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Funniest Screw-ups In Your Gaming Life


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I dont know about you but there have been some moments when i made the stupidest mistakes(screw-ups) and i always remember them afterward because of how much of an amutuer i was.

One time i screwed up was when i was playing Ocarina Of Time at age 8.

it was supposed to try to sneak into the castle and get in but i didnt know how i went to the side of the castle but i didnt pay any attention to it because of my little brain and pride.

It took me 3 days to finally move that crate and boy did i feel stupid.

So what moments in your life did you screw up and have a good laugh about it?

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Maple Story. I didn't realize you were supposed to distribute your stats a certain way to join a character class. I wasted like 2 weeks of my 2006 summer vacation just increasing random stats. In all fairness, the game didn't tell you what to do.

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Crow the BOOLET

I'm sure not if its this my fault or not but its one of my most memorable moments in gaming.

In Monster Hunter World I was just traversing through the jungle and I get ambushed by an Anjanath and while I did try to take it on, I wasn't strong enough to deal with it too well. But then suddenly a freakin Rathalos comes flying down and I noticed that they were starting to fight among each other. Being the Kaiju enthusiast I am I really wanted to see them fight but... The moment I got closer the two immediately stopped fight and started to gang up on me! So I ended up trying to run away from a giant ass dinosaur and big ass dragon while screaming at my cat to heal me. I was trying to get them to fight each other again but yeah they really seemed to hate me. lol

I appreciate the thought on making these monsters feel more organic by having them fight over territory but I thought it was funny how I was treated as the greater evil just by existing near them. I at least ended up laughing the whole time.

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