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c-can we just discuss about how many mods that sonic robo blast 2 v2.2 has? I mean it all started out with one fangame with just 3 characters (4 if you count sonic & tails) and then just... BOOM! I'm not kidding, search up sonic robo blast 2 mods, and you'll get an absolute flood of character and ability mods. such as: skip the fennec fox, dirk the husky, neo sonic (this one looks like the best), modern sonic, weird...ball thing (I don't know the name), Whirl the ram, Junio Sonic (good job, Tripplejaz. nice artwork), they even got Mario, Kirby and even weird anime girls.

this game: 


this game, right here, PROVES that multiple characters can work in 3d! Sonic Team, sonic team please! I love you, but look at these mods, takes notes from these mods goddamn!

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Of course multiple characters can work in 3D. The only issue is that Sonic Team went from shoehorning too many gimmicks / trying too hard to appeal to different types of people, to not even allowing Tails or Knuckles to be playable. It's always an absurd 'extreme' of some poor decision, one way or the other. Seems like a combination of incompetence and possible apathy at this point. It's not like they even need to try to release Sonic games of a particular quality considering the fact that Sonic rakes in profits from comics, merchandise, and simply existing. The fanbase is thriving off of their own artwork, stories, interpretations of canon, and original games. I don't even see a reason to pay money for Sonic anymore when the games are continuously this Iizuka stranglehold of mediocrity. Even Sonic Mania, which was a great game, got somewhat downplayed due to the meddling of Sonic Team to shoehorn in throwback zones and a Sonic Forces connection. I don't dislike the throwback zones, but just imagine how great it'd have been to have it leave off after S3&K if it were entirely original zones.   

SRB2 is a great Sonic game and even the pre-2.2 releases that weren't at the current level of quality/polish were at least fun to play for years and also included a large library of interesting add-ons. 

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