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Was Sonic at any point the most popular video game franchise in the world?


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Easily 100% yes. I was 7 in 1992 when Sonic 2 was coming up for release and let me tell you, you couldn't escape it. Sonic was EVERYWHERE. Everyone was talking about it. 

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I was also 7 in 1992, and yeah, that's how I remember it as well. Everyone had their own favorite video game franchises of course but Sonic was that one thing that ALL the kids were into. Err, well, the boys atleast. Girls usually weren't all that into video games at the time. But with that said, I'm sure even most girls at the time did like the character on some basic level even if they didn't play the games.

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Oh, when I was a kid, I just liked that music from sonic. I even remember that now. That sensation of moving at a very fast pace to bump into something, then loosing all your coins unexpectedly is something. It was an exciting moment. To be honest, I still listen to the sounds from that game as a way of honoring my youth, or I don't know why. I typically do it in places like https://clubvip777.com/web/empire777/ while playing casino. It is a kind of surrealism that I gather real money when listening to music, which reminds me of gathering sonic rings, but the sensation is amazing. Also, that feeling is completed by some good amount of money income actually!

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