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Neo: The World Ends with You Announced for PS4/PS5 and Switch | Coming Summer 2021

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I'm cautiously interested... but only cautiously.  The original was astonishingly good and quite unique - but that was a long time ago in very different circumstances.  The trailer certainly fills me with more confidence than what I've heard about the sequel-tease storyline in Final Remix, but I'm still worried about this sequel being more about convoluted continuity shenanigans rather than telling a strong stand-alone story.  It's hard to shake the feeling that a better sequel would have been one made years ago.

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This game being announced took me back to high (grade? middle?) school so I decided to post about it here to complete the feeling! I don't remember jack about the first game's plot other than badges, shibuya, death games and grim reapers, but it sure was nostalgic seeing the DS screens of Shibuya/Harujuku again in 3d in this trailer.

I hope they keep some kind of variation of the controlling 2 characters thing. Playing Astral Chain made me realise how much I like that particular game idea. The footage is kinda ambiguous over how it might play. I also hope they keep that dope system where you can level down to make the game harder and get higher drop rates. Pretty much every RPG where I get ahead of the level curve for some reason or another could use that system. 

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