Worst of all, me stopping you gives you all the reason to get mad?! Well, if you want to talk about angry --"


Spider-man then clutches his fists tightly, reeling his arm back…


                              (Page 17)                                         










And Spider-man let's out all of his power into this singular punch, breaking the concrete behind the man and launching him through another wall, into the street as he rolled a few times on the ground before stopping from the force he was launched from! 


Spider-man then emerges from the smoke caused by the walls breaking, approaching the man under the rain as he lift him up and staring him down as he was on the brink of losing consciousness.


                             (Page 18)                                             



"B-B… But how…? I-I swear I heard your ribs crush under my foot… So why --"


"-- am I still standing? That's simple: I wasn't just fighting for myself; I was fighting for someone else. I was fighting for that girl and for someone. That same someone is expecting me to come to their door at any moment before death knocks on it, and I swore that in this night, I will not stay down from whatever is thrown at me until I grant that kid's dream of meeting his hero."

"I'll do what I have to do to save people and make it to him, no matter what."




"I'm standing up because I'm doing it for a dying kid."



And just at that moment, The final blow was about to be delivered to finish the battle--



"Out causing trouble again, Spider-man?! You troublemaking avenger wannabe!"


"You bloody goop, you woke up my kids! Don't you ever learn?! All you do is cause more problems for people, what sort of superhero is that?! You're worse than your common street crook!"





-- But the night has only started.




                              (Page 19)                                          





The townspeople peeked out of their windows, enraged by the havoc Spider-man caused. They continuously attacked with their insults, and louder, as everything became misty and the voices began ringing in his head. 

Five voices turned into ten. Ten voices turned into twenty… and soon, the whole street became a raging mob, only seeking destruction as Spider-man accidentally lets go of the real criminal.

The criminal makes his escape… but Spider-man can't escape this hell. He drops down to his knees and begs to stop.


"S-Stop! Please-- I didn't mean to-- I was--"



"DIDN'T MEAN TO?! You knew exactly what you were doing when you put on that stupid costume of yours and got out in the night when should've stayed wherever the hell you were living in!"


"Even if it was a criminal, was it even necessary to punch them through an entire house?! Who's gonna pay for that damage, 'Spidey'?"


"It certainly ain't gonna be Spider-man, I'll tell ya that much! All he does is run around and get beat up without paying for these consequences. Should'a been taken into custody by now! I swear these cops are just ain't doing their jobs by catching the real criminal here-- That blue mutie over d'here!"




"B-But I'm not--!!"



Try as he must, Spider-man can't escape from being picked on by everyone in the street. Like a kid unable to defend himself from everyone laughing at him… or in this case, outraged.


With what felt like every human in the earth wanting his head, Spider-man found it almost impossible to hear even his own voice in his head…


He cried for help, behind his mask and in his head… no one answers. He only sat there on his knees, trying to block the voices from coming in his mind with his hands under the rain as people began throwing things at him…




"What did I do to deserve this?" He thought. His only intention was to help people and prevent tragedies, yet he can't even save himself from his own tragedy. Day after day, week after another, everyone picks on him for not being a competent hero. Someone who they relied on but couldn't due to his inexperience--


 --but in their eyes… he isn't brave enough to face the consequences of his actions head on, as he put people in worse positions than they were as a vigilante, unlike the avengers! So, what good does he serve to society if all he does are bad things and doesn't pay for them? 


"None at all! Spider-man is a threat to society in disguise, without a shadow of a doubt! He is anything but a hero, and should only be punished like every other criminal should be!" Is the first thought that appears in their minds, and they stick to that truth until he gets what he deserves… or what they think he deserves.



                             (Page 20)                                           




"I'm not a criminal... am I..?" Spider-man asks to no one but himself… but he is only drowned by the voices of the mob.








But a miracle rises from the edge of his mind, as he remembers…



"..'Harris Tom'… That's the name of the kid waiting for me at his home… The boy who's the only one looking up to me in the entire world… The kid.."


He began riding up from the ground…



"... Who sees me as his hero..!!"


Spider-man doesn't give in yet, and he stood his ground, hunched due to the pain, but it isn't time to call it quits. Not when there's something like this on the line.


"It hurts to breathe… It really hurts--"

"--And every heartbeat makes it sting--"

"--I think the adrenaline made me barely feel it earlier. I didn't realise it was this painful..."

"... But that's not going to change what will happen today…"

"I'll make it. I MUST make it. I'll make it… to the kid. That's exactly what I told myself--"




"AND IT'S--"





                               (Page 21)                                          






Spider-man swings yet again through the sweets, soaring through the skies with his mind focused on getting to his fan that dreamed of meeting his hero! 



He swings, and swings, and swings--


--Giving nothing of his mind to the insults he's called as he thinks to himself..


"If the whole world continues to kick me down and down again until the end of time, fine--"

"--What I'm not fine with is you stopping me from making a terminally ill kid from being happy in his last days. I won't allow that, I'll NEVER allow that!"

"I will stand up and swing like a crazy monkey through those streets to get to that kid's home. I'll do anything to make it even slightly bearable for him to pass on."


"I'll make sure he won't cry in his last moments. I'll make sure this will be his best day, and that he will pass on with a smile."




                               (Page 22)                                          




The webbed hero swings through the night, baring the pain all for the kid named Harris Tom, and continues to move forward.


He dwells on what happened to the criminal that ran away earlier, but for him, that is the least important thing at the moment. He will catch him next time and he won't get away for what he has done.


But, alas, like the sun rising from the horizon, a yellow house is in sight… The same house where Harris resides in, as Spider-man lands on the brick fences.


"Yes! Yes, yes I did it!!"

"I made it! I finally made it!!"



Spider-man cried out in joy, as he climbed onto the wall. His heart beats fast… not out of fear, but happiness. Anticipating the conversation the two will have, as he climbs up to a window… and sees a boy, sleeping on his bed!


"That must be him!" He thought, as he opened the window and sneaked in to wake up Harris with a surprise. He couldn't wait, so he called out for him when he was directly above him where he'll be the first thing Harris sees upon waking up.


"Harris? Psst! Hey, Harris! You awake?"



It seemed that this young boy was a heavy sleeper, so Spider-man was left with no choice but to get down from the ceiling quietly and started nudging him, calling out for him.


"Come on, Harris! You can't sleep when you have a guest, y'know. I've been wanting to meet ya, Pal, so why don't you wake up?"


Why didn't he wake up, indeed… soon, Spider-man would learn the answer.

When he got close enough, he noticed a flower in Harris' palm. He thought that it looked pretty, and would be the perfect flower for a boy like him.



...But that's when it clicks in his head.

Spider-man immediately pulls up Harris' sleeve, and checks his pulse by a method where he puts his index finger on his wrist… and stayed quiet to hear his heartbeats.



                             (Page 23)                                          















Spider-man quietly pulls down Harris' sleeve, and exits through his window, closing it behind him as he looked at Harris Tom one more time before saying his goodbyes.



He then landed on the brick fence, unmasking himself to take a breath and read the note as his face covered in a shadow by a nearby tree… before he pocketed the note and put his mask back on, swinging into the dark, cold streets of New York.




"I'm not a criminal…"








"... Am I?"




To be continued…


                             (Page 24)                         


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Hello, Readers. It's been a bit, hasn't it?

Well, I'm here to give a sort of short update of a new series of comics I'll be doing so that you're not confused by this next comic called: "Tales Beyond The Worlds". Basically, these will be mostly comics of alternate realities from the main comics (I.E The spidey comic I released almost a month ago), telling stories of the world and the characters of... well, that alternate reality.

Some will be prequels, some are just an insight of what the small multiverse looks like, and they'll be fun little stories! Think of them as your "What-ifs" but on a more grander scale.

Also, to give the stories a little mystery and have room for speculation, I won't elaborate on the designation of each reality or how they even came to be. There will be clues left in these stories to give you an idea. It'll also be a fun way of explaining how this multiverse works, because it's not like your typical Multiverse. It's quite different, so remember that.

And that's all I have to say! I feel as though I owe you guys something to look forward to... so...

Look forward to the first issue of this series: "Days of Future Alternate", Starring The Silver Avenger Against the forces of Sentinels, trapped within New York city whilst trying to do his role as a superhero to save citizens from the wrath of the merciless, rampaging robots!

Thanks for your support, Readers. I'll make sure to make yours Marvel.

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Well, I'm not quite good at keeping promises, am I, readers?

Hello, it's me! Again. What have I been up to? Busy... mostly. I've been making progress lately, though. So that's something at least.

Oh! And, while I'm here, I did plan out certain things for the future, so I won't be stuck on future comics brainstorming. The avengers roster has been finished, with each one having their own demons to face.

So, I ask you this:

What do YOU wanna read after this comic?

Here's a list of planned comics I have for now:

The Final Reverse Avengers #0

Tales Beyond The World's #2

The Unbeaten Reverse Iron man #1

The Marvelous Reverse Spider-man #2

Feel free to take your time. This'll only be experimental as every one of these is something I can't decide which to write first due to how motivated I am!

Have a great day, true believers!

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                 Days of Future alternate

               (Tales beyond the worlds #1)


Days of Future Alternate

.            (Tales Beyond the worlds #1)            .




The cover showcases a man in a suit of iron, coloured primarily in White and secondary in Silver, leaning to the front with his palm pointing forward and his other hand closed, as he stands in front of a wall of brick with a wanted poster on it that has a few faces on it missing, save for the man in the suit's helmet, with a wanted underneath it. The last thing to note is that there is a spotlight aimed at the sole hero, as well as multiple giant shadows looming over it.



DAY 1, 12:00 PM.



"Hello, whoever you are--"

"--If you're reading this, I'm either gone for good--"

"--Or you're just reading it randomly and now I look like an idiot."


"Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. This is Iron man talking, AKA Stark Toen. I'm recording this in case anything would happen to me since I lost all signals to everything outside of New York."

"Some EMP or something just came out of nowhere as if Thor was having a bad day--"

"And… Well--"




                               (Page 1)                              





In front of Iron man is a cluster of broken giant robots all over the streets, as he's navigating around them on the ground.


"--Let's just say I got into a bit of a fight. Had to run on emergency power, but I still managed to kick ass while keeping collateral damage in mind--"


And as he says that, a street light falls right before him, nearly bonking him on his head.


"... To the best of my abilities. Anyways, I'm gonna be recording this just in case something happens to me, but I don't wanna waste all my power since it's currently night time. I'll probably record on and off when I've got enough stuff to report, but for now, This is Iron man signing off." 



                              (Page 2)                               


DAY: 2, 3:30 AM.



"Hey, what's up? Me? Well… I'm pretty tired…"


 his arms are on the video, revealing them to be a bit damaged through his battles.


"But it's not a new feeling to get used to. I usually sleep it away, which is what I'm gonna do in just a second. As you can see, I've been up for a while, fought against these sentinels-- which I noticed are more advanced than I remembered them a long time ago… and their colors are inverted for some reason, don't ask me how, but anywho, I managed to put them into the scrapyard and saved some people. They're currently held up in the subway where I've got barriers blocking the place… problem is that it's constantly draining my energy, so I've gotta go soon. See you next-" 


Suddenly, his voice is interrupted by a very, very, very, VERY prolonged groan, indicating that Stark has gone into sleep in the middle of his sentence… and the recording went on for 9 hours before the groaning stopped and Stark looked around… realising the camera was on this whole time.


"Son of a-"


And the recording stopped there for the day.



DAY 2, 2:50 PM.



                             (Page 3)                                




"Oh, great. Now it's recording again? At a time like this?"


The iron avenger sighed, as the camera is moving quickly, likely because of him flying around the destroyed streets in high speeds, dodging, avoiding, and barrel-rolling his way around highly concentrated blasts from behind him, as he turns to the next corner he sees.


"Okay, so you're probably wondering how I got myself into a position-"

"--Where three giant killer robots are chasing after me while I've got low-power--"

"--And especially why I'm recording while in the middle of running… or flying away."


"Well, here's your answer:"

"I've got no idea, but if I did--"


He turned around to see these hulking giant robots flying behind him, before one of them swung it's arm towards the hero, knocking him straight through a building's wall, with rubble falling on top of him.




"... It's one of the worst I've ever had."


He said out loud, before emerging out of the rubble and dashing towards the robot that looked towards where iron man was knocked through, which resulted in the man covered in iron to go in and out through the head of the robot, putting it out of commission.




                             (Page 4)                                


As the once functioning robot fell on the building, the two others instead fired blasts from their arms, in which iron man quickly responds with a barrier that came from his palm. The barrier was colored blue, shaped like a rectangle, and it was semi-transparent.


"Now you may be wondering-"

"'Why doesn't he just use his weaponry and destroy these guys?'"


One of the robots charges around Iron man, putting their hands together to form an axe-handle-


"'After all, a well-aimed missile or two is enough to take down these sentinels. Easy, right?'"



-Slamming iron man into the ground, as the street below him visibly cracked, but his cube-shaped shield was up at the last moment, engulfing him completely and softening the blow to a mere knockback. The two sentinels kept the assault up, forcing the silver avenger to put up his shields to buy him some time to get a plan.



"-Life's never that easy. It looks like it at first glance, but once that ball starts rolling, it keeps knocking you down, and down, and down-"




"-Till you break."


The street collapses under him due to the force applied by the sentinels, dropping iron man down into the sewers as he puts down his shields and flies through the corridor, escaping the sentinels for now.



"It's sadistic, is what it is. It makes you think you get a break, just when everything goes great-"


                             (Page 5)                                



Suddenly, the ceiling collapses on iron man, emerging out of it briefly after… only for yellow lights to blind the video feed.


"... It whisks away everything."



Day 2, 7:00 PM.



Iron man was sitting down on an awfully dirty couch outside, looking up at the sky, clearly just being finished with the battle that ensued, as indicated by his deep breaths and pants.



"... Well, that was a @$#%show. Battle took me hours to finish, and most of it was me running and hiding because my power was running out. I managed to get enough time to rest and recharge my batteries just enough to take 'em down."

"And yes, I did say batteries and not an arc reactor. Why? I stopped manufacturing them a year or two ago. Same reason as to why I've got repulsor shields instead of my regular repulsor rays."


He then gets up, and starts hovering over the street to look for more citizens that may have been hiding this whole time.


"I realised that a big portion of my villains are after my head because all they want is to get my tech, so I bit the bullet and dismantled every arc reactor and repulsor technology so no one else goes after me."

"Which means, less people get hurt, and no one will ever get their hands on an arc reactor ever again."

"What are the fill-ins? A solar powered Toen battery. It can run for approximately 6 hours without sunlight, and is able to recharge quick enough in battle if I had the time."

"Now, it's not any arc reactor, sure, but it gets the job done, which is enough for me when that means no more supervillain plans that require a convenient power source produced by the biggest company in the world."


He suddenly lifts the rubble casually that was blocking the side of a school, throwing it into the yard.


                             (Page 6)                                




"And what about the light on my chest? Well, I'm glad you asked."


In the dark, his chest simply lights up as if it were a flash light strapped onto it.


"Look, it just gets the job done, alright? Safety over practicality is my motto."


"Enough of that for now. Let's see what we got here…"


And as Iron man enters the building, it's as bad as every building. Broken windows, rubble everywhere… and no soul to be found. He traverses through the empty school, looking to find any survivors with the light being able to scan any footprints and/or fingerprints, but they're all old.

The iron avenger started losing hope in finding anyone here, and eventually started making his way back until…


"Help! Please, someone! We're stuck!"


Someone called out, due to them hearing iron man's footsteps. The shell-head immediately picked up on this and used their sound sensors to trace where the voice came from, making haste to wherever they were, eventually arriving to a class room's door that's blocked by rubble. It was no match for the hero as he simply threw them away. He then opened the door and looked in…


"Well, whaddaya know?"


                              (Page 7)                               



It was the equivalent of three classes of kids and teachers in one room, with blocked windows from the rubble. There were thankfully little holes for the air to get through, explaining how they wouldn't if suffocated with the amount of kids there. They all looked up in surprise and joy to their saviour as they yelled out-


"Iron man!!"


-As they all came over to him while the teachers let out a sigh of relief.


"Woah! You guys sure seem energetic. What are you all doing here? Class' already over, kids! We gotta get you back home."


He chuckled, as he looked over to the teachers.


"Follow me, I'll take you all to somewhere that's safe until the situation's dealt with."


"You don't have to tell me twice, shell-head!"


And so, the iron avenger would lead the citizens out of the classroom-- and eventually, the school.



                              (Page 8)                               



Day 2, 8:00 PM.


"Right. So, status report: currently turned off all systems, even the HUD, except for the video feed to conserve power. Why do I point this out?"


He turns his head towards the group of people.


"Kinda looks weird for a superhero just casually walking people. I'm kinda more accustomed to having telling them to run away while I try to survive against a world-destroyer--"

"Wait, why did I say that? I'm gonna jinx myself. Great."


"Iron man! Hey, iron man!"




The silver avenger cautiously turned over to the voice that was calling out to him. It turned out to be a kid in a blue and white shirt, completely safe from danger.


"What is it, kid?"


"... Who are you talking to?"


"I was just talking to whoever would be watching- W-Wait. Hold the phone. You heard me?"


"Yeah. Something about it looking weird for you walk-"


Iron man quickly interrupted the kid.


"OKAY! Let's just uh… move it, people!"


"Gonna need to make note of that in my head. Was I thinking out loud…?"


"Heard you again!"


"Gimme a break already, kid."


                             (Page 9)                                



D@%, $3:&# AM.



Video feed lost or unloaded, retrying.


The audio still remains intact, although, a bit buggy. The sound of a concrete being broken can be heard-

Video feed lost or unloaded, retrying.

-Followed by the terrifying screams of children and adults, and a haunting voice overshadowing it.




Video feed lost or unloaded, retrying.

A noise slowly builds up, with a loud sound the equivalent of two thrusters operating at full power-




Video feed lost or unloaded, retrying.


What came after was too loud to make out, and the audio completely bugging out.


Video feed and Audio lost or unloaded, retrying.





                            (Page 10)                              


The sounds of children crying are heard, ringing in the hero's ears. He looks at the ground, with his entire armour damaged severely.


"I failed them. All of them. We were ambushed, in the middle of our sleep… But how? We hid in the middle of the building, and I made sure my suit was powered off… This has driven me crazy for the last 30 minutes… How…?" 


Iron man gets up, and moves towards a broken sentinel, a new one.


                            (Page 11)                              



"New models. These ones are smaller… but faster, stronger. They adapt quicker, too." 


He looked at them, despising them. He kicked the already broken robot and said bitterly:


"I hope they save a place for robots like you in hell."


The avenger then walked over to the rubble, kneeling down in front of it.


"For some reason, they attacked the kids and teachers. I don't… know why. From what I've seen, that's not what they usually do… but it's what happened."


"I couldn't make a shield in time. I had to take the blast for them. My armour was damaged, but I was able to absorb some of the energy, which gave me the fighting chance I needed… But the blast hit destroyed a part of the building… and the rubble…"

He turned his head away, the camera visibly shaking before he sighed.


"I tried- I swear to god, I tried to save them… but I failed them. These kids… they won't be able to forget about this. It'll take years of therapy to recover… if they get lucky."


"I failed them all. I failed to save my wife and my best friend… and now, the kids and the teachers… What's the point in even continuing anymore?" 

He chuckled, not like any normal person would in this situation, as the tone of it slowly turned into a depressing one.


                              (Page 12)                            


File metadata corrupted.


The video is a bit fuzzy, but it was shaking every moment, as if there were tremors caused by footsteps.


"They've tracked us down. They've sent even more of them this time along with the older models. They found us faster than we usually encounter them. I'll try to intercept their communications since I've got their power. Might be able to find out what they're up to…"


The audio is filled with ear-piercing radio waves, until it started becoming clearer to iron man.




"Mutant?!" Iron man thought out loud, accidentally, alerting the sentinel to his location.


.                             (Page 13)                         .


Just as he was about to tell the kid to run away, the sentinel get to them first, leaning out of the corner as he towered through them. The first thing iron man did was make sure to surround the children in a field, but that gave the sentinel enough time to blast him in the back.



The avenger fell on his knees, as he too, felt the pain his armour had endured from the blast, burning his back a little.


"Iron man!"


They yell, and unlike last time, this was out of fear.


The title he gained called "Invincible iron man" has long past gone, just as his youth did.


He has now become a man far past his prime, with his brain and reactions starting to slow down, he would be lying to himself if he said his armour made a difference.

At the end of the day, Stark Toen is no longer the man he used to be, and he knows that.


The once "Invincible Iron man"... is now a fragile, old man in a suit, and his days are coming short.


Or more appropriately…

...His last day.


                             (Page 14)                             



He still stands, in the face of absolute defeat, seeing the children tearing up, as they see his hero in his weakest state… a miserable old man.


He tries-- even if it was trivial, he tries to reassure them that everything will be fine.


"No… N-No, no no-- Don't cry. Please.. I-It'll be alright. I promise. Everything's gonna be okay. I won't fail you-- I can't fail any of you. J-Just remember who I am. I--"


Just as if it was representing life itself; the robot shows no mercy, as it fired another blast at him, and the kids can only do so much as to which him essentially being killed slowly.


                              (Page 15)                            




Stark starts to get up, still maintaining eye contact with the children--

"I-I… am--"

--Again, and again, he fails to get up, as he always does, with another blast frying his back. His stubbornness never got him anywhere, only into more trouble… and pain. 


His body, now laying on the ground on the brink of death, reaches out to the kids with his arm, breath still miraculously not escaping him.


"I… I-I am…"




"...I-I-Ir… on…"





                             (Page 16)                             




Like a roach, he is stomped on…

As the meaning of being "Iron Man" was lost 15 years ago.

Just like the life of the man called "Stark Toen".



The kids' breathes were whisked away in true fear, as they watch the sentinel lift it's leg to finish him off.


It goes up… before--










                              (Page 17)                            





Light is hitting down on the lifeless avenger, along with the rain. All overshadowed by the distracting, loud thunder.

It's all too similar. A vision of himself reaching his hand out to a woman he loved very dearly... and a man he considered his brother. The vision bleeds into a more recent moment, as he was reaching out to the children.

He couldn't save them. Any of them. Only he survived… because that's all he is ever good for. Always being able to formulate a plan to save himself with these suits of armours of his… but never others.


In denial, he wakes up in a shock, determined that the kids aren't dead, as his systems spring back to being online again, including the video feed.


His back is practically broken, he can't walk properly, so he uses his thrusters to slowly navigate up the sewers, and eventually, out of the hole he crashed into.


Only to find…



                             (Page 18)                             



No one.


No robots. No children. No life at all.

He looks around, still in denial. Maybe they hid somewhere nearby--

And he sees something that answers his question.


A torn, blue and white shirt, laying there on the ground.

He stands there. Silently, as he picks it up, looking down on it as he stays quiet.

After all, what is there to say?


Stark looks at the mirror, seeing a reflection of his armour… a visual representation of his physical state, and mental.

Broken. More than ever in his life.


He hears a sound. Multiple, even. All surrounding him. That can only mean one thing. They've come to put the last nail in the iron coffin, once and for all.


                             (Page 19)                             



He takes a deep breath, probably being one of his last, as the lets go of the shirt and turns around.


There's so many of them, all because they wanna make sure he's dead for good this time… But Stark doesn't show any signs of fear. Or anger. Or sadness.

He doesn't pray to any god out there that he'll be saved, nor does he say his goodbye, even though no one is there. The reason… being…


"Nothing matters anymore." 

He said in a monotone voice, as he charged into the fray of robots, and one of them has iron man's reflection in his eye, ready to smash his head in with a punch.




                             (Page 20)                             







The video feed is now dark. Only the sound of rubble is being heard… but no movement or sign of life is shown from Stark. The last thing that can be heard before the video feed got cut off is…












All systems have gone offline.



The end.

                              (Page 21)                            


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