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thoughts on Sonic Eclipse Online?

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my thoughts? this game is great, it tries to implement the responsive momentum-based physics of the adventure games into Roblox of all sites! they even have a 2D version of this that implements the physics of the classics into Roblox (both with their own models). in both engines, you can pull off loops, you can gain height after jumping up a slope, rolling works very fluidly, and to add this, they're making their own full game with this engine. and from what I've seen off YouTube, they've put a lot of heart into it.

anyways, what did you guys think of Sonic Eclipse Online, Do you guys still even play Roblox? I don't even know if anyone here even plays Roblox.....Robot 64 for life....Boss Fighting Stages is king too, go play it....DoomSpire....that's it.

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Most of the doc's allegations are complete bullshit, as a black man I find a Nikey Knuckles and don't think it's racist and it shouldn't be removed because some dimwit on the internet thought it was.

The only allegation that has any anything to it is dead inside Mephiles being a groomer other then that, it's all pointless bullshit.

Btw I'm not even a fan of the game or at least anymore but it's not because of some stupid document, it's because of their lack of ability to release even a demo for the story mode.

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