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Sonic 1 Prototype


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Oh man yeah, anyone who's been following the fandom for long enough knows how big of a deal this is. It's crazy how HP seems to find these so easily! The Sonic 3 proto was already a big surprise.

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Yeah, this is an awesome discovery. 

I've done a playthrough of the prototype:

I really like the trippy background and night theme of Sparkling zone and the neat cave/crystal/hidden palace vibe with Labyrinth's background. So weird playing through it without any water, obviously it's very incomplete.

Some of Star Light zone's more chaotic level design (not in the final release) reminds me of some weird areas from Collision Chaos and Palmtree Panic in Sonic CD.

So surreal seeing the horizonal spike crusher implemented. The extra route at the end of Marble zone act 2 is interesting. Was probably a good idea to remove it to prevent the act going on too long.

No idea if this was shown-off when it was live streamed, but you can speed up the rotation off the special stage so it rotates super fast (0:35) and then slow it down again.

Clock "O"rk zone, lol.

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So you can spawn Splits with Debug Mode... in Marble Zone. He jumps forward until he hits a wall (at which point he turns back) or goes through something and falls. I say that because he only interacts with the levels geometry, he phases through all objects. Also he's pink, but that's probably a pallette issue.

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Tried it last night. Very interesting run. Some observations, some obvious, some maybe not so much:

First Motobug actually almost got me (would have been NSMB all over again). I was messing with the ball in Green Hill trying to see how many I can spawn on screen at once, managed to get 2 so far, 3 s very difficult. Never new it was meant as an obstacle, let alone crushed you. depending on where you're standing, you can influence how much or how fast it rolls. Not sure what causes the occasional bounce (though it does that on the bridge automatically when rolling backwards). Spike bug is present and clouds don't move.

Marble's UFOs are so out of place lol. A few interesting secret walls. Not much to say except surprised catakiller is not present, the snail thing is more or less the same type, just smaller.

Sparkling Zone really punched me in the face at first. I never believed those rumors about Hyper Sonic causing seizures, but I can honestly see this one doing so. Roller thing isn't here.

Star Light was surprisingly difficult to make some jumps due to some intense slope placements. I was almost expecting Labyrinth next, wanted to see if that secret switch in act 1 was implemented. 

Also seems like there are alot of lives in this version (or maybe it's just been that long since I've played Sonic 1) and LOTS more enemies. And I just realized there are no checkpoints.

Anyway, it was fun. Wonder what crazy prototype we'll see next.

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One interesting thing is that the prototype released the other day is not the same one that had the extensive, 6+ minute long video of gameplay from it released earlier this year:


It has a lot of similarities, but the one we got on the 31st most likely predates the one in the video.

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