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Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie (OVA)

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I remember when the OVA was released, the first offical Sonic Movie. I preordered it. 

I owe this film for my Mecha Madness, my love of Metal Sonic already existed, but this film sent me into a Mecha Mania for years. 

What are your stories? Do you like the OVA? Hate it? How does it compare to the live action film (2020) in your estimation? 



If there is already a topic, please merge. I used the search engine trying yo find OVA. 

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To this day this is one of my favorite pieces of Sonic media. Memes about being strange aside, I love the world thats set up, it just plops you into a world that hasn't been seen since officially, and only tells you the necessary lore to move the plot forward. It's like you're only seeing one story in the many stories of this version of Sonic and the boys.

For instance, how did the Land of Darkness become the Land or Darkness? This question can only really be guessed at, at least in the dub.

Also to this day its the only time ive ever seen Sonic flip someone off.

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I totally agree, the amount of exposition was just right. I really enjoyed Sonic & Tails fleeing Metal Robotnik in the Land of Darkness. Their battle waa almost equal to the one with Metal. 

Of course Hyper Metal Sonic’s battles with Sonic were brillant. I think it was the best fight I’ve seen in a animated Sonic film/series. 

I love how the Robots hold up damaged Metal Robotnik and then are crushed. :D 

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