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Hey there! I'm an amateur artist working to improve, and every so often I may or may not produce stuff worth sharing! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated of course as my primary goal is to improve my own skills and work my way into being a halfway decent artist! I've been a lifelong Sonic fan (even if I don't draw fan art of the series that terribly often in all honesty) and have a particular fondness for CD/Dreamcast Sonic in particular

I'm open to the occasional request when the mood strikes me!


Some things to show my general style:

Emote for a friend's discord server



Sticker design using an OC made entirely for a cheesy band reference




  Just a small ghost nothing to see here. I was practicing my linework and coloring with this one




And finally a small doodle of Sonic, because what would be the point of making an art thread here if I literally never drew Sonic?




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I'm Stanley, Sonic fan and Canadian e-book illustrator. I'm looking for animation and visual effects technical artists for my projects (2 already well-planned and the team is ready to start working on them and 3-4 are coming soon). Would you consider joining our team as a freelancer?




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